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Omnichannel Marketing for shopping centre


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IT-factory solutions and products for shopping centers based on indoor navigation and localization using beacons: promotions and mobile coupons, shopping assistant and schemes of movement.

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Omnichannel Marketing for shopping centre

  1. 1. Omnichannel Marketing for shopping center
  2. 2. Solutions and products Promotions and mobile coupons Shopping assistant Schemes of movement
  3. 3. Omnichannel: managers needs Property Manager Marketing Manager The system allows you to answer the following questions: • How to maximize rental income? • How to improve cooperation with tenants in order to achieve even more attractiveness for customers? • Are there places where the potential could be used better? The system allows you to answer the following questions: • How to attract customers: both new and permanent customers? • How to increase the impact of marketing efforts by tracking specific behaviors and specific customers (highly personalized segmentation)? • How to customize a campaign to specific customer shopping preferences? • How to influence the decision about purchases? • How to make customers spend time at the shopping center instead of elsewhere? • How to sell the customer more products and increase their loyalty and brand loyalty?
  4. 4. Single Channel Multi Channel Cross Channel Omnichannel Omnichannel marketing Customer needs are identified and met by different, unconnected channels of communication. Customers needs are identify and met by one channel of communication. Customer needs are identified and met by connecting several communication channels into one. Customer needs are identified and met by a multiple channels of communication simultaneously.
  5. 5. Shopping interest in shopping centers Distance from store0 m (Location Score Index 2014) Distance from store vs. shopping interest 37% 100 m 11% 30% 1000 m 17% 10 km 25 km
  6. 6. Brand recognition Spending more time at the shopping centre Frequently visited shopping center Awareness of purchases 73% 61% 60% 61% Omnichannel - increase sales and incomes Macy’s example: Source: [Macy’s 2014 Annual Report] 0.7% 2013 2014 4.4% Incomes Start campaign Omnichannel 2012 The impact of beacons:
  7. 7. Location and navigation Navigation to shopping center, location (GPS) Navigation inside shopping center, location (WiFi / Beacon)
  8. 8. Oferta Omnichannel Informations about customers Informations about stores Informations about offer What we analyze What gives Omnichannel • Demographic data • Location • Favourites: offers, promotions, coupons, stores • Searching promotions, usage of coupons • Social media profile • More often and less frequented places • Longer and shorter visited places • The number of new and regular clients • The average time spent in the store • Time and place of greatest traffic • The order of visited stores • The number of customers lead to the shops • Sent PUSH message • Displayed or canceled informations • The number of customers lead to a specific offer • Adding to favorites: offers, promotions, coupons • Places of actions: at the shopping center/ store, outside the shopping center/ outside store • Used communication channels: online, mobile • Customer segmentation • Schemes of customers movement (inside and outside the shopping center) • Analysis of buying preferences • Details on how to make buying decisions • Analysis of consumers' interests • Analysis of the attractiveness places and stores • Ranking the most and least visited stores • Shopping correlation analysis. eg. planning promotions: - how many % of customers store A is also customers store B • The data for planning the layout and arrangement of stores • Analysis of the effectiveness of promotion and information campaigns • Analyses of interest and attractivness offers • Analysis of the most popular purchase categories • Analysis of buying behavior: showrooming, webrooming Business intelligence
  9. 9. Bluetooth Beacons - just stick to the wall or ceiling Beacons send signals about presence to smartphones The smartphone receives the signal and dedicated application provides services based on the location of stores Omnichannel Beacon marketing: scheme of working Android + IOS Effective Beacon marketing requires a dedicated application
  10. 10. Promotions and coupons
  11. 11. Promotions and coupons Omnichannel: description of working Integration with social media Analysis of the effectiveness of promotions and coupons Displaying messages with promotions and coupons Search engine of promotions and coupons
  12. 12. Promotions and coupons Omnichannel: PUSH massages • 97% of people reading the PUSH messages • Push messages with text, pictures and video • Control messages based on user preferences and location - direct and dedicated campaigns • The mobile application for iOS and Android allows you to receive push messages
  13. 13. Business intelligence It analyzes the available data, creates information and provides new knowledge online In shop - offline mobile Promotions and coupons Omnichannel: online/mobile/offline Beacons in shopping center connecting the offline world (traditional shops) with the online world Online catalogue digitization of promotional newsletters shopping centers and tenants on the Internet and smartphone - does not require installing an application. It allows you to view promotional offers, and recommending shops, promotions, coupons for social media profiles Mobile application navigation inside the shopping center allows you to search and use promotions and coupons. Integration with the Facebook profile. omnichannel
  14. 14. What we analyze What do we get • Displayed or canceled PUSH message (containing text, photos, or also video) • Adding to favorites • Places of actions: in the shopping center, in store, outside the shopping center • Used communication channels: online, mobile Increasing the efficiency of moderating customers behavior of shopping center by: • Context promotions and coupons • Customer segmentation • Buying preferences • Analyses ways how customers make buying decisions • Analysis of consumers' interests Promotions and coupons Omnichannel: benefits Business intelligence
  15. 15. Analysis of the effectiveness of promotions and coupons: • Number of sent PUSH messages • The number of displayed or canceled information • The number of customers led to a specific offer • The number of promotions added to favorites • Places of actions: at the shopping center, store, outside the shopping center, store • Used communication channels: online, mobile Promotions and coupons Omnichannel: examples of use
  16. 16. Analysis of customer behavior in social media: • Number of likes shopping center, offers, promotions on Facebook • Check-in shopping center on Facebook • Buyers sharing information about promotions, coupons on Facebook Promotions and coupons Omnichannel: examples of use
  17. 17. • Offer customize to specific customer preferences on the basis of analyze: • The use of mobile application (mobile) • The use of online catalogue (online) • Location in the shopping center (offline) • The customer receives notifications about products related to purchased before, thanks to intelligent algorithms analyzing data about purchases • Cross selling provides reinforcement of sales Promotions and coupons Omnichannel: cross selling
  18. 18. Shopping assistant
  19. 19. Shopping assistant Omnichannel: description of working Displaying promotions and coupons Legible location in the stores Navigation to the shopping center Indoor and outdoor campaigns
  20. 20. • Easy finding new shops and products • Convenient getting to stores and car • Simply finding particular product • Easy finding outputs, ATM’s, toilets • Short time finding particular stores and products • Legible locating yourself in shopping center * The Shopping Mall, A Study on Customer Dissatisfaction, Baker Retailing Initiative Shopping assistant Omnichannel: customers needs Number of clients 35% 20% 19% 17% 14% 10%
  21. 21. Sex Age Range Time Interests Man 35-40 2 km 16.00 – 18.00 Sport Place Powsińska Shopping assistant Omnichannel: outdoor campaigns - example Segmentation Description Location of campaign Effect Adam (age 35) after leaving the work receives message on his smartphone about sales of bicycles in nearby shopping center. The application leads him to the store. Business intelligence Analysis business rules, selects customers, informs, analysis action, improves efficiency
  22. 22. Segmentation Description Location of campaign Effect Shopping assistant Omnichannel: indoor campaigns - example Megan (age 30) during afternoon shopping in shopping center receives messages on her smartphone about new lipsticks collection at the entrance to the shopping center and 20 m from the Sephora store. Sex Age Range Time Interests Woman 30-40 20 m 12.00 – 20.00 Beauty Place Sephora Business intelligence Analysis business rules, selects customers, informs, analysis action, improves efficiency
  23. 23. Shopping assistant Omnichannel: loyalty program of XXI century We analysis 1 The number of visits 2 The numer of visited shops 3 Time spent at the shopping center, supermarket, shop 4 Used promotions or coupons (display promotions at the cash register in stores) 5 The value of used promotions or coupons 6 Shopping paths Loyalting by 1 Rewarding visits the shopping center 2 Rewarding visit the shops 3 Time spent at the shopping center, supermarket, shop 4 The frequency of purchases and using coupons 5 The amount of completed purchases with using promotions and coupons 6 Going around the shops recommended by the shopping center Business intelligence Analysis location and purchasing data, creating new approach to loyalting customers.
  24. 24. • POS’es in stores – collecting data about value of purchases • Plastic cards – connection cart readers with dedicated additional information input panel • Digital Signage: telebims, LCD panels, LED screens – interactive, dedicated informations presented on screens based on buyer’s location within easy reach to the screen Shopping assistant Omnichannel: solutions XXI century immediately Integration with: Photos from the film Minority Report, 20th Century Fox 2002
  25. 25. Schemes of movement
  26. 26. Schemes of movements Omnichannel: description of working Location outside stores Location inside stores
  27. 27. What we analyse What we get Analyse of customers movement based on location: • Outside (GPS) • Inside (WiFi, Beacony) Customers movement diagrams Aggregated data: • demographic • social viewed promotions, favourites • The possibility of using information form the system to develop targeted BTL marketing campaigns (promotional newsletters, leaflets) eg. to areas where clients go to the competition • Including information in planning strategy and optimization locations of new stores Schemes of movement Omnichannel: Business Intelligence
  28. 28. • Identification of customers schemes of movement and paths that customers passed on the way to the store (the competition) • Determine the frequency of purchases • Analysis of the distance of the purchasing • Possibility of managing direct BTL campaigns at specific locations Staying in area More rarely walk to the competition Equally often walk to the competition More often walk to the competition Detection of the anomaly - possibility of directing the campaign to customers frequenting to competitions supermarkets, in spite of the near distance Benefits Visualisation of the range Schemes of movement Omnichannel : outdoor paths
  29. 29. • Identifying schemes of customers movement (inside center) • Data concerning manners of making purchase decisions • Analysis of attractiveness places and shops • Ranking of shops most often, most rarely frequented • Analysis of purchase correlation e.g. for planning promotions: - how many % customers of the shop A are also customers of the shop B • Data to planning the layout and arranging shops Benefits Visualisation of paths Schemes of movement Omnichannel: indoor paths
  30. 30. Benefits Heatmap Visualisation • Data enabling the differentiation of rental prices, maximization of the incomes • Identification of attractiveness of places and shops • Identification of areas most often, most rarely frequented (in time intervals e.g.: 12.00-12.30) • Data to optimization the layout • Data to promoting shops (also positioning in the mobile application) • Understanding the behaviors and habits of customers Schemes of movement Omnichannel: indoor heatmap
  31. 31. For the store
  32. 32. Omnichannel for the store: example Dedicated mobile application Navigation to stores from the outside (GPS) and inside the shopping center (Beacon, WiFi) Coupons, promotions, PUSH messages Integration with social media
  33. 33. Omnichannel in store: example of use What the shop receive • Mobile promotions and coupons • Statistics and analysis of purchase preferences • Integration with social media • Www catalogue (connected with a mobile application) • Dedicated mobile application • Beacons in the shopping center • Intelligent tool cross selling • Shopping assistant • Indoor, outdoor promotional campaigns • Leading customers to the shopping center and individual stores • Schemes of movement • Paths: indoor, outdoor, heatmap What the customer receive • Mobile promotions and coupons • List of favourite for simple searching • Convinient online catalog – purchase planning (favourites from the catalog online appear in the mobile application) • Recommended offers adapted for purchase preferences • Shopping assistant • Information about the newest promotions and offers • Location and leading to shopping center and specific stores and offers • Location products based on shemes of movement
  34. 34. Customer Care
  35. 35. Omnichannel : customer care Conducting a campaign Analysis of the effects and of indicators Developing strategy Omnichannel Analysis of customers, segmentation, preferences Keeping the solution, service, guarantee
  36. 36. Omnichannel marketing: agile marketing Planning Choice of the target group Plan of using Omnichannel tools (mobile, online, offline) Design Conducting an Omnichannel campaign among purchasers and tenants Starting Measurement of indicators Analysis of behaviours of the target group, np: - what channel the user came from (mobile, online, offline), - where users perform action (location) - which version specifically he clicked - how many users registered - how many users added to favourite - How many users recommend friends Develop the communication to tenants Develop the communication and the promotion to purchasers Develop the content for the campaign Analysis Strategy Developing a short-term strategy of Omnichannel action Conclusions Update of using individual Omnichannel tools for the specific target group Update of patterns of behaviours We are cooperating in marketing campaigns, we are adopting agile techniques (agile) ensuring quick reactions to the customers behavior.
  37. 37. Contact PHD Mariusz Jednoralski CEO IT-factory sp z o.o. 00-666 Warszawa, ul. Noakowskiego 4/8 tel. +48 501307950 skype: jednomar