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This was a seminar held in during one or our Skapa & Friends meetings at our office. It was about content marketing and specifically on how to use content to attract relevant visitors and drive sales. What to consider when doing content strategies, Google's importance, how to maximize visibility when publishing.

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Skapa & Friends - Content Marketing

  1. 1. Skapa & Friends 2013-06-13“Innehåll som driver försäljning!”
  2. 2. Skapa & Friends: Innehållets betydelseSeminarium om innehåll i bloggar och sociala mediersom lockar rätt besökare:• Strategier för innehåll• Googles betydelse• Optimal publicering• Några exempel• Rätt besökare blir leads• Skapa MediaPac
  3. 3. Skapa – smart online communicationCommunication and marketing:Online marketing is about understanding theneeds of your target groups and giving themrelevant content – regardless if it’s publishedon blogs, social media or websites.We‘re happy to do it for you!Web, technology and development:Irrespective if you use a smartphone, a tabletor a computer, it’s the access to the right datathat determines your success. We buildadvanced and easy-to-use apps, extranets andwebsites that supply the data at the rightmoment!
  4. 4. A few of Skapa’s customers…
  5. 5. “I think we should have a blog!”“Should we or corporatecommunication handle it?”
  6. 6. “LinkedIn is really good. And nowyou can have a company page”“How many updates do we need todo on it? Who will do it?”
  7. 7. Strategies for content
  8. 8. Are you publishing every day…“…and pushing stuff out on Facebookbecause its the right thing to do andyou just need to keep in peoplesfaces? Or are you doing it becauseyou have something to say, thatyouve thought it out, that you knowexactly what it is? There are a lot ofbrands who are simply there becausethey can be."Mitch Joel is President of Twist Image -one of the largest independent DigitalMarketing agencies in North America. Aprolific blogger and podcaster, Mitch isthe author of Six Pixels of Separation andmost recentlyControl.Alt.Delete.Source:
  9. 9. Whats the ultimate goal of using content to achieve businessresults? Is it:• Increase brand awareness?• Improve client engagement?• Decrease customer support inquiries?• Attract and retain key staff members• Support sales with valuable leadsAnything that does not support your goal/goals, has no place inyour strategy!Strategy – define your goals
  10. 10. ”Creating valuable local dialogues”
  11. 11. The benefit of using social media increases1. Gather information from opinion leaders, business specialists,colleagues, partners and competitors2. Publishing material to create activity, attract ”Likes/Followers”and increase potential reach3. Publishing of valuable and customer focused content4. Engagement and dialogues build relations to the company andbetween your fans/followers
  12. 12. • Define your target groups / personas• Listen to their main challenges in their operations relating toyour business or offering• How can your content help them with their questions,challenges and needs?• What types content can be used?• How much resources do we need?• How can we make sure not to deviate from our strategy?Strategy – Customer oriented content
  13. 13. • Vilka marknader finns ni på?• Vad driver dem till er?• Varför blir en prospect en kund? Varför inte?• Finns det säljare, marknadsförare, kundstöd bland dem• Lojaliteter mot varumärke, produkt, återförsäljare, tjänster,service, personal, etc.• Hur kommunicerar de med er idag?• Var i den digitala världen finns era målgrupper?Nulägesanalys av kunder och prospects
  14. 14. Strategy to attract relevant visitors
  15. 15. WebsiteYouTubeMobileFlickrTwitterE-mailLinkedInFacebookGoogleBlogPinterest
  16. 16. YouTubeMobileFlickrTwitterE-mailLinkedInFacebookGoogleWebsiteBlogPinterest
  17. 17. Source:
  18. 18. Content with best ROIContent with best ROI according to marketing professionals worldwide, Jan 2013. Source: CopyPress, “2013 State ofContent Marketing Study”, Feb 12, 2013.
  19. 19. ABB: zone data robots
  20. 20. RamirentGoogle place 1-10 on:• climate monitoringtechnology• limited spaceconstruction• know-how on safetymachine
  21. 21. Tripnet – local expertiseGoogle: lastbalansering
  22. 22. Volvo Penta• Blog on a trip down theEnglish Channel with awork boat with the newVolvo Penta IPS 900 onboard.• Volvo Penta Facebook
  23. 23. Ett Skapa-exempel på genomslagetNr. 1 efter2 minuter!
  24. 24. Rätt besökare blir leads
  25. 25. “We have a great sales force”• Good understanding ofour customers needs• Supreme knowledge ofour products/services/solutions• Excellent ability tostrengthen relationsand build confidenceGoogle image search “salesmen”
  26. 26. Attract leads with relevant contentVisitorsCustomersInspiration / Customer needsBrand building / CompanyOffer / Products / Services
  28. 28. Skapa MediaPac
  29. 29. InnehållsmarknadsföringTidKampanjerInnehållMarknadsförings-värde
  30. 30. Skapa MediaPac för resultat• Vi har tagit fram en lösning där vi:– Baserat på er innehållsstrategi, skapar vi relevant innehåll för er somger er värde nu och i framtiden.– Publicerar det på ett optimalt sätt i flera kanaler som ger en starkGoogle-effekt.– Mäter resultatet, jämför mot mål och agerar på det.– Skapar nya affärsmöjligheter för er!• Det är detta som vi kallar för smart online-kommunikation och som vierbjuder i vår lösning Skapa MediaPac.
  31. 31. Kontakta oss gärna för ett möte:Erik Ekholm,Skapa.seTel 031 3011151erik.ekholm@skapa.seKajsa Owenede,Skapa.seTel 031