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Why Use EnglishCentral?


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Learn about the approach and pedagogy behind EnglishCentral and why it is the world leading platform for English language students and teachers.

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Why Use EnglishCentral?

  1. 1. Why Use EnglishCentral At Your School?
  2. 2. For SchoolsFor Schools
  3. 3. Why EnglishCentral?
  4. 4. “I think about ninety percent of the problem in teaching, or maybe ninety-eight percent, is just to help the students get interested.” Noam Chomsky Stephen Krashen “The best methods are therefore those that supply ‘comprehensible input’ in low anxiety situations, containing messages that students really want to hear.” “Learning from context is so important that some studies suggest that first language learners learn most of their vocabulary in this way.” Paul Nation Our Philosophy
  5. 5. Engaging, authentic media Scaffolding Noticing Diagnostic speech feedback Game dynamics Personalized Language Learning
  6. 6. Watch | Learn | Speak | QuizOur Approach:
  7. 7. • The largest library of authentic, leveled language learning videoThe largest library of authentic, leveled language learning video contentcontent • Over 100 structured courses:Over 100 structured courses: Academic, Career, Business, Travel, Social and Media EnglishAcademic, Career, Business, Travel, Social and Media English • All content leveled to global standardsAll content leveled to global standards Our Content Partners Content and Curriculum
  8. 8.  9,000+ authentic video lessons  50 new video lessons added / week Business English 13 topics 1075 videos Travel English 9 topics 1074 videos Social English 17 topics 1752 videos Media English 13 topics 1652 videos Career English 6 topics 297 videos Academic English 5 topics 623 videos Engagement: Authentic Video Lessons
  9. 9. Rewards system Competitive Ranking  Get rewards for every line of speech  Make progress by your study efforts  View your ranking by country, by class, by time  Improve ranking as you study more Engagement: Game Dynamics
  10. 10. “What learners notice in input is what becomes intake for learning.” - Schmidt, (1995) EnglishCentral makes you notice and bridge the gap to enable understanding Bridging The Gap: Pedagogy
  11. 11.  WATCH – our player with scaffolding tools helps boost learning and understanding In-Context Word Definition by 1 click Optional Caption Bridging The Gap: Scaffolding Tools
  12. 12.  SPEAK - compare you speech at the sentence & word level, analysis at phoneme level Bridging The Gap: Speech Feedback
  13. 13. EnglishCentral allows you to make the most progress at your appropriate level Students who spend time working with the target language at their appropriate level, make the most progress. Personalized Learning: Pedagogy
  14. 14. Students choose the topics they like 100+ courses 9,000+ videos  Filter by topic, by level, by popularity  Favorite your videos for later study  Build your own word list  Recommendations based on your interest Personalized Learning: Student Interest
  15. 15. EnglishCentral enables you to master words by reviewing them at spaced time intervals Review the words at spaced time intervals enables the learner to achieve long-term, instant-recall ability. Vocabulary Acquisition
  16. 16. Quiz the word Quiz 5 Times Mastere d The word waits until next review Vocabulary Acquisition Spaced Repetition
  17. 17. (5: strongly agree, 4: agree, 3: no opinion, 2: disagree, 1: strongly disagree) EnglishCentral rates far above 9 other online providers #1 With Students
  18. 18. In 10 weeks, students following EnglishCentral’s program improve their speaking by 8 percentiles against their L1 peers Improvement: It Works
  19. 19. • Assessment: Pearson Versant Evaluation Test1 – 200 Japanese university freshman used EC over a 14 week period – Students evaluated before and after to compare the amount of studying at EC and the increase VET scores • Conclusions – Students who studied more than 42 hours increased their Versant score by 7 points 1: A 15-minute spoken English test for adults 3rd Party Validation
  20. 20. What Teachers Say I personally think it’s the best site period for English language learners. It provides listening, speaking, and reading practice — all in an extremely engaging way. -Larry Ferlazzo Websites Of The Day