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Eder International is a Sales Development Consultancy company focused on Sales Outsourcing Services and Interim Management

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Ed er corporate_2012_en

  1. 1. Corporate presentation 2012 E. Rovida When E. Alcaraz When Partnership Matters14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 1
  2. 2. When partnership matters Who we are Eder International is a Sales Development Consultancy company focused on Sales Outsourcing Services and Interim Management. We help our customers extend their Business worldwide in a Cost-Efficient way, without the need of elevated investments in local infrastructures. We help companies from inside and outside Europe to increase sales and expand their businesses worldwide. We are able to do this thanks to our commitment, our huge network of contacts and our professional experience. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 2
  3. 3. When partnership matters OUR PRESENCE Eder International Solutions is located in Madrid (HQ), Milan, Munich, Paris and Porto Alegre (Brazil) Our presence is spread internationally thanks to a selected network of contacts and partners 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 3
  4. 4. When partnership matters Our OperatIon Areas 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 4
  5. 5. When partnership matters Our services What we do… How we do… EdEr International is a cost saving oriented Sales Executives Recruitment company. Services All service schemes are focused on costs Sales Training Programs reduction: Salary, resources, travelling and Networking Services Infrastructures are just an example. Market Assessment Services created to access to multiple markets in a short time, we participate in Competitive Analysis the preparation and in the execution of your International Partners Selection sales activities saving time in the operations thanks to expert sales executives Sales Operations Coordination prepared to be operative in a short time. Organization of Marketing Campaign Thanks to our Management outsourcing, we eliminate the need of building a sales Representatives in Exibitions infrastructure. Only when the time is right and the benefits justify the investment, we help our customers build their own. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 5
  6. 6. When partnership matters SECTORS portfolio IM Interim Management SO Sales Outsourcing CF Corporate Financing I Internationalization SP Special Projects 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 6
  7. 7. When partnership matters Interim IM MAnagement There are clear advantages that make Interim Management be more and more popular and profitable for companies and consequently its use more common: Quick Hiring Costs flexibility External talent during a limited time Excellence Effectiveness Experience We help our customers to overcome high growth periods, organization change, Turn Around, Change Management. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 7
  8. 8. When partnership matters SALES SO Outsourcing In the current economic climate, the unprecedented market conditions and the need to quickly change have obliged companies to seek solutions that allow them to cut costs but increase their activities related to their core business. Eder International offers its outsourcing services as a trusted partner. According to "Dun & Bradstreet" Outsourcing of Marketing and Sales will be multiplied by five within the next few years. Business Development Processes Marketing Processes Sales Processes 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 8
  9. 9. When partnership matters Corporate CF financing What we do… How we do… Corporate Finance EdEr International is a partner of JBI Corporate Finance M&A JBI Corporate Finance offers advice on strategy, Corporate Restructuring facilitating mergers and acquisitions or monitoring Corporate Planning the market to find opportunities for their clients. Financing Solutions Property dealing services involves managing, sale and purchase of commercial and residential Corporate Property Property. Moreover, we also help our clients Property Asset Managemet through the necessary paper work and legal and tax Property investment documentation for ensuring hassle-free. Keeping and building corporate wealth means the Corporate Asset companies have to focus on the management of Wealth Planning the corporate asset. Asset Protection Our aim is to increase the corporate assets value: buildings, intellectual properties, trademarks, equity portfolio, credits and cash. This process starts from the definition of short and medium-long term corporate aims and with the definition of the financial structure – equity and liabilities- of the company. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 9
  10. 10. When partnership matters InternaTionalizatION I We take full advantage from the usage of global networking tools. Apart from having offices in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Brazil, we have a network of partners worldwide. Eder International can guide a companys internationalization process in a controlled and safe way A company that wants to invest abroad has to choose where to do it according to their market research, keeping in mind that sales activities and after-sales services shouldn’t be separated. A minimum structure must be implemented in order to develop / follow business opportunities and provide technical assistance once the product is sold. To manage investment and operational costs is necessary to establish strategic partnership with local companies. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 10
  11. 11. When partnership matters Setup OF Sales CHANNELS AND I SERVICES Back End Front End Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity R+D Services EDER Opportunity Opportunity Competence Centers Sales Opportunity For a company, establishing a business in a country it’s important to have a continuous Value Services Added interaction between its various departments, Resellers EDER and local partners / representatives to provide the best support to existing and potential customers Sales Agents Market Analists 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 11
  12. 12. When partnership matters PartnerIng P programs Local Sales Program: a FLEXIBLE Commercial Program for products and/or Services in a national environment. P Global Sales Program: A commercial program specifically a created for extending sales activities to an international r t environment. Belong to this division: n Follow Me®: A flexible commercial program tailored for e r Spanish companies willing to establish a commercial network i abroad or foreigner companies planning to invest in Spain. n g OSO®: OverSeas Operations, a wider program than Follow Me. Consists in a complete sales service (post-sales, training, on site commercial staff establishment, etc.) 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 12
  13. 13. When partnership matters Local sales P Program Local Sales Program is a modular commercial service, especially designed for sales activities performed in a Country and covering all the sales process cycle. Initially our experts study with the customer products and/or services selected to be part of the program. Activities of this process: Analyze the needs satisfied by the service/product Segments Objective Geographic coverage (Possible customer concentration) Customer Sales objectives Actual customer Sales Force Starting from this information, the owner of the program belonging to the executive board of EdEr International, evaluates with the customer the details. In the next stage EdEr International will develop a proposal including a recommendation on the scale our service level. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 13
  14. 14. When partnership matters Local sales P PROGRAM Service coverage is modeled based on the demands and/or needs of the customer and the information obtained during the analysis phase. Our services are modular because each customer is unique. 1.a 2. Definition of the externalization grade of the services: Development of a sales plan Generate Sales or Distribution channels Dedicated Sales Force Training to Customer’s commercial personnel Starting from the service configuration EdEr International and the customer define jointly a concrete sales strategy . The dedicated Sales Force of EdEr International will vary depending on the coverage objectives and the service coverage. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 14
  15. 15. When partnership matters Local sales P PROGRAM The Local Sales program is a complete commercial service, designed specifically for “in Country” activities. The resources we use for increasing sales are the results of a combination of conventional and last generation models. Personal Networking (lobbying) On-Line Networking (LinkedIn, Xing, etc.) On-Line Sales (EdEr website) Mobile advertising Events Organization Fairs Participation Cooperation with Associations and Chambers of Commerce Mailings Sales Agents Network Furthermore the methods we use are transparent for our customers and are adopted depending on their needs. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 15
  16. 16. When partnership matters Global sales PROGRAM P I The Global Sales Program is a complete commercial service, designed specifically for international activities. Its contents extend to the complete sales and post-sales international activities. After a preliminary study of selected products and/or services covering the program, a market analysis phase is following focused on the interested Countries. Activities of this process: Define the needs satisfied by the service/product in the market Geo-marketing and objective segments Geographic coverage Customer Sales targets Actual Customer Sales Force Sales Force in the Countries of interest Follow up of commercial contracts Training of Customer Sales Force in the Countries of interest In the next stage Eder International will develop a proposal including a recommendation on the scale our service level. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 16
  17. 17. When partnership matters Follow me P I Follow Me © program has been created to offer a flexible and well structured sales program to foreigner enterprises which want to invest abroad, towards customized sales channels. Thanks to its international staff, the huge network of contacts and the proved experience in international operations, EdEr International can offer the best support in different Countries. Follow Me © program is based on few simple steps that, once followed, will assure a fast time to market and a consequent quick ROI. EdEr International operates in different fields and can assure an extended network of sales contacts: Human Resources, SAP applications, Banks, Mobile and Fixed Operators, Health, SW and Project Engineering, Multimedia are just a small example. Due to its generated sales volume, EdeEr International offer can be really competitive. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 17
  18. 18. When partnership matters overseas operations P I The OSO OverSeas Operations © program has been created for offering a wider sales program than follow me but maintaining the fundamental characteristics of flexibility and structure. In addition to the Follow Me activities, OSO adds all the operative processes of the post-sales phase. Between them we can underline: Local sales structure creation in the Countries of interest using a specific skilled personnel selection Training of the customer sales force. Operation Partners selection for the project deployment (Installation services, Technical assistance, Repair and Return) Logistics and demand plan. Customers who decide to contract this service, will have the possibility to build an operative and lasting structure, organized using the most effective rules of costs optimization and scalability. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 18
  19. 19. When partnership matters professional managed srvices P I Management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations. Thanks to the technical experience of the founders and his Service Partners, EdEr International can afford a 360° scenario of IT and Telco Services worldwide. PROMS © program is a tailored set of activities performed by high level professionals able to work into project deployment environment characterized by complexity, fast schedule, cost control and top quality in execution. PROMS © is a standalone program which could be easily integrated in other EdEr International services. OSO is an example where Sales Activities are strictly linked to Managed Services and where PROMS perfectly fits. Design Project Optimization Installation and commissioning Technical Assistance Logistic Maintenance CRM 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 19
  20. 20. When partnership matters Special SP PRojects Smart Cities Thanks to its technologic partnerships, EdEr International Solutions is participating in many projects focused on Next Generation Networks and particularly developed inside the so called Smart Cities Projects. We have experienced dedicated personnel who has been involved in different projects and able to cooperate in every phase, since the feasibility study, going trough the financials and economics, and ending with the implementation. 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 20
  21. 21. When partnership matters What’s new in 2012 e e Reference Program 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 21
  22. 22. When partnership matters Reference ProgramREFERENCE, its new consulting program created with selected partners and focusedon new strategies deployed inside an extended portfolio.REFERENCE represents the status of the art of a new concept in Sales and businessdevelopment enriched by a structured Finance approach and a corporate wealthprogram.Thanks to this initiative, EdEr International Solutions will offer Corporate Finance,Corporate Property and Corporate Asset services in addition to its well knownInternationalisation services.Nowadays is fundamental to know if a company can afford an internationalizationprocess, it’s the basis of success. That’s why It is very important to have a clear ideaof its financials, to know perfectly the limits of investments and if there is a need tofind strong partners.Today EdEr International Solutions through its program REFERENCE can support itspartners in a most complete way, evaluating in details all the aspects related to thedeployment of international business.We want to be a REFERENCE for our customers! 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 22
  23. 23. When partnership matters Our PARTNER ArcaIT is a company dedicated to consulting on telecommunications and information technology that, based on technological excellence and professionalism, provides services and world-class solutions. ArcaITs career as a provider of highly available environments and our networking expertise, make them an ideal partner for the implementation of robust environments for e-commerce activities and data centers, including highly available networks, distributed systems security and unified communications.  Network Design  Planning and integration  Technical Consulting  Installation  Project managemant  Trials and Pilot projects  Documentation  Technical Assistance 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 23
  24. 24. When partnership matters Our PARTNER 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 24
  25. 25. When partnership matters Contacts EDER International Solutions Calle Corazon de Maria 6 Piso 2 Oficina 3 28002, Madrid, Spain Ercole Rovida Eduardo Alcaraz Managing Director and Co-Founder Sales Director and Co-Founder e.rovida@ederinternational.com e.alcaraz@ederinternational.com www.ederinternational.com 14/02/2012 © 2012 EdEr International 25