Social media campaigns - 10 ingredients and examples for effective campaigns


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How do you make social media central to your campaigns rather than an afterthought? Here are 10 tried and tested approaches featuring some of the best examples of content marketing campaigns from 2013.

Presented to Our Social Times #SMM13 - London

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  • Based on common mistakes I see and opportunities for more sophisticated. Showing examples of good practice.Start at centre with some of the mistakes, look at social and head offline. Checklist to review your practice.
  • Brief: Encourage people to adopt a more open, optimistic and playful attitude to life and technology.The main attraction was the ability to play a game of Frisbee with the cat from the TV spot by connecting your phone or tablet to your desktop browser meaning you could throw the Frisbee from one device to another. As they played, our cat explained the technology that enabled the game to happen, as well as the ‘Be more dog’ philosophy. Our ‘Dog Bombs’ allowed users to create a customisable video that you could drop on friends as a way of combating any negative, ‘cat-like’ behaviour and give them a nudge to the ‘dog side of life’. We continued to spread the word in social with #Bemoredog and a calendar of events, including a Frisbee drop in parks, a vine film festival and an instagram hijack. The campaign spread across the web quicker than you could say ‘Grumpy cat’. We’re still counting, but the campaign has seen some pretty ‘Dog’ results. Players have thrown over 335,000 frisbees, created over 32,000 Dog Bombs, and used #bemoredog in over 55,000 tweets.
  • It was a pioneering move that drove staggering results; two months after launch the A-Class represented 6.2% of the total hatchback market, brochure requests soared by 140% after the campaign and 77,000 leads were generated overall. Crucially, the average age of people enquiring about the A-Class was ten years younger than the Mercedes-Benz average.
  • Our best-known campaign would have to be “KLM Surprise”, where a team gave away small gifts to passengers who checked in using Foursquare or Twitter. Other large campaigns included our mile-high dance party “Fly2Miami”, after we lost a bet on Twitter with the Dutch dance scene. One ambitious campaign was “#LiveReply” on YouTube. It took almost 500 volunteers to realise. My personal favourite was “Tile & Inspire”, which brought our Dutch heritage, social media, brand ambassadors, gamification, and our best hardware — planes — together. Even supermodel DoutzenKroes and DJ Armin van Buuren participated! More recently, the much-debated introduction of “Meet & Seat” had CNN’s Richard Quest fascinated.
  • Social media campaigns - 10 ingredients and examples for effective campaigns

    1. 1. MAKING SOCIAL CENTRAL Ten ingredients from the integrated campaigns cookbook Featuring... The Top Integrated Social Campaigns of 2013 Dr Dave Chaffey Digital marketing strategy advice @DaveChaffey #SMM13 1
    2. 2. About Dave Chaffey  A professional trainer in digital marketing since 1997  Author of 5 bestselling marketing books now in their 4th and 5th edition  Manages a marketing advice site with paid members in over 50 countries  Insights Director at agency ClickThrough Marketing @DaveChaffey #SMM13 2
    3. 3. Campaign ingredient #1? @DaveChaffey #SMM13 3
    4. 4. #1 Buzz = “Big Idea” Engaging + Participative + Shareable  Example engagement devices:         Search boxes Questions Quizzes Polls Calculators Interactive Q&A Call-backs Viral games @DaveChaffey #SMM13 4
    5. 5. Build in reasons to share + add @DaveChaffey #SMM13 5
    6. 6. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 6
    7. 7. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 7
    8. 8. Campaign ingredient 2 Big idea connected to campaign goals @DaveChaffey #SMM13 8
    9. 9. Interactive and personal @DaveChaffey #SMM13 9
    10. 10. Campaign ingredient 3 – Campaign ingredient #3? Support Information Foraging Support content foraging @DaveChaffey #SMM13 10
    11. 11. 1. Created Demand 2. Dominated SERPs 3. Event Awareness 4. Registrations, Sessions 43k Ebook views - 6 days 1k+ PDF downloads 5k views interviews 500+ social shares 100+ inbound links @DaveChaffey #SMM13 11
    12. 12. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 12
    13. 13. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 13
    14. 14. Campaign Ingredient 4 Focus on persona Pain + Gain @DaveChaffey #SMM13 14
    15. 15. Support prospects on a journey @DaveChaffey #SMM13 15
    16. 16. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 16
    17. 17. Investment criteria?  Rev/visit  Demand+ lead gen  Amplify  Brand fit  SEO  Longevity  Authority/Thought Leadership  Individual pain points?  Repurposeability  Risk/reward Defining priorities for investment? @DaveChaffey #SMM13 17
    18. 18. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 18
    19. 19. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 19
    20. 20. Campaign Ingredient 5 Don’t forget to build in SEO still Moz Ranking Factors Autumn 2013 @DaveChaffey #SMM13 20
    21. 21. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 21
    22. 22. Campaign ingredient 6? @DaveChaffey #SMM13 22
    23. 23. Give your campaign momentum, inertia! @DaveChaffey #SMM13 23
    24. 24. Campaign momentum @DaveChaffey #SMM13 24
    25. 25. Campaign ingredient 7 - Repurposing Social Networks PDF Direct social messages Slideshare Email Long form interviews Blog Single images Search All Content & Promotions Consider:    @DaveChaffey Contribute Download Subscribe Share Attend Conference “Findability” “Engagement” “Shareability” #SMM13 25
    26. 26. One Clever Question You're a secret agent on a mission and you're having a rendezvous with your agency contact after pulling a dangerous undercover operation. You now have a coveted secret. A content marketing secret. What secret for achieving success with content marketing will you share? The content marketing world depends on it! @DaveChaffey #SMM13 26
    27. 27. Key campaign ingredient 8? @DaveChaffey #SMM13 27
    28. 28. Segment and target your influencers @DaveChaffey #SMM13 28
    29. 29. Campaign ingredient 9 Paid – Owned – Earned integration @DaveChaffey #SMM13 29
    30. 30. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 30
    31. 31. Ingredient 10 – Keep It Real Time – Jump on a meme @DaveChaffey #SMM13 31
    32. 32. Test approaches. Be Agile. @DaveChaffey #SMM13 32
    33. 33. Let’s Connect! Questions & discussion welcome  Blog  Feeds  Email Newsletter 2013691 @DaveChaffey #SMM13 33