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Ngm media pack

  1. 1. Hosting Solutions Graphic Design Website Development Logo Design All Coding Languages E-commerce Solutions Social Networking Search Engine MarketingMotion Graphics Content Management Solutions Viral Marketing Bespoke Website Design Media Pack 2012
  2. 2. Want to know more about Next Generation Media? F irst established in 2006, Next Generation Media Group (NGM) has gone from strength to strength in providing print, digital and web marketing solutions to both private and public sector clients. Our extensive range of high quality products has led to us becoming a market leading provider of printed publications and digital display screens in the UK and Ireland. We provide • Fully managed digital signage networks to thousands of clients throughout the UK. • High quality print publications which are personalised to reflect your brand and communicate your information. • Our large in-house web development team is dedicated to providing a standalone web presence. • We are a one stop online marketing shop offering a wide range of marketing tools to promote your business. At NGM, we pride ourselves upon attention to detail in both the service that we provide and in the vast portfolio of products that we offer. Our success and reputation as industry leaders derives from ability to create bespoke digital and print media that is tailor-made to meet your needs and is often available at a low cost or zero cost. From concept to delivery, our professional team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that we continually exceed our clients’ expectations.2
  3. 3. How effective is youronline presence?In an age where online presence is more and more important it is imperative that your business has the right website and more importantly, that it functions properly and is visible through both search enginesand social media alike. Should any of these aspects be out of sync or not available, you will simply lose outto competitors who have these elements set up properly. 3
  4. 4. Sick of all the confusing jargon? SEO? SEM? PPC? TW? FB? We can help you find your way through the smoke and mirrors! • A fresh consultancy approach will help you find the answers to all your online marketing needs. • When you ask us a question we will give it to you straight. • Experienced customer service led approach has made us stand out from the crowd. • Want a simple answer on SEO, SEM, PPC, TW, FB? • Know what you need to achieve but keep getting let down? • Understand that your website is your new shop window, but unsure how to drive customers to it or turn those customers into sales? Next Generation Media are experts in providing online and offline marketing solutions, for SMEs in the UK. Allow Next Generation Media to become your one stop shop for marketing solutions, transform your online front door today and start driving customers to your door.4
  5. 5. Our products & services.We will create a bespoke online marketing package to meet your needs.• Hosting Solutions • Graphic Design• Website Development • Total Branding Packages• Bespoke Website Design • Logo Design• Open Source Website Development • All Coding Languages• Content Management Solutions • Viral Marketing• E-commerce Solutions • Social Networking• Social Media Management • Online Presenters & Video Feeds for Websites• Search Engine Optimisation • Animation• Search Engine Marketing • Motion Graphics• IPhone & Android App Development 5
  6. 6. Website design & development Y our business website is your virtual shop window. If it’s not appealing, the customers won’t walk through your virtual door but walk on by to another, more attractive site. A poor website WILL cost you a lot more in lost business than the cost of a fresh new website from Next Generation Media. • Team of dedicated and experienced web experts • Websites rich in both content and functionality • Simple websites for small/start-ups • E-commerce solutions • Search engine optimisation • Competitively priced web hosting • Full blown content management system based websites6
  7. 7. What Astute Motoring asked for.We needed a website that was easy to get around andshow the quality of car we offer. It was hugely importantto us that the website layout was simple. We wanted to thecustomers to find cars and view information easily, whichwould lead to more business, and it has!What we did at Next Generation Media.• Scoped the site properly with the Customer• Priced up the website and agreed with Simon• Delivered a site plan for functionality• Delivered a site mock-up design and amend• Then apply customer content• Site is signed off and goes liveTestimonial.Link Centre made it happen. I wanted to update the siteeasily so have had a content management system added tothe build of the site which was cost effective and purposebuilt for me. From the moment we met at the impressiveoffices we were put at ease. We are very happy with theservice and would definitely use them again. I have toldmany contacts about them and the positive way they havehelped me to achieve what I needed in such a short timeframe and in such a professional and supportive way. - MD Astute Motoring, Simon Booth 7
  8. 8. Marketing, through social media. T o stay ahead of the competition as an online marketing company for the last 10 years, Next Generation Media has had to adapt to the latest web developments. Social media has taken the web by storm but it takes more than simply creating a Twitter account to create a buzz about your business. Finding the right mix of online marketing is the key to securing that all important exposure. How we can deliver • Extensive promotion through leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing • Top three results on the first page • Google qualified account manager providing full reporting and results • Facebook page design and marketing • Twitter page design and management • Linked In setup and management • Business related social networking management8
  9. 9. What is social networking?Social networking is a virtual platform to reach out and communicate with clients and businessesthroughout the world… all from your computer, iPad or mobile.Social networking isn’t the future of communication: it is the here and now. 9
  10. 10. Tweet, your way to a new business. Twitter Quick and easy to update. Twitter is perfect for keeping the world up to date with your latest news and views. • 1 billion tweets every 5 days • 55 million users login to Twitter from their phone or tablet each month • 200 million registered users What we do for you • Build a standalone branded account for you • Manage the amount of messages that you want to send to a budget • Account manage the account with reports to show workings • Improve your followers naturally and ethically.10
  11. 11. Like Facebook?Like marketing!The stats for Facebook speak for themselves. A Facebook presence is essential for your organisationwhen establishing a foothold on the social network ladder.• 526 million people sign in every day• Second most visited website in the UK after Google• Nearly 10% of internet visits come immediately after visiting Facebook• 1 billion comments posted dailyWhat we do for you• Build you a branded and content rich page• Manage the ongoing content, add and share to increase footfall• Account manage and produce reports, offer additional advice• Improve your friends list naturally and ethically 11
  12. 12. Video Marketing “ “ In an increasingly competitive market it has never been more important to engage and connect with your potential customers through video marketing. Next Generation Media create full motion videos, MotionGraphic and 3D Animated videos for online marketing, sales, communications and lead generation. Our talented production team will work with you to create a script and a setting for your video and arrange for it to be shot on either flagship DSLRs or dedicated HD video cameras, depending on your needs and budgets. We are uniquely placed to offer these with both exceptional quality and extremely competitive pricing. Benefits • Even with the most complete and easy to use website a more visual and compressed overview is needed; video is the key to this. • Connect with your potential customers instantly and get your message across with no confusion or mis-interpretation. • Video, posted in the right way, increases your search engine rankings • Increase branding and credibility • Reach a Global Audience12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Reporting to you makes everything clearer. • We know you’re busy. That’s why our dedicated team will work on your behalf, aiming to keep you even busier • Measure the success with fortnightly reports • Reports detail page views, impression amounts and the Click Through Rate (CTR) • Reports are easy to understand – no confusing jargon or geek speak14
  15. 15. Don’t wait to move your business forward.Take action with NGM today! A new start in promoting your business starts now. Call the team on 0800 0198 450 Email 15
  16. 16. Tel 0800 0198 450 | Email Skyways Campus | Amy Johnson Way | Blackpool Business Park | Blackpool | FY4 3RS