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The Story of 8 Faces


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Slides from Elliot's talk at 2010's Brooklyn Beta

Published in: Design
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The Story of 8 Faces

  1. 1. " 1 The Story of 8 Faces J By Elliot Jay Stocks
  2. 2. J‘ A The Story of 8 Faces I’ (or, Things I’ve Learned From Doing Something I Didn’t Have a Bloody ’ Clue About) By Elliot Jay Stocks %5
  3. 3. I Can’t Teach You Anything
  4. 4. I'_, ,,. r Timeline of Production
  5. 5. .. ' . , , 1 I 3;. ti {Ll Ll 1-LL: J27. 8F‘““: ve vf . _on_ I mx»Jl= :l. ‘tt, :37.: '.tn: A I realise it's been quite a while since I announced the coming ofmy magazine project 8 Faces, and I thought it was time to post a quick update. It's taken a long while to come together (which is inevitable for a side project that only receives the odd week here and there) but the wait is almost over: it's being printed as we speak and will be released in around two weeks from now. Blog Portfolio Speaking Publication About Contact Fusion Ads Download Gourmet Live on j your iPad to begin LIVE experiencing food culture today. POWERED by FUSION Recent Comments: Rob Jones said: “Bought : -)" Jason said: “This should be a sexy little number — congratulations! My browser has been trained on. . . ” Mark Forsman said: “With pre-orders starting . .. ... ... ... .. I4l . ... ... ... .. . ... .1.. . _-: ... .-)'n. ... ..I. ..
  6. 6. Selling Out (Soul Still Relatively Intact) You are averaging a copy sold every 2.94 secozrids
  7. 7. The After-Sales -Strugglesupport
  8. 8. Turni a Pt roiect Into a Real Business
  9. 9. Thank You Photo Credits: Brian Hoff —brianho}7‘. net Rajesh Pancholi— uk (mt) Media Temple —mediatemple. net Me —el1iotjaystocks. com