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Discussion questions for study and use with EnglishCentral videos - to learn and teach English.

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  • * Good afternoon and thank you for coming. I’m Travis Millman, VP of Product at EnglishCentral.
    I’m going to be talking about the power of authentic media immersion and what we’re doing to help English language learners and their teachers take advantage of it.
    Before we get started, though, I’d like to get a sense of the audience so I can best tune my comments:
    - How many of you have heard of EnglishCentral?
    - How many have ever tried it for yourself?
    - How many have used it with Students?
    OK, great. Looks like a clean slate OR
    Super. I’ll focus on some of our newest elements and will be sure to leave time for questions and open discussion
  • Discuss it

    1. 1. Discuss It!
    2. 2. Read it or See it? 1. Do you prefer reading a book or watching a movie? Why? 2. Can you think of a book which was made into a movie? Was it better as a movie? 3. Which do you usually like more, the book or the movie version? 4. Are some books impossible to make as a movie? Why? 5. Do you think one day people will stop reading books and just watch movies? Key Words: co-write mediocre ambition masterpiece fulfill genre
    3. 3. Do you have a dream? 1. What is your dream? 2. Do you think black people in America are now equal? 3. What inequality do you see in your country? 4. What can people do to correct injustice in their country? Key Words: despair valley root creed hold wallow
    4. 4. Climbing Mt. Everest? 1. Have you ever climbed a mountain? Which? 2. Have you ever wanted to explore? What would you do? 3. Do you think anyone can climb Mt. Everest? 4. Many people die climbing Mt. Everest. Do you think they should stop people from climbing it? How should it be controlled? Key Words: Heaven sink amaze boot top climb
    5. 5. Video Game Addicts? 1. Have you played this game? If so, what do you think about it? 2. What is your favorite part of this game? Why? 3. Do you think some people play video games too much? 4. What happens when people are addicted to video games? Key Words: offbeat debut bizarre spread addict device
    6. 6. Ever been bullied? 1. Were you ever bullied? Were you a bully? How do you feel about it? 2. Why do you think people bully others? What are some ways? 3. Why do you think Lady Gaga felt "awkward" when someone said the "tables have turned"? 4. What can we do to help stop bullying or cyberbullying? Suggest some things to do? Key Words: Awkward honest request vengeful spirit apology
    7. 7. American or British English? 1. What other differences are there between Br. and Am. English? 2. Do you have a preference? Which one is correct? 3. Where in the world do they speak Am. English? Br. English? Why is this? 4. Should we make laws so English can be standardized and simplified? Would it work? Key Words: trousers pavement lift chips pick up
    8. 8. What makes a crazy record? 1. If you could go for a world record, which would you try to set 2. What kind of world record is "crazy"? Name some. 3. Do you own a Guinness Book of World Records? 4. Why do people try to set a Guinness World Record? 5. Name some records that you think are in the book. Check your answers later. Key Words: unique bunch blow up bore beat discover
    9. 9. Are good grades important? 1. Are grades important? Why? 2. Do you think grades show how smart you are? 3. In your opinion, what should be changed about how we grade students? 4. What subjects did you get good grades in? Why? Key Words: graduate purpose success grammar "good grief"
    10. 10. Is war necessary? 1. Have you ever had a bad dream or nightmare? What was it about? 2. Why does this man have sleepless nights and bad dreams? 3. Was the man right to kill the other man? What would you have done? 4. Does war make good people into bad people? How can we stop wars? Key Words: surrender crawl gun field knock down
    11. 11. What are you thankful for? 1. Why is life difficult for disabled people? 2. What message did you take from his speech? 3. List things you can do. List things you can't. What things on the second list can you change? 4. How can we help disabled people in our society and make them equal? 5. What would you say to this man if you met him? Key Words: freak out bottom obvious concentrating sum up
    12. 12. Are families changing? 1. What is your favorite childhood memory? 2. Do you think family life has changed since Gates was young? How? 3. What are you going to do with family this summer? Do you have a tradition? 4. Should work or time come first with family? Which is your priority? Key Words: comfort tradition memory predict significant
    13. 13. Are online friends “friends”? 1. How many online friends do you have? How many in real life? 2. Can a person have too many friends? What's the right number of friends to have? 3. What information would you share with a friend but not others? 4. What makes an online friend different than one in real life? Key Words: relate poke status dude comment
    14. 14. Do you have too much stuff? 1. Do you have a lot of stuff that you never use? What? 2. Do you know where your _______ comes from? 3. Why do people buy so much “stuff”? 4. How can we get more people practicing the 3 Rs? (reduce, recycle, reuse) 5. How many more years can we continue to make so much stuff? Key Words: definite govern consumption corporate dispose
    15. 15. Ever bought a fake? 1. Have you ever been to a "fake" store? 2. Do you think this is a problem and the police should close the store? 3. Have you ever bought something counterfeit? How do you feel about it? 4. In what cases is it okay to copy/remix/share and in what cases not? Key Words: fake gadget manicure property deceive employee
    16. 16. Keep In Touch teachers@englishcentral.com