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Mobile user experience conference 2009 - The rise of the mobile context


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This is the presentation I did during the Informa Mobile User Experience conference in London in 2009.

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Mobile user experience conference 2009 - The rise of the mobile context

  1. 1. Improving user experienceby leveraging the contextThe rise of the mobile sensors Florent Stroppa Product Director
  2. 2. About me• studied electronics, optics, computer science, network architecture and MEMS• joined the mobile scene 10 years ago and still passionate about it• not a graphic designer but a UX fanatic• work with UX designers, software engineers, product managers on projects ranging from Voice, SMS services to iPhone and Web apps
  3. 3. Which elements define the device user experience? An engineer perspective
  4. 4. What form it is?Mobile phones come in verydifferent form factors.While manufacturers arecontinually coming up with newdesigns, there are severalcommon categories which canbe identified.
  5. 5. How does it feel?• Is it heavy or light?• Is it cold or warm?• Does it have curves or straight lines?• Does it look expensive or cheap?• How does it sound?
  6. 6. Which input? • Does it have a keypad? • Does it have a keyboard? • Does it have a touch screen? • Does it have a trackball?
  7. 7. What is the UI philosophy?
  8. 8. How fast it is?• How long does it take to start an app?• How long does it take to make a call, take a picture?• How does it respond to user’s input?• How fast does it change screens?• How fast does it connect to the network?• What about network latency?
  9. 9. How smart it is?• Does it predict my input?• Does it predict my intent?• Does it know where I am and act upon it?• Does it do what I want to do?
  10. 10. While there have been strongimprovements in device design,operating systems, user interfaces,application development and networksit seems that...
  11. 11. Phones are still stupid
  12. 12. They are always with us,in the palm of our hands, in our pockets or purses but...
  13. 13. while I am speaking
  14. 14. while she’s driving
  15. 15. while he’s dancing
  16. 16. while he’s sleeping
  17. 17. They don’t know about it
  18. 18. This is improving...
  19. 19. Phones beginto behave differently based on...
  20. 20. orientation
  21. 21. location and directions
  22. 22. acceleration
  23. 23. This is not enough
  24. 24. Phones need to be aware of the context date, time, location, ambiance, our agenda and our relationship with others.
  25. 25. What is the context? Context Situation Personal Data PatternsDate and time Contacts Location Calendar Short-term Long-term Ambiance User Profile New contact Call logs Proximity Photos Search Messaging New locations Previous app uses Crowd pattern Crowd pattern Physical Social context Position Social networks Activity Local news State Global news
  26. 26. date and time• Date : day of week, week-end, holidays, seasons• Time : day or night, alarm clock• Mash-up with Calendar data
  27. 27. it’s not okay to be called
  28. 28. it’s okay to be called
  29. 29. Location• Current user location• Usual user location : home, office, home country• Contact location : time zone, weather, price of calls• Roaming: time zone, calling scheme
  30. 30. work or holidays?
  31. 31. doesn’t locate like work
  32. 32. Situation : ambiance• Sounds : noise level, noise pattern• Lights : light level, main colours• Motion : still, slow motion, running
  33. 33. sounds like a meeting
  34. 34. doesn’t sound like a meeting
  35. 35. contacts• Gender for contextual messages and contact picture• Mother tongue for predictive text and spell checking• Group: family, friends, colleagues, customers
  36. 36. events• Day events : meeting, business trip, conference call, reminders• Evening : home, outside• Inconsistencies between current location and expected location• Holidays
  37. 37. The enablers behindcontext-aware applications The rise of the mobile sensors
  38. 38. The enablers• Processing power• Mobile sensors• Apps running in background• Personal data synchronisation• Communication patterns• Artificial Intelligence• The cloud
  39. 39. Mobile sensors• Location sensors• Accelerometers• Gyroscopes• Microphones• Camera• Compass• Pressure sensors
  40. 40. Future is bright for sensors• In2010, about 1 in 3 smart-phones will have accelerometers.• Pressure sensors and gyroscope will follow.• The market for MEMS will top $1 Billion.
  41. 41. Background process• To understand environment and context, apps need to run in the background• No smart context-aware apps without background process• Android, the best platform for background process management. iPhone does not provide support for developers.
  42. 42. The cloud“The mobile platforms, Android and theothers, are so powerful now that you canbuild client apps that do magical thingsthat are connected with the cloud”Eric Schmidt, Google
  43. 43. Leveraging themContext AI + Situation CloudPersonal Data Behavior Learning Expected Perception reaction PatternPatterns recognition Recommendation Data analysis Short-term Long-term Crowd
  44. 44. Some samples ofinnovative concepts
  45. 45. Eye tracking concept tat - 3D Eye Tracking Reference : v=7SImOIMcMlk&feature=player_embedded
  46. 46. Schizophrenic device MIT Media Lab Handheld devices showing different personalities Reference: article/dn16617-gadget-reads-users-minds- from-their-grip.html
  47. 47. Some Apple patents... Motion sensitive UI The filing, entitled Variable Device Graphical User Interface, describes a self-adjusting user interface "For example, if the user wishes to view the contact information for John Adams, the user touches the display over the area of the row for the contact John Adams," Apple says. "While the device is moving, the motion of the device can be detected. The device can change the size of the rows of the contacts in the contact list application to give the user a larger target area for each contact. For example, the height of a row can be increased. This gives the user a larger touch area with which to select a contact. In some implementations, the height of the toolbar can be increased as well."
  48. 48. What does thismean for user experience team?
  49. 49. UX work will be harder• We are going from digital to analog, from binary logic to fuzzy logic• The input is not only the user. There are also the environment, the context and the user’s data• New tools will need to be found to formalise those new aspects
  50. 50. Agile methodology• Agiledevelopment• Cross-functional team (ux, ui, tech, marketing)• Prototyping• Rapid and iterative process
  51. 51. Our experience withfuture mobile phones will be radically different
  52. 52. Phones will beBeautiful & Intelligent
  53. 53. Won’t interrupt mewhile I am speaking thanks to Location Calendar Clock Simple AI
  54. 54. Will use the speakerwhile she’s driving thanks to Location Accelerometer Gyroscope
  55. 55. Will vibrate in his pocketwhile he’s dancing thanks to Microphone Camera Gyroscope
  56. 56. Won’t ringwhile he’s sleeping thanks to Location Accelerometer Clock Microphone :)
  57. 57. Thank you