Marketing Strategies For Trade Shows - Lunch & Learn


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Marketing Strategies For Trade Shows - Lunch & Learn

  2. 2. The key value of exhibitions is accelerating the sales process...
  3. 3. ...achieved by conductingmeaningful conversations on the show floor
  4. 4. Shortening The Sales Cycle
  5. 5. Steps To Maximize Return• Setting Goals & Objectives• Measurement• Pre-show activities including Selective Attraction• 4-step selling process• At-show activities• Follow up• Integrating Social Media• Thinking outside the booth
  6. 6. Set Goals & Objectives• Goals: broad & cannot be measured• Objectives: narrow & measurable (think tactics)• Examples of goals?• Coordinating objectives?• Use these for post-show measurementNote: build show goals around corporate marketing plan to help accomplish overall marketing goals.
  7. 7. Measure: RO Investment Total Show Expenses Total Sales VolumeNote: consider all show elements - booth space, exhibit,staff, entertainment, freight, etc. - when tallying expenses
  8. 8. Measure: RO Objective• Revisit clearly defined objectives set pre-show:were they met?• Examples of ROO measurement
  9. 9. Measure:Cost Per Lead Total Show Expenses Total Leads
  10. 10. Measure:Cost Exposure Total Show Expenses Total Show Audience
  11. 11. Measure: Key Contact Value Total Show Expenses Number of Key Contacts Made(relative to comparative cost of sales calls/visits)
  12. 12. Align Goals & Objectives• Spread the word• Discuss overall goals & objectives with boothstaffers• Set expectations•Review before show open Note: consider a formal training for your booth staff
  13. 13. Pre-show• Show specific email campaigns• Branded micro-sites• Direct mail• Selective Attraction• Social Media (more on that later)
  14. 14. Selective Attraction• Qualifying and filtering visitors through pre-showor at-show activities• Examples of selective attraction activities• How does this change the at-show conversation?Note: if giving away premium items for qualified prospects, give some to your staff...they’ll appreciate it
  15. 15. Selective Attraction• Pre-qualified• High-level• 2 levels of incentive
  16. 16. 4-step Trade Show Selling Process• Engage• Qualify• Present• Close
  17. 17. Qualify• 1st or 2nd qualification process = Filter• Determines follow up activities• Ask qualifying questions on the show floor• Use lead qualification software or lead forms
  18. 18. Data CollectionPaper solutions:• Lead Form
  19. 19. Data CollectionTechnology solutions:• Badge or card reader• Smart phones and tablet applications for surveying• E-literature fulfillment• Interactive engagement - games, videos, quizzes• RFID• Exit polls
  20. 20. At-show• Ad specialty items• Hospitality suites• Social media (more on that later)
  21. 21. Outside The Booth• Venue marketing• Door/Room drops• Leverage the press
  22. 22. Outside The Booth• Have booth staff pre-schedule meetings:breakfast, dinner, coffee etc.• Prepare info for pre-qualified prospects• Obtain competitive information
  23. 23. 80% of all show leads neverreceive post-event follow-up - Center for Exhibition Industry Research
  24. 24. Post-show Follow Up• Develop a plan pre-show• Office response team = same day or rapidfollow-up• Create a follow-up timeline• Target follow-up response Note: hold meetings with show staff immediately upon return from event while fresh on everyone’s mind
  25. 25. Measure• Measure based on objectives pre-show• Measure year over year Note: keep all data from past shows. It will help you benchmark success from show to show
  26. 26. Additional Reasons To Measure• Should you attend the show next year?• Should you increase or decrease your presence? - Exhibit Size - Booth Staff - Sponsorships - At show events• Increase or decrease additional marketing efforts
  27. 27. Social Media & Digital PR1) Social Networking Sites2) People are now the media • Equivalent to major media outlets • Target Influencers - Digital PR
  28. 28. Digital PR• Bloggers• Press releases• Event micro-sites• Videos• Social media buzz
  29. 29. Integrating Social Media Pre-show• Set up or locate a twitter hashtag for your event• Hashtag: A pound sign followed by a couple keywords that help organize information (#CES)
  30. 30. Integrating Social Media Pre-show
  31. 31. Integrating Social Media Pre-show• Facebook & LinkedIn events• Facebook ads• LinkedIn groups
  32. 32. Integrating Social Media At Show• Live tweeting• “Like” on the show floor• Interactive social media contests & games• Pocket Pics• QR codes
  33. 33. Integrating Social Media Post Show• Add to circles on Google+• Add presentations to SlideShare• Send emails• Follow up with bloggers
  34. 34. Summary• All activities should support goals & objectives• Plan, execute and measure• Communicate with team• Have fun! QUESTIONS?
  35. 35. ResourcesHot topic white papers and webinars:
  36. 36. Thank You! We value your feedback.Please complete our survey.
  37. 37. Thank You!