100 Days Season 1, Episode 4


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100 Days Season 1, Episode 4

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome to 100 Days of Awesome, starring the made-of-Awesome Tsvirkunov family. They are currently running at nineobjectives accomplished for nine days of trying, and if some of thatinvolves the community lot rule, well, that’s perfectly legal.The 100 Days Challenge was created by Callista over at the oldBoolprop, and the only change I’ve made is to decide that it’s okayfor Sims to go to work or school.
  2. 2. PONG: Today’s task has got to be the easiest task ever!
  3. 3. PONG (V.O.): We just have to wear Social Glasses.
  4. 4. PONG: Hey, looking sharp!ANASTASIA: Pong, you have to move or I can’t get to the rack.REBECCA: Mom, I love the new look! You should wear those allthe time.
  5. 5. REBECCA: The built-in light would be handy at nighttime, but it’sreally hard to read in these.ANASTASIA: Flabnabbit! How do you stop these things fallingoff your nose?PONG: Try tilting your head back, like this.
  6. 6. DESCARTES: What? I’m not having any problems.ANASTASIA: Well, we aren’t all as awesome as you, Dad.DESCARTES: You should be. Don’t you have half my geneticmaterial?ABBEY: And half mine. Are you saying it’s my fault?DESCARTES: Would I say a thing like that?ABBEY: You might imply it.DESCARTES: You mean you might infer it. All I said was that myhalf of their genetic material is pure Awesome.ABBEY: (blows a raspberry at Descartes)
  7. 7. DESCARTES: We weren’t sure who was supposed to do thewearing, so we all did. Except for the kids. They’re too little,apparently.
  8. 8. REBECCA (V.O.): Our community lot task for the day was toAdopt a Pet, so I went down to the animal shelter and picked out adog.
  9. 9. REBECCA (V.O.): I like dogs. Although Percy is kind of a doofus,aren’tcha, Percy?
  10. 10. REBECCA (V.O.): I mean, how many dogs spend time looking atthemselves in the mirror?* Dalmatians tend to have hip problemswhen they get older if you don’t let them run, so I hope someone’sup for jogging a lot…PONG (V.O.): I call “not it.”*Note from esmeiolanthe: This interaction is called “Sniff Pet” and is actually fairly accurate.If you put paint on a dog’s nose and sit them in front of a mirror, they will attempt to paw thepaint on the nose of the dog in the mirror.
  11. 11. ALLYN (V.O): We have a dog! A real dog! Percy’s super smart.
  12. 12. ANASTASIA: Percy’s about as dim as they come, but I’m notgoing to take that away from my kid.
  13. 13. ABBEY: Our task today is to sell a masterpiece. I had a paintingnear ready to go, so I’ll just finish that off, I guess.
  14. 14. ABBEY (V.O.): I don’t remember, though… How much qualifiesas a masterpiece?PONG: (V.O.): What do you mean, “How much”? How muchpaint? I thought a masterpiece was judged on its artistic merits.ABBEY (V.O.): It is, but its artistic merits are determined by howmuch money you get when you sell it.PONG (V.O.): Well, that seems kind of backward. By thatmeasure, a velvet Elvis painting would be the pinnacle of art,wouldn’t it?
  15. 15. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Nah, those don’t retail for more than about$450, $475 tops. I think you have to hit at least $500 to have anyartistic value.
  16. 16. ABBEY: What’s the phrase? “money for nothing”? I’ve beenpainting like that since I was nineteen.
  17. 17. REBECCA (V.O.): We were supposed to get points for acommunity lot task, too, but somebody wouldn’t cooperate.PONG: No! I did not sign up for this! If you want someone to do it,why not your parents? Or your sister?REBECCA: Anastasia isn’t in a committed relationship and youknow it. And Mom and Dad probably don’t have very long left.You’re just being selfish.
  18. 18. PONG: You know what? You’re right. I agreed to marry youbecause I love you and I want to be with you forever, and I don’twant to do anything as [bleep]-up as break up with you in publicbecause some random [bleep] we’ve never even seen thinks itwould generate good ratings! I won’t do it. And if we ever getanything like that again, you can get your sister to do that [bleep],because I am through with destroying our marriage, do you hearme? Through!
  19. 19. ALLYN (V.O.): Georgiana grew up today. She didn’t want to,even though she had a clean diaper and everything. New Momcouldn’t figure out what was wrong.
  20. 20. ALLYN (V.O.): Eventually, Uncle Pong brought her to the cake,and everything was okay again. Cakes are pretty magical like that.
  21. 21. ALLYN (V.O.): And I heard that everyone else is getting to stayup to look for aliens, but I have to go to bed. It’s not fair!ALLYN (V.O.): Er, you won’t tell New Mom I was up this late,will you?
  22. 22. ABBEY (V.O.): Tonight we have to get someone abducted. Theysaid pregnancy was optional, which is a huge relief, because onlyone of us would be able to manage that.DESCARTES (V.O.): We all got in on the act, because abductionsare not all that common.ABBEY (V.O.): About one time in every two hundred timessomeone stargazes with the expensive telescope.
  23. 23. DESCARTES (V.O.): So we were stopping and starting the wholestargazing thing. It’s supposed to help, apparently.ABBEY (V.O.): It does help! Every authoritative source I’ve foundstates that abduction happens very quickly after you startstargazing, so logically if it’s been fifteen minutes, you should stopand try again. Eventually the odds have to come through.DESCARTES (V.O.): They didn’t this time, though.ABBEY (V.O.): No, but there’s still plenty of time between sevenp.m. and midnight.
  24. 24. ABBEY (V.O.): That didn’t really leave us with much to do duringthe day, although I did teach Georgiana to talk.
  25. 25. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Mom did call for a community lot task, but itwas “First Kiss.” Nobody in the house was eligible.ALLYN: I could do it, New Mom!ANASTASIA: You’re ten.ALLYN: Yeah, but Uncle Pong could get another magic cake, andI could grow up to be a Teen, and then I could get a matchmakerdate, and he could kiss me!
  26. 26. ANASTASIA: No, you’re ten. Wait until you’re older to startkissing boys.ALLYN: But I could be older…!ANASTASIA: And I’m not going to let you wish your life away.Age normally, okay?ALLYN: Awwww, you never let me do anything!
  27. 27. ABBEY (V.O): Since there’s not much for you to film today,maybe I should take you on a tour of the new floor. Would you likethat?
  28. 28. AABEY (V.O.): We just couldn’t fit everyone into the two floorsanymore, not with three girls, plus two married couples and agrown-up who really should have some privacy every now andthen.
  29. 29. ABBEY: This space is for the kids to play and do their homework.Allyn has a bedroom up here, too, and there’s a third full bath, butyou have a policy of not showing the bath or bedrooms, right?
  30. 30. PONG (V.O.): Okay, one shot. But only because she’s aged upagain.ALLYN (V.O.): Winifred is finally big enough to play with!
  31. 31. REBECCA: It should have been a happy day. It really should have!
  32. 32. DESCARTES (V.O.): What’s it going to be like when I die?Awesome, of course. I’ll probably get hula zombies and a freedrink. Rum, naturally. Can’t let the Ancient Order of Space Piratesdown.
  33. 33. ABBEY: There isn’t an Ancient Order of Space Pirates.DESCARTES: Well, if there isn’t, there should be.ABBEY: Can’t argue with that. But don’t you need somethingspecial to get hula zombies?DESCARTES: Yep. You need to be super happy. But I’ve beenthat since college.
  34. 34. ABBEY: Have you really?DESCARTES: Duh. That’s when I met you.ABBEY: Well, yes it is, but --DESCARTES: And that’s all it took. I bet you didn’t even noticehow much I kept staring at you all through our first study session.ABBEY: You were? Really?DESCARTES: Yes.ABBEY: But you didn’t seem upset when I was head over heels foryour cousin.DESCARTES: Why would I? The man wore mascara to bring outhis stubble.
  35. 35. ABBEY: Do you know, I think you’re right?DESCARTES: I know I’m right. I walked in on him applying itone day. Besides, even if he didn’t wear mascara, I knew theminute I saw you that you were the one for me. No, the second.ABBEY: Love doesn’t work like that.DESCARTES: Have we or have we not been happy for almost fiftyyears?ABBEY: We have…DESCARTES: Then I rest my case. QED.
  36. 36. ScoreObjectives accomplished on the home lot: 2Objectives accomplished on a community lot: 1Total points: 3Total points from last time: 9GRAND TOTAL: 12Days played: 12 out of 100