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Already in Progress, Chapter 54


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Already in Progress, Chapter 54

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome back to Already in Progress! I hope that somedayI will get back to updating regularly. Until that time, I am open tosuggestions for special features. Just tell me what you’d like to seeand I’ll see what I can do.I hope you remember where we left off, because recaps are onething that I am no good at, not even for my loyal readers. Alas!Our story will resume after this brief word from our sponsors.
  2. 2. Today’s episode of Goldberg & Silent Lady is brought to you by:“Karen’s blue floral dress” by mamasimk (on a mesh bygothplague), available from Simmergirl. Caveat: It does featuresome mapping issues, as illustrated by Murakame’s left hand.And by: “Dog Dumped Him” FtM conversion of Peggy090712/5520 hair by heget, available from Plumbbob Keep.Because without SimPE, genderswapping is darn near impossible.None of the aforementioned creators are aware of thisendorsement.And now, let’s return to our story: Already in Progress…
  3. 3. Jo got us started off this rotation by setting the stove on fire. (rollseyes) Of course she did. Because what’s a rotation without aconflagration or two?
  4. 4. Jo’s not been having an easy time of it lately, actually.JOSEPHINE: Hi, sweetie. Do you want me to read you a story?PENELOPE: What story?JOSEPHINE: Er, Johnny Gnome Comes Home.PENELOPE: No thanks. But when my next issue of PopularMechanics comes in, you can read it to me. (examines theunderside of her toy car) I think I can make this go faster…
  5. 5. Phoenix’s policy of bribes-for-grades is still working well. Thelatest bribe was a Make Your Own Bicycle kit. Penny not only putit together herself, she made a few modifications. She’s constantlyon her bike, going hither and yon all over the neighborhood.Nobody in the house is able to convince her to wear a helmet,though.KIDS! Never ever ride a bike without a helmet! They save youfrom terrible head injuries. I myself have been saved from injurytwice, so I know what I’m talking about.
  6. 6. Both Skye and Penelope are busy making friends. Penelope’sfriend is local, while Skye’s friend is a Far Eastern exchangestudent.
  7. 7. The exchange student started up tai chi, and I made sure to have asmany Sims as possible join her. I can’t stand that sea chanty, andmake sure that my Sims never learn it, but tai chi is very useful. Sofar, only Albert has mastered it to the point where he can gainBody skill from doing it, but that will change.Oh, yes. That will change.
  8. 8. Skye made another friend as well, local this time. They obviouslybonded over their excellent taste in clothes.This is the last friend Skye will make in high school. Not because Iam feeling particularly cruel, but because she is due to go to Uni atthe start of next rotation. Where does the time go?
  9. 9. One minute they’re babies, and the next minute they’re off to Uni,and you don’t feel any older. (sigh)Albert’s apparently feeling some of that as well, since he tuckedPenelope in on the last night of the rotation. I’d love for this actionto be directable, not autonomous-only, but I suppose that makes itall the sweeter when Sims choose to do it.
  10. 10. GOLDBERGOh, come on. Kitsune are shapeshifters. Going female is traditional. MURAKAME I only do it if there’s a hot girl involved. GOLDBERG Silent Lady’s hot. Anyway, Cochon only allows beautiful women in. That’s the whole point. MURAKAME Have I told you lately just how much I hate you?
  11. 11. Alas, this update begins on a sad note for the Miller/Wheelerhousehold.DANTE: Aw, gee. Don’t I even get a chance to change out of mywork clothes?GRIM REAPER: .op.. .orr..DANTE: Drat.
  12. 12. Dante “Don” Miller, age unknown due to a glitchy lifebar. Dante,along with his twin sister Charlotte, originally had the first versionof my Birth Queen skin, but lost it due to neighborhood corruption.I never did get around to giving it back to him… Dante was verypersistent in his affinity for redheaded girls, to the point where theywere the only people he ever brought home from school. When hefound his one true redheaded girl, he had to wait for her to get overcrushes on his brother and his cousin -- but he would have said itwas well worth the wait.Goodbye, Don.
  13. 13. The family held an old-fashioned wake for him, althoughCatherynne didn’t have any drinks due to her condition. (Dongsoolwas allowed one, and subsequently passed out on the couch.Prodigy he may be, but he can’t hold his liquor.) The discussionturned to the future.SAMANTHA: I don’t know that I want to stay in our apartmentalone.CHARLOTTE: I’d offer to move you in with me, but we’d have toshare a bedroom.SAMANTHA: That’s okay, thanks.
  14. 14. PROFESSOR DOUGLAS (V.O.): Our place isn’t laid out verywell either, not for a family. We already have to eat in shiftsbecause there’s nowhere to put a third chair. And it’s all very welland good for Dongsool to sleep on the foldout for a little while, butwhat are we going to do when the baby comes?CATHRYNNE (V.O.): Not to mention that we want to adopt morekids and give them a chance at a better life. They just won’t fit.
  15. 15. And so the family moved to a new house, with several floors butno pesky “apartment” layouts. It has lots of bedrooms and somegood community rooms for building badges, learning skills, andhaving family dinners.It’s also the house that the family moved out of when Catherynnegraduated Uni.Because I was trying to design a new place that would work for aschool and realized that I already had, that’s why.
  16. 16. Even before the family was fully settled, Catherynne decided thatthey needed a change of scenery. Or at least the baby did.Hey, if your family moved to a new house, wouldn’t you want tosee what it looked like?
  17. 17. And this is Lavinia Wheeler! Like almost every other Very SmallPerson in the neighborhood in the moment, she has black hair andblue eyes. At least these are light blue eyes.DONGSOOL: Do we get to keep her?PROFESSOR DOUGLAS: Of course we do.DONGSOOL: Really? This is the best day ever!Not that anybody but me seems bothered by the lack of geneticvariation…
  18. 18. Alas, in the midst of life, we are in death. (Yes, this is a cliché. Butit’s a cliché because it’s true.) Samantha did not make it past thefirst day in the new house, although she did manage to make BestFriends with Dongsool before she left.SAMANTHA: Already? But I haven’t finished redecorating thekitchen yet!GRIM REAPER: .orr. .bou. ..a.. .’ve go. . …edu...I don’t know if being Best Friends makes the situation better orworse for the poor kid…
  19. 19. Samantha “Sam” (Littledragon) Miller, age unknown due to theaforementioned glitchy lifebar. It’s sad yet fitting that she didn’toutlive Don by much. In Uni, Sam was a huge fan of TheGloaming, but fortunately for Don, she got over it. One thing shenever got over was her love of karaoke, even if she didn’t get toindulge in it much after Catherynne was born. A little-known factabout Sam: her original name was actually the name of anacquaintance that I particularly dislike. I pretended about her nameuntil I had to rebuild, and then her name became “Samantha” intruth. No matter what her name, she was a good Sim, and she’ll bemissed.Rest in peace, Sam.
  20. 20. MURAKAME I can’t believe they took it away! Lots of girls carry nail files! And how does he know I’m not an expert in unarmed combat?SILENT LADY stops dead and gives him a Look. MURAKAME What? I could be!SILENT LADY rolls her eyes and stars walking again.
  21. 21. Chant hasn’t really gotten any better at child care, unfortunately.CHANT (frantically): What? What’s wrong? Do you need a bottle?Are you warm enough?OLIVER: I think he needs a new diaper.CHANT: Well, what do I do about that?OLIVER: Can’t Phoebe handle it?CHANT: She went to the store.
  22. 22. OLIVER: Let me have a go, then.CHANT (much relieved): You’ve changed him before?OLIVER: Nah, the last time I changed a baby was when Dad letme help with changing Sally.CHANT: But Aunt Sally’s over fifty.OLIVER: Yeah, but how hard can it be? I bet it comes back to mein no time.
  23. 23. Childcare was something of a challenge all around for thehousehold this time, and not just for my Sims.OAKAPPLE: What’s… wrong? You just got… a fresh… diaper.And a bath. And… your mother says… I’m not allowed… to giveyou any… pasteurized processed… cheese food yet.NICHOLAS: (screams louder)OAKAPPLE: I… know. She’s a… meanie, isn’t she?Did you know babies will scream when they’re tired? Neither did I.
  24. 24. Although childcare may not be the household’s forte, plant carecertainly is. All the plants are lovely and happy and healthy. Andthere are eight rows of five plants each, plus six orchard trees, sothat’s nothing to be sneezed at.I will say, though, that I am very happy to have Macrotastics in. Ican just tell the crew to Garden, and I don’t get muscle crampsfrom clicking the mouse an ungodly number of times.
  25. 25. Now, as you may or may not know, I write up my gameplay in littlechunks, after each play session or two. And what I found when Icame back to this household after writing about their less-than-stellar child care skills was that absolutely everyone was standingaround, just waiting to do Nicholas’s bidding.CHANT: I don’t know. There’s something I should be doing, but Idon’t know quite what.OLIVER, FANTINE, and PHOEBE: Change Nicholas’s diaper,but I’m going to do it.OAKAPPLE: And I’ve… done it. Don’t… you have lives?EVERONE ELSE: No.
  26. 26. I don’t know if these mind control powers are temporary or if theywill continue as Nicholas grows up. I have heard the (completelynon-scientific) theory that all babies start out psychic, but that theyare trained out of it by society pretty quickly. Oddly enough, thismakes a sort of sense to me.
  27. 27. I’m not sure at exactly what point this theory states that childrenlose their psychic abilities, but it’s quite young -- young enoughthat they retain no conscious memories of their ability, mostly. Idon’t know if Nicholas is an exception or not. But then…
  28. 28. CHANT: Don’t you think Nicholas needs a brother or sister to playwith?PHOEBE: Of a certainty! Let us to bed, and make him one.CHANT: No -- I mean, yes, of course I’d love to try again, thetrying’s the fun part. But I was talking about a one his own age.PHOEBE: O, I cannot produce a child so quickly!CHANT: No, but I could…PHOEBE: Is not the old-fashioned way good enough for thee?Come, let’s upstairs.…I also don’t know if this it Chant’s own idea or not. We’ll see…
  29. 29. MURAKAME Ye programmers, but I’m bored! SILENT LADY presses her finger to her lips andgestures meaningfully at the walls. MURAKAME flings himself down on the bed. MURAKAME You’re one to talk! You’re not surrounded bytemptation! They’re all so beautiful and not a one of them has a female gender preference!
  30. 30. Hey, Sally. How’s it going?SALLY (V.O.): Just fine. Have you seen this picture of Troy?I have now. Why do you ask?SALLY (V.O.): Isn’t he the smartest man ever?Er…SALLY (V.O.): He’s spraying the roaches, not stomping them!That way they’ll die and he won’t get sick. Isn’t that brilliant?It certainly sets him above most Sims of my acquaintance.SALLY (V.O.): I told you so.
  31. 31. So what’s new and exciting?SALLY (V.O.): Well, Tamara’s gone off to college now.She has? Already?SALL (V.O.): Actually, it’s later than usual. But she’s a sweet girland wanted to stick around for a little bit.Why?SALLY (V.O.): Because of reasons.
  32. 32. SALLY (V.O.): But Troy and I made sure she didn’t go offunprepared. Troy taught her the school cheer.TROY: “Gerbits, gerbits, vooooooo gerbits!” And then you finishthe windup and throw your arms in the air, like this?TAMARA: “Vooooooo gerbits!” And you do that at every game?TROY: After every goal, and before every penalty shot. Now showme the hand gestures again, so I can be sure you’ve got ’em down.
  33. 33. SALLY (V.O.): I gave her a cell phone, because you really shouldhave one in college. It lets you talk to people in private if you wantto, not out on the common-room phone.You gave it to her in the hallway?SALLY (V.O.): You’d prefer I gave it to her in the bathroom?Touché. But why did Tamara delay going to college at all?SALLY (V.O.): Well, you know kids…Not really. Why?SALLY (V.O.): Do we have to talk about it?Now that you’ve got me curious, yes we do.
  34. 34. SALLY (V.O.): Fine. We got old. But that doesn’t mean that wehave to like it.You’re not old!SALLY (V.O.): I have white hair and a daughter in college.Pooh! That just means you can get an AARP* discount on movietickets and stuff.SALLY (V.O.): (snickers) Did you just say “Pooh!”?I did.SALLY (V.O.): (laughs uproariously) Oh, that makes me feelmuch better! Thank you!*The American Association of Retired Persons. If you are over 50, you canjoin, even if you aren’t retired. Being a member gets you lots of discounts.
  35. 35. MURAKAME Where’s Mona? COCHONShe headed out to my place in the country last night. MURAKAME She didn’t say she was going. COCHONShe didn’t know. I wanted it to be a lovely surprise.
  36. 36. Celeste has already topped the business career once, but she wasdemoted due to a bad chance card. She’d like to reach the top againbefore she retires, and even though she’s permaplat, I’m going toindulge her. It’s the same career path as my asylum playable,* butsince Celeste is one level ahead, I can use her as a gauge forplanning Leila’s skilling strategies.*See The Jack Point Home for Pedestrian Playables.
  37. 37. Frederic is doing very well in his chosen career -- he’s now a SousChef. He’s only one skill point away from maxing out Cooking,and hopefully will reach the top of the career soon. When he does,I will buy him a restaurant of his very own to run.I suppose I had better start designing that now, huh?
  38. 38. Eddie has topped his career and so achieved his Eaxis providedLTW. You can probably guess his game-career, but Officially, he’sstill an extremely successful arbitrator.EDGAR: Wow, this helicopter is loud. I’m sure it’s louder thanCeleste’s.FREDERIC: WHAT?EDGAR: I SAID, “THE HELICOPTER IS LOUD.”FREDERIC: I CAN’T HEAR YOU. THE HELICOPTER IS TOOLOUD.(Mr. Way-Too-Nice generously offers other family members a rideto work in the morning.)
  39. 39. This means that most of the childcare duties fall to Isaac. He wasokay with that before, but now that Helen is entering the TerribleTwos, he’s not so sure.ISAAC: Come on, Helen. Let’s do something else, huh?HELEN: No! I wanna story! Want “How to Cleaw Level Free inFweezew Bunny Two”!ISAAC: But you’ve heard that five times in a row. Can’t we atleast hear something else?HELEN: “HOW TO CLEAW LEVEL FREE --”ISAAC: Okay, okay, ’Lanthee. “When you see the first treasurechest, shoot it thirteen times with your Lollipop Pistol…”
  40. 40. ISAAC: Stop struggling, Helen! You need to take a bath.HELEN: No! No baff! When muvvabowds get wet, dey losehippie!ISAAC: “Hippie”?HELEN: Hippie! Dey lose hippie and de bosses can take dem owt!ISAAC: Oh, HP? Are you talking about the motherboards inMotherboard Madness?HELEN: Yeah. No baff! I no lose hippie!ISAAC: You’re not a motherboard, Helen. Baths don’t lower yourHP -- they raise it.HELEN (dubiously): Weally?ISAAC: Promise.
  41. 41. And now that Grandma has taught Helen to walk, I’m sure thatIsaac’s job is only going to get harder…
  42. 42. One final positive note: one of the fixes I downloaded fromCyjon’s site means that the gardener is of more use.GARDENER: This is a tree!So it is.GARDENER (happily): I know what to do with trees now.And what is that?GARDENER: You trim them!
  43. 43. MURAKAME Place in the country, my ass! COCHON Isn’t death the “undiscovered country from which no traveler returns”? Do hold still, please.SILENT LADY bursts from the shadows and kicks COCHONin the stomach before bringing her knee up into hisnose.
  44. 44. I was very pleased with the way Rose and Dmitri’s rotation startedout. I did some redecorating and rearranging, and now Rose andDmitri can work on arranging flowers together, while keeping aneye on Alexander.
  45. 45. Rose even achieved her Gold Flower Arranging Badge, whichcertainly took long enough.
  46. 46. Then Tiger got stuck in the floor.I quit the game as soon as I noticed, because this did not seem likea very good thing to have happen. A little research confirmed thatno, it is not. The problem is usually caused by bad cc, so I pulledmy most recently installed cc, including the walls and floor in thekitchen.
  47. 47. That seemed to work pretty well -- Tiger popped right out of thefloor. I redecorated the kitchen using a base game wall and aSeasons floor.Tiger sank right back into the floor.To cut a long story short, I had to learn how to generate and readan error report. Fortunately, there is a good tutorial by Numenor onMTS, and I was able to trace the problem to its source.
  48. 48. The problem was not the sink, nor was it the plant. The problemwas that I had used a cheat to place the plant in that relationship tothe sink. Apparently, that messes up the slots, and the messed-upslots sink the cat into the floor.I move the cactus to a different counter, and Tiger popped out ofthe floor and headed straight for his bed. But poor thing! He wastoo tired to manage even the two extra steps needed to sleep in it.
  49. 49. Alexander was having some difficulties too, specifically in the areaof Growing Up. I finally had to break out the cake to get him totransition, which seems to be a theme in the ’hood this time around.I’m not sure what Alexander’s problem was: he wasn’t hungry,wasn’t dirty, wasn’t uncomfortable, and when he transitioned, heproved to not be too very tired either. Just one of those things, Iguess.
  50. 50. I think you’ll agree that the extra effort was worth it, though. Canyou say “adorabubble”?I used contacts to give Alexander his father’s alien eyes, sincegenetically he should have them, and the flannel-shirt-and-overallsoutfit is perfect for him.
  51. 51. The whole floor debacle struck me as enough drama for onerotation, so the family spent the remainder of the time having quiet,happy family moments like this one.Well, except for the little squabbles over who got to potty trainAlexander and teach him to walk. (rolls eyes) Family Sims!
  52. 52. Although I am not sure that Tiger wouldn’t rather still be stuck inthe floor if he was given a choice…
  53. 53. MURAKAMESo who was the client? One of the girls’ parents? GOLDBERG No client. MURKAMEYou sent me and Silent Lady in there with a serial killer because what -- you didn’t like his tie? GOLDBERG It was Silent Lady’s idea. But basically? Yeah. MURAKAMEOne of these days, I’m going to stop being friends with you, you know.
  54. 54. My visit to the House of the Double As (and a B) started off with alittle mystery. Somehow when I wasn’t looking, Amy went and gotherself trapped in the corner behind the loveseat and the chair. Ihave no idea how she managed it, but I fixed the problem usingmoveobjects on.This was the most exciting thing that happened all rotation, but notthe only thing worth mentioning.
  55. 55. For starters, Amy got a makeover. It’s only a small change, but Ithink this hairstyle suits her much better. I also thing we can allagree that she is the most unusual SWAT Team member out there.But doesn’t she look fabulous?Amy’s new hairstyle is by another Amy: amylu1988. amylu1988has Maxis-matched Emilia’s all-ages mesh conversion of NewseaHedonism. It is available on Desirable Discourses (in the Sims 2Artistic Avenue section) or on amylu1988’s LJ.
  56. 56. The family’s unofficial houseguest spent much of one morningcleaning up after himself and removing all his magicalparaphernalia from the living room. The purpose of having himbriefly playable is now accomplished, and it made sense to get himout on his own.
  57. 57. Bryan has been working on making friends before Uni. He’s Pop,so there’s probably no practical way to stop this, even if any towniefriends will likely be left behind when he goes to college.Pong Grudstrom certainly will: three hours of friendlysocialization, and he left with exactly one STR point more than hearrived with.
  58. 58. Bryan has a lot more luck making friends with girls, like AllynTsvirkunov here.* In fact, he will be going to Uni one day earlierthan my usual time frame so that he can go through school with histwo best friends, Tamara and Skye.This has nothing to do with my not wanting to string Uni out anylonger than absolutely necessary. Nope. It’s friendship all the way.*Allyn comes from my story 100 Days of Awesome, available on my LJ.
  59. 59. Right at the end of the rotation, Adam aged up. He actually aged upinto the look I would have chosen for him, so I left well enoughalone.He also aged up into a bit of a gut, but since it doesn’t bother himor Amy, I’ve decided to not let it bother me.So all in all, a successful and calm rotation for this household.
  60. 60. And don’t worry about Abhijeet -- he’s got a lovely new place allhis own. We won’t be following him, since I’d like him to stillfunction as a townie right now, but he’ll be reachable by phone. Ifall goes well at the asyl -- at the residential facility for people withpsychological differences,* we’ll see more of him later.Until next time, Happy Simming!*See The Jack Point Home For Pedestrian Playables, available on my LJ.
  61. 61. The Grim Reaper’s lines, in order:Nope. Sorry.Sorry about that. I’ve got a schedule.
  62. 62. The Goldberg and Silent Lady sections used a lot of customcontent and poseboxes. All custom content is from Mod The Simsunless otherwise indicated. In addition to the dress and hairadvertised at the beginning and content advertised in otherepisodes, I used:“Timeless Office” set by jgwoodsLong drapes and recolors by KiaraRawks“Hacked Coat Hook” by Mary-Lou and Numenor“Custom Modeling Poses Hack V2 w/Facial Overlays” bydecorgal21572SimBlender by TwoJeffs, from SimbologyBeer from bienchen83’s “MTS2 Birthday Food Pack”