Library Outreach Game


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This is an interactive game played with "clickers". The first page is hyper-text linked to the question slides. Suggestions & comments are welcome!

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Library Outreach Game

  1. 1. Need a Where Library Just the Hand? is it? Lingo Facts 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4
  2. 2. Librarians can help you: a) Type your papers b) Find movies, books & music c) Get applications for college d) A&B e) B&C What is E?
  3. 3. You can get homework help for FREE at the Tomball library. a) True b) False TRUE! Tue & Thr 4-6 (MATH for Grades 6-12)
  4. 4. If you’re at home and you need help you can: a) Call the reference desk b) Email the reference desk c) Chat with a librarian online d) Forget about it e) A, B & C What is E ?
  5. 5. When using the library catalog to find a book , this type of search will yield the most results: a) Keyword Search b) Desperate Search c) Title Search d) Gov Doc Number Search What is a Keyword Search?
  6. 6. Where is it?
  7. 7. You need this to find books on the library shelf: a) Call number b) A lot of nerve c) Barcode d) ISBN What is a Call Number?
  8. 8. This is where you go at Tomball College to take tests like the GED, Compass, Asset and CLEP. a) Circulation Desk b) Financial Aid Office c) Assessment Center d) Reference Desk Where is the Assessment Center?
  9. 9. You can get help with citing your sources here: a) Online Research Guides b) MLA Handbook c) Almanacs d) a librarian e) A, B & D What is E?
  10. 10. Books and movies requested through the library catalog can be picked up at the Drive-Thru Window. a) True b) False What is TRUE?
  11. 11. Library Lingo
  12. 12. Reference books & instructional media can only be used in the library. a) True b) False What is “TRUE” ?
  13. 13. In Databases you can find: a) Newspapers b) Magazines & Journals c) Diaries d) Avg. number of sunny days in Forks, Washington e) All of the Above What is “All of the Above”?
  14. 14. With a library card you can: a) Check out books & magazines b) Search for articles from home c) Check out CDs d) A, B & C What is D ?
  15. 15. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service which allows you to borrow ______ from libraries all over the country: a) School supplies b) Electronic games c) Books & articles d) Computers & laptops What is Books & articles?
  16. 16. Just the Facts
  17. 17. Which website should you NOT use for research: a) b) c) LoneStar/ d) What is ?
  18. 18. The number of books, videos, music, and magazines in our library systems. a) 17,000 b) 100,000 c) 3 million d) 4 (and 2 are missing) What is 3 million?
  19. 19. This lets you search our magazines & journals from home: a) Library Card number b) Department Access Code c) Credit Card number d) The Force What is a Library card number?
  20. 20. On Thursday nights in the computer lab you can: Movie Night a) Surf the web Thursday 7-9 b) Watch a movie c) learn to knit d) A & B e) B & C What is D?
  21. 21. Credits • Adapted for Lone Star College-Tomball Community Library • Original game by Merv Griffin, MGM Studios • “Spine Labels” photo by Anne Heathen. Used with permission.