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Local digital marketing

  1. Local Digital Marketing Eshant Sharma PGCM-4 Universal Business School, Karjat
  2.  One of the goals of an advertising investment in the media is to increase brand recognition.  The goal is to contact potential clients close to the store by sending personalized messages, encouraging them to make a purchase.  Influence of local web on purchase cycle, Knowledge Interest Consideration Preference Purchase Sphere of influence of local marketing Introduction
  3. Identifying users’ geographic location(by GPS) and then sending targeted content based on that location. Benefits:  Optimising the local impact of advertising investments  Gaining loyalty of our distributors/retailers (other intermediaries)  Successfully responding to customers need for local information  Optimising an organic presence in search engine results (SEO) Concepts & Benefits
  4. Channels in Local Digital Marketing Ecosystem Local Websites Local DealsLocal Search Social Network Location Based Service Recommendations Advertising & Alerts Local Information
  5. Local Websites This involves accessing a brand’s website in a personalised way, depending on a person’s location at any given time. Replaced single national website Made website adapted to each location Calculate the route to include the closest Dunkin Donuts Trip Planner
  6. Local Search Google estimates that 20% of search on google are related to location
  7. Local Deals • Local deal pages also called daily deals are portals that offer exclusive discount organised by city • Each discount has to be picked up by a minimum number of people and is available on website for a period of 24 hours only.
  8. Social Network Geolocation is gaining importance because of the social networking websites
  9. Location Based Services • LBS provide users with personalized service based on their geolocation. • The way these services work on is based on check-ins. User reach a location User checks in GPS or WiFi locates user • These check-ins allow brands to know who is in their store • They can use this information for commercial purpose
  10. Recommendations Within the ecosystem of local web these are the websites that aggregate reviews of restaurants, shops and hotels Every time a customer share an experience about a Tasti D-Lite establishment on Twitter, Facebook, he or she receives point through company’s loyalty program
  11. Advertising & Alerts • There are many advertising formats that incorporate geolocation • Companies buy display advertising for both desktop and other devices As user enter one of the participating stores the application will open by itself to show the deals of the day or personalised deals
  12. The Value of Local Information • Information is invaluable to companies. • Cell phones leave trail of information about the place they have been carried. • This information combined with other information on taste, uses etc can be extremely useful for business Install receivers in different part of a shopping centre so that manager can see how many people are in each area at different times of the day • Tweets and comments are also important source of information. • A brand may be interested in knowing whether the tweets about it originate in different cities or neighbourhoods.
  13. • The marketing campaign should always have clear goals. • Example of a small clothing store, wherein the goal is to increase traffic,  Registering the store on Google places  Set up a small PPC campaign to promote your flagship brands  Create a Foursquare account that includes, 1. Promotions in exchange for checking in at the store 2. Special offer for the first check-in (like 20% discount) Launching a Campaign
  14. The evolution of marketing today signifies the fact that the local digital marketing can be much more effective than national marketing when guiding customers through the “final moments in the purchase cycle” in to your store so that they make a purchase Conclusion

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  1. Google Inside Maps – people use smartphones to find different sections of a building or a mall Companies need to keep their information updated all the time on the net