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Professional Photoshop Effects


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Published in: Design, Art & Photos, Technology
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Professional Photoshop Effects

  1. 1. Professional Photoshop Effects by Elliot Jay Stocks
  2. 2. Professional Photoshop Effects 1. Creating a richly textured background image Texture vs. colour Texture used subtley How to choose or take photographs for use as textures How to manipulate photographs for use as textures Speed up your texturising workflow by creating reusable brushes
  3. 3. Professional Photoshop Effects 2. Creating your own custom brushes Why use brushes? Painting and erasing with the default set Why make your own? How customisation leads to creative freedom Selecting photographs to turn into brushes The brush-making process Improving your brushes: when to use bitmapping Sharing your brushes
  4. 4. Professional Photoshop Effects 3. Making the most of PNG transparency The PNG format and transparency levels explained Using semi-transparent backgrounds Making the most of the alpha channel Techniques outside the obvious
  5. 5. Professional Photoshop Effects 4. Better ways to use typography Where to find fonts How to use the character palette to achieve great results with only core fonts Creative type effects with simple embellishments How to take type customisation to the next level with other apps
  6. 6. Professional Photoshop Effects 5. How to avoid design clichés What is 'The Web 2.0 Look'? When to embrace and when to avoid current trends Experimental design and thinking outside the box Putting radical design into everyday practice
  7. 7. Professional Photoshop Effects 6. Moving from Photoshop to XHTML & CSS Setting up a layout grid Optimising images for the web Overlaying a fixed logo (leading on from the PNG section) Working with 'sprites' for image-based navigation
  8. 8. Professional Photoshop Effects 7. Open session Attendees are welcome to ask about other techniques they'd like to learn Five techniques will be looked at in this final part of the workshop
  9. 9. Thank you! Questions? Feedback?