Clark Dodsworth - Presentation at Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm 2011)


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  • For good context aware services, using our phone to both gather and deliver data, …We need to be sensing, sorting, and prioritizing many dimensions of personal context simultaneously -- physical proximities, time proximities, and all the daily priorities of your life. Then we need predictive ability to estimate what key elements of that data may be so important to you that you’ll want to know, NOW.Finally, we need the awareness of what you are doing, in what sort of physical environment and with whom, to be able to decide how best to deilver you the information. Could be audio, could be tactile, could be an alert followed by looking at a screen. But it’s VERY important that your device be able to deliver that data in the optimum medium at the right momemt to you, in a useful amount of detail, and NOT at the wrong time.To do this, it needs to learn you. A lot about your habits plans, and preferences, in a lot of layers. And it’s going to be another big, profitable facet of the disruptive impact of our mobile digital tools. Context aware tools need broadband highly parallel multimodal data sensing Fast powerful analyticsAnd hybrid means of delivering their conclusions to you, methods that constantly adapt to what’s best for you in the moment..
  • Fortunately we have models…for broadband data gathering, alertness, for anomaly identification and threat analysis, and for processing that information.Nature has been developing ways to simultaneously attend to many dimensions of one’s immediate environment, discard the irrelevant data, prioritize what’s left, and decide what to do NEXT, very quickly. We already do it ourselves. It’s called the Default Mode Network of the brain. Whenever we’re not on a task, it’s constantly evaluating our current situation, compariing it to all the history we’ve ever had, and deciding what possible things might be best to do next. We just need to find ways to do that with hardware. That’ll help a lot.
  • Many apps that haven’t even been developed yet will have to move into the OS, always functioning.Much more sensing must be going on, all the time. Your phone needs to know the shape of the room you’re in, how many light sources and people there are in it, who the people are, what trace elements are in the atmosphere, and how that changes over time, and Compared to the biological models, our tools are at a disadvantage; our emotions, for example, are adept at automatically finding important patterns based on our experience, and driving our reactions before we even know what’s happening, but tools need to calculate and approximate that --- very difficult. Then they need to be able to respond and notify us in ways that aren’t irritating, and that definition changes frequently every day. Big task, huge payoff.
  • Clark Dodsworth - Presentation at Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm 2011)

    1. 1.
    2. 2. The Value of NowPervasive Context+Hybrid Awareness<br />Clark Dodsworth<br />Product strategy, innovation + development<br />
    3. 3. Ambient Intelligence strategy Philips, ‘98<br />all photos: Philips<br />© 2002 Elmo Diederiks<br />
    4. 4. Alfred North Whitehead-(1861-1947)First context-aware tools theorist<br />“Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.”<br />------ …Context-aware services shouldn’t spike cognitive load.<br />
    5. 5. Context Awareness Timeline<br />Efficient power usage<br />Context-aware tools begin todisappear.<br />CALO project<br />Commercial aviation HUD<br />1st car HUD:Cutlass Supreme <br />1st Context Awareness paper<br />Rear-view <br />mirrors<br />Sailboat <br />tell-tales<br />US DoD air-combat testing<br />“Augmentedenvironments,” sensor nets <br />Startups & Acquisitions<br />Secretary invented<br />Siri founded<br />Now<br />2013<br />~1900<br />1970s<br />1974-8<br />1988<br />1992+<br />2003<br />2007<br />1994<br />?<br />Prehistory, soon after invention of the sail.<br />Horse<br />carriages<br />Schilit, Theimer, Want, & Adams<br />Tom Caudell &David Mizell<br />“UbiComp”:Mark Weiser<br />Sutherland/Sproull, ‘68: 1st HMDs<br />Hands-up displays<br />
    6. 6. The Value of Now<br />Contextual data<br />Constantscenariosupport<br />=<br />+<br />A.I.<br />
    7. 7. Reasons for Context Aware Mobile<br />1. Diversity of use cases / user.<br />2. User attention = scarce resource.<br /> Tool should learn the user.<br />Context awareness manages datadelivery:What,when, how much,what modality, what priority.<br />-------------------------------------------------------<br />Especially when not-to.<br />
    8. 8. Goal of Context Aware Mobile<br />Adaptively deliver info, hyper-personalized via n dimensions of user + environment states, with high space/time precision, without spiking your cognitive load.<br />Context + Personal Salience = Value<br />
    9. 9. Good context-aware services require:<br />1)High-speed, highly parallel hybrid inputs.2)Fast, highly adaptive hybrid analytics.3)Distributed, adaptive, hybrid display methods.<br />
    10. 10. Fortunately, we have models.<br />Ursi Spaltenstein<br />
    11. 11. The most important rule we can import from biology:Nature is Always On.The 2nd most important rule:Hybrid sensing & hybrid response.<br />
    12. 12. The hardware emulation:<br />Your phone is the hybrid Master Sensor for your life; everyone else’s phones help, all the time.<br />Together, they’re the platform for:<br />)<br />Augmented Reality<br />Pervasive computing<br />Context awareness<br />Semantic Web<br />Ubicomp&sensornets<br />Ambient Intelligence <br />Things that Think<br />Internet of Things<br />& Hyper-personalized services…<br />)<br />
    13. 13. Human Context-Aware Model:<br /> The Brain’s Default Mode Network<br />• Active only when the brain is notfocused on a particular task <br />• 2 linked brain areas:<br /> Empathy re: intent of others,-+ your own state awareness<br /> Personal memories + visualization of future scenarios<br />Scenario modeling<br />State & intent awareness<br />Brain photo: Omikron/photoresearchers Network overlay: Olaf Sporns/Indiana Univ. (modified by J. Korenblat) <br />
    14. 14. “It’s all about long-term, sustaining relationships.”<br /> -Alan Kay (2009), on the trend toward a service-based model.<br />Context Aware Services: long-term, sustaining,contextuallydynamic, hyperpersonalized-relationships between users & info services.<br />
    15. 15. Context Gathering<br />• Constant autodiscovery of data feeds & sensor feeds.<br />• Constant 2D & 3D feature I.D. and object recognition. <br />• Constant motion analysis + evaluation linked to object recognition.<br />• Constant indoor mapping, 2D & 3D: Ultrasonic& IR-sensing for position, spatialanalysis & modeling.<br />• Integrated gesture & speech recognition, plus voice ID.<br />• Constant audio + visual logging with visual & semantic tags.<br />
    16. 16. Context-Driven Use Case<br />Entertainment<br />Any licensed character: a useful buddy, a delivery method on top of context-aware, locational, hyper-personalized services. <br />The character behavior, persona, & animation: Character Skin.<br />
    17. 17. Diagram of SRI CALO- Siri- Apple- persona- whisper interface- your shell of protecting and selling your personal and behavioral context info, your relationships withcontext info brokers- your sensor inputs, - your sensor nets.<br />Genius Loci: <br />The whisper interface<br /><br />Genius Loci of all & every places is both yours and the cloud’s making<br />SRI International’s <br />CALO Project<br />All images © Chimera Design 2007-2008<br />
    18. 18. The Ad Hoc Value of Now<br />Ad hoc P2P mobile sensor networks, constantly re-forming and informing each other.<br />In each locale:<br />• Pooling realtime data <br />• Stored only in the swarm<br />• Hand-off & erase upon exiting<br />• Short-distance wireless<br />• No use of cloud or carriers<br />• Data tied to location<br />• Every phone<br />• Every moment<br />Duration of data retention on any device:<br />A function of # of devices transiting the defined area.<br />
    19. 19. The Ad Hoc Value of Now<br />Traffic info:<br />Carrier-based + internet<br />All images © Chimera Design 2007-2008<br />
    20. 20. The Ad Hoc Value of Now<br />Traffic info:<br />P2P Ad Hoc realtime locational networks<br />All images © Chimera Design 2007-2008<br />
    21. 21. Context Awareness<br />Efficiency & revenue from contextual salience<br />Normal Everyday Life<br />Data interchange standards.<br />Activityawareness & modeling.<br />Artificial intelligence permeates web svcs.<br />User monetization of personal data.<br />Constant personal scenario support<br />Autodiscovery:net services &sensor data<br />Integratedgesture & voice<br />Hyper-personalization,relationship mgmt.<br />Predictive analytics<br />Probabilistic data delivery. <br />Transparent Privacy protocols.<br />Better Security, Better Anonymity.<br />Devices & services improve with use.<br />Adaptive filtering of realtime data.<br />Scarce-resource mgmt.. <br />Data fusion. <br />Sensor datastream analytics.<br />Proximal Labs <br />SemantiStar, HeyZap<br />Your Name Here<br />Canesta, Apple/Siri Softkinetic, Nuance<br />Hunch, Gravity<br />Sense Networks<br />Corventis Pachube, Zebek<br />Qualcomm<br />My6sense, Gist<br />Aloqua, Xiam<br />© Clark Dodsworth<br />
    22. 22. ‘collaborative sensing’<br />
    23. 23. Context Players<br />Full package:<br />Devices,<br />Contextual info services,<br />Retail,<br />Contextbrokerage & monetization,<br />Support,<br />Billing…<br />Context Awareness<br /><br /><br /><br />CALO<br /> A.I.<br /><br /><br /><br />
    24. 24.<br />end OA logo<br />
    25. 25.
    26. 26. Context-driven Use Case: Entertainment<br /> First rule of theme parks:<br /> You bring the fun in with you - your friends-& family.<br /> • The attractions you pay for aren’t the experience.<br /> • Now, a new type of friend.<br />For as long as you want.<br />A licensed character becomes a useful buddy, a delivery method for context-aware, locational, hyper-personalized services. <br />c. Lynne LaCascia, all rights reserved<br />
    27. 27. Context-Aware Biological Model:<br /> The Brain’s Default Mode Network<br />Functions of consciousness:<br /> 1) Constantly evaluate surroundings (physical + human)<br /> 2) Constantly judge salience of each aspect of current situation in context of your needs<br /> 3) Constantly construct scenarios for next step<br />Parallel function of context-aware devices: <br /> Assess, select, shape, & deliver salient data (Device awareness augments user’s awareness)<br />History+current state= basis of decision for next state<br />
    28. 28. Dubailand AR project ’07-‘08 <br /><ul><li> Storytelling
    29. 29. Extension of attractions
    30. 30. Personal guide/friend
    31. 31. Contextuallycustomizedexperiences
    32. 32. Interaction with park elements
    33. 33. Wayfinding
    34. 34. Drill-down for information
    35. 35. Social networking: local & global
    36. 36. Database: each user’s interests
    37. 37. Game play on device & with others
    38. 38. Marketing: retail opportunities
    39. 39. Long-Term Relationship: “follow the visitor home”</li></ul>All images © Chimera Design 2007-2008<br />
    40. 40. Credits<br /><ul><li>First use of term, “context awareness: Schilit, B., Theimer, M. Disseminating Active Map Information to Mobile Hosts. IEEE Network, 8(5) (1994) 22-32
    41. 41. Schilit, Bill.; Adams, Norman; Want, Roy. Context-Aware Computing Applications. 1st International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications. (1994) 85-90
    42. 42. Default Mode Network paper: Gusnard, DA, Raichle, ME: “Searching for a baseline: the resting human brain from the perspective of functional imaging.” Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 2001</li></ul>• “iLamps: Geometrically Aware and Self-Configuring Projectors,” Rascar, et al. 2003<br /><ul><li>Commercial aviation HUD image courtesy Todd Lapin, cc
    43. 43. Photo of sail’s tell-tales courtesy Bill Gracey, cc
    44. 44. Modern helmet-mounted see-through display courtesy Rockwell-Collins: "SIM EYE SR100-A”
    45. 45. Theme park illustrations © Chimera Design, 2007-2009
    46. 46. Photo of Dubailand model © Lynne LaCascia, 2009
    47. 47. Photo of Alfred North Whitehead from</li></li></ul><li>Implementation<br />Contextual mobile broadband services assess, prioritize, & select data to support decisions<br /> • Realtime data mgmt. preserves-focus<br /> • Inverse Content Management System (ICMS)<br /> • Adaptive B2B & B2C service optimization ...the revenue<br />