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eFolder shared details on the eFolder Continuity Cloud with HTG 50+ and was joined by eFolder Partner Carl Mazzanti with eMazzanti who talked about the response to Hurricane Sandy.

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  • Organizations have to defend against three kinds of business interruptions:First, everyday disasters are incredibly common. Hardware failures, especially disk drive failures, occur all the time. Users delete or lose files. Corrupted software installs are common. Human error is a key contributor to everyday disasters.Natural disasters or site-wide disasters are far less common. They do happen however and the consequences for a business can be deadly. Fire or property insurance always seems like a needless expense, until you need it. The same goes for backup and disaster recovery preparedness. In some parts of the country – say in the Gulf Coast or in Tornado Alley – the likelihood of a site wide disaster is even higher. Most businesses can not survive the complete loss of their critical business data. If customer records, financials and accounting records are completely lost, most businesses would have a hard time recovering from such an event. Lastly, businesses need to guard against any kind of system downtime. In today’s competitive market, the fast eat the slow. Businesses can’t afford for their employees to be down, out of touch, or unproductive. Servers, workstations, and mobile assets need to operate at peak performance so knowledge workers, salespeople, engineers, and support personnel can get their day to day jobs done well. If disasters do occur, recovery has to be fast and complete.And you need to guarantee that the commitments or service agreements you have in place can be met or exceeded. The key to managed services is a chain of promises to clients about performance, uptime, and resiliency, in exchange for a flow of monthly revenue from these clients. When something does go wrong with the clients servers or infrastructure, you need to ensure that you can recover quickly and completely, without fail.
  • If eFolder sounds right for you, contact us today. Qualifying VARs, solution providers, and MSPs can try any eFolder service at no cost.Thank you for joining us.
  • HTG Lunch and Learn, eFolder Continuity Cloud

    1. 1. HTG Lunch and LearneFolder Continuity CloudTed HulsyVP of Marketing, eFolder678-888-0700
    2. 2. Business Continuity Needs Today Data protection for Cloud protection for everyday disasters site-wide disasters Fast recovery to keep organizations productive and thriving2 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    3. 3. eFolder Cloud Data Protection Services Image Replication and Storage BDR ApplianceeFolder BDR for AppAssure Image Backup BDR ApplianceeFolder BDR for ShadowProtect File / folder BackupeFolder Backup for Files Cloud Recovery as a ServiceeFolder Continuity Cloud 3 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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    5. 5. How to Make Money• Premium SLA on BDR installs – Drive higher monthly recurring revenue with a premium SLA for select clients• Emergency Cloud Recovery Service – Charge $1,000+ per week for emergency, as needed cloud recovery for clients• Quarterly or Annual Testing – Periodically spin up the Continuity Cloud for image testing and validation; complement on-the-appliance tests5 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Right Reserved.
    6. 6. eFolder Continuity Cloud PricingItems One time charge Fixed, Variable, Monthly Price Monthly PriceContinuity Cloud, med When needed, $XXX/week $0 $0 - Call for pricingContinuity Cloud, large When needed, $XXX/week $0 $0 - Call for pricing6 © 2012 eFolder, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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