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Join eFolder partner Helen Moss from BIS as she shares how to build a successful lunch and learn marketing program.

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  • Hello. My name is Ted Hulsy. I am Vice President of Marketing at eFolder and your host for today’s event.Welcome to the eFolder Partner Chats. This webinar series brings together leading eFolder partners for business oriented discussions.Today we are joined by Helen Moss of BIS. In just a moment, I will further introduce Helen.
  • Before we go through the agenda, let’s cover a few house keeping items.Today’s session is being recorded. The recorded version of the webinar will be made available on eFolder’s YouTube channel. We will also make copies of the slides available to those who attended the event.With over 120 people registered for today’s session, we have put all participants in listen only mode. You can enjoy the audio portion of today’s event by either streaming it your computer or by dialing in over the phone. Questions are strongly encouraged throughout. We have planned a special Q&A section at end of today’s discussion, but you may submit as we go along and we will try to address your questions on the fly.First, helen will explain why Lunch and Learns work and how she measures them. Then she will explain how she gets the right people to show up and what to do when they get there. Lastly, we will have plenty of time for your questions during the Q&A section.
  • Now let me introduce today’s guest:Helen Moss is Marketing Director of Business Information Solutions, an MSP in with headquarters in Roberstdale Alabama, and two other locations in Mobile and Bay Minette. Helen has over ten years of experience in promotional management and marketing; she worked in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chattanooga before returning to her home state of Alabama to work for BIS. Helen is passionate about people, education and marketing and has volunteered as a soccer coach, a teacher in the Fairhope Educational Foundation and for various Chambers of Commerce. She rides a Harley on weekends, lives with “the best dog in the world” and her husband and they are expecting their first child in February.Helen, thanks for joining us and welcome.
  • If eFolder sounds right for you, contact us today. Qualifying VARs, solution providers, and MSPs can try any eFolder service at no cost.Thank you for joining us.
  • Now for a few comments on our various service offerings. The eFolderAppAssure Cloud service is our immediate and biggest joint business opportunity. Developed by eFolder and AppAssure together over the past nine months, this service adds cloud replication and cloud recovery to the power of AppAssure software. This service delivers an end-to-end solution to SMBs and the partners serving this market.eFolderShadowProtect BDR has been shipping for nearly two years and combines bare-metal backup software, a local appliance for storage and server virtualization, and the power of the eFolder Cloud.eFolder Backup is the company’s first offering and supports anytime, anywhere cloud backup for business-class endpoints.And lastly, the eFolder Continuity Cloud delivers our partners the ability to recover server images or files to an ondemand compute node in the eFolder Cloud, enabling them to deliver business continuity services to their clients.
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  • eFolder Partner Chat_How to Do Lunch and Learns

    1. 1. Postcard Examples1 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    2. 2. Feeding Prospects, Getting Clients:A Proven Marketing Technique forIT Service Organizations Ted Hulsy VP of Marketing, eFolder 415-235-6087 ehulsy@efolder.net Helen Moss BIS Marketing Director hmoss@askbis.com
    3. 3. Agenda• Introductions• Feeding Prospects, Getting Clients: – Why Do It? Value and ROI – How To Promote It – What to Do When They Get There• Q&A3 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    4. 4. eFolder Partner Marketing Director: Helen Moss4
    5. 5. Why Lunch and Learns? Why Event Marketing?  79% of business owners rank events as important to their business  The blend: old-school plus new = results.  Build trust and value. Groups further validate the information exchanged. Lunch and Learn ROI  Toss out the bottom line for a few minutes and think about the value of a new client  Results come from consistency5 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    6. 6. Getting the Right People to Come Qualify and invite prospects.  Postcards  Press  Email  Social Channels  Phone calls You have to invite them or they won’t come…  That means personally  Team effort: sales, call center, field techs, marketing, accounting…6 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    7. 7. Invitation Example 1 Focus on Problems and Solutions not Product7 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    8. 8. Invitation Example 2 Don’t sell Do inform8 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    9. 9. Postcard Examples9 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    10. 10. Simple Registration• Use an automated Registration program such as Eventbrite or Constant Contact:10 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    11. 11. Optimizing Attendance It’s a “Numbers Game”:  Use a CRM  Have a List  Build your List  Refine your List  To get one qualified attendee you will need to invite and re-invite at least 10 qualified prospects11 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    12. 12. Timeline and Countdown, Weeks 8-4:12 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    13. 13. Timeline and Countdown, Weeks 3-1:13 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    14. 14. Venue Pointers Relaxation14 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    15. 15. Venue Pointers 2 Focus15 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    16. 16. What To Do When They Get There Content  What are you great at right now?  What’s hot in the market right now?  Think seasonal, think local (like produce)  Surveys are key to effective follow-up16 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    17. 17. Topics That have Worked for BIS Best Practices of Data Backups and the Importance of Business Continuity Internet Marketing & SEO for Success… Should You Take Your Business to the Cloud? VOIP for the Small Business17 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    18. 18. General Marketing Materials Have general materials available for prospects to take with them18 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    19. 19. Follow –through:Capitalize on results:  Stay in touch  Use survey results to further qualify  Sort to determine appropriate contact strategies and tactics  Offer webinars and demos to attendees as well as to those interested who could not attend19 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    20. 20. Measures of Success Keep Records  Note who had registered , who has attended and who has expressed interest  Cross reference with sales results  Remember: results are cumulative; consistency pays20 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    21. 21. Contact Us Phone: 800-352-0248 Email: info@efolder.net Web: efolder.net Blog: efolder.net/blog/ Twitter: twitter.com/eFolder21 © 2011 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    22. 22. Q&A
    23. 23. Appendix
    24. 24. eFolder cloud data protection services Image Replication and Storage Local Storage and AppAssure CoreeFolder Cloud for AppAssure Image Backup BDR Appliance On-site VirtualizationeFolder BDR for ShadowProtect File / folder Backup eFolder Backup for Files Cloud Recovery as a Service eFolder Continuity Cloud 24 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR REDISTRIBUTION © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    25. 25. eFolder cloud security services Spam Quarantine Admin Console Users Mail Server Third Parties Outbound eFolder Outbound Inbound Inbound Security Cloud eFolder Email Security Anti-virus Anti-spam25 STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR REDISTRIBUTION © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.