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Brief of my current and past work experience, schooling, and personal skills.

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  1. 1. Resume of Ezra Dylan Saul 26506 Wedgewood Park, Cypress, TX, 77433 • (832) 549-4226 • Objective Seeking connections in the business world interested in saving money on office supplies Skills Prior employers have commented positively on the relentless and thorough work habits, which I exhibit unvaryingly on a day-to-day basis. Many of these complements are in regards to my determination to tackle even the most difficult of tasks with a positive attitude. Friends and acquaintances have stated, “ even through a ten year drought my glass would remain half full”.  Sales  Enthusiasm  Self-confidence  Communication  Objective personality  Creative idea flow  Adaptability to people and situations  Fortitude  Business-minded  Inductive reasoning  Diligent worker  Management experience  Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Many of the skills listed above are results aquired from an intensive aptitude test performed by Dr. Richard Hoffman of the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. Experience Account Executive Xpress Business Products From November, 2008 to present  Successfully acquire and manage accounts  Persistence  Professional  Communicate proficiently with clients Cook Carinos’ Italian Grill, Cypress, TX From June, 2007 to November, 2008
  2. 2.  Communicate in a stressful environment  Correctly follow instructions Server Carinos’ Italian Grill, Cypress, TX From June, 2007 to present  Communicate efficiently with guests  Confidence in my ability to sell and up sell  Approach each guest with enthusiasm  Become a people-oriented person  Use words to create a vivid picture in a guest’s mind  Develop a creative and unique sales approach  Cater to each guests’ individual needs Intern Stanford Group Company, Houston, TX From June 5, 2006 to August 10, 2006 I was one of four people chosen to intern for this private wealth management company. During my time with the company I worked for, as well as learned from, an extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced Financial Advisor named Douglas Shaw. Upon request Mr. Shaw gladly agreed to provide me with a letter of recommendation. I have attached a copy of this document for your convenience.  Worked forty hours a week.  Able to sit in on potential buyers’ initial meetings  Performed data entry to assist the company in completing updates on current accounts.  Used computerized archive systems to locate the information used to update current accounts.  Provided assistance with filing tasks.  Drafted several spreadsheets for the use of the company.  Was offered to return as an intern for the summer of 2007. Intern VII Seven: Utility Management Consultants, Cypress, TX From May 15, 2006 to June 2, 2006 I was one of two people provided with the opportunity to intern for the Managing Director of this energy consultant company. While working for this company I was trained on how to sell in person as well as over the phone. During this experience I was trained directly by the Managing Director who provided me with hands on Resume of Ezra Dylan Saul Page 2
  3. 3. experience with constructive criticism along the way.  Worked 30 hours a week.  Responsible for Lead Generation.  Performed receptionist duties.  Created Excel spreadsheets for new accounts.  Assisted with data entry in ACT system.  Was offered to return as an intern for the summer of 2007. Assistant Area Manager Sweetwater Pools Inc., Cypress, TX From June 2005 to August 2005  Worked eleven hours a day and sixty-five hours a week on average.  Supervised employees at two pools.  Performed training exercises with employees.  Provided daily maintenance on facilities.  One perfect facility and skill audit out of two.  Received pay raise after one month of work. Cart Attendant Longwood Golf Club, Cypress, TX From Oct. 2003 to Aug. 2004  Conducted daily maintenance on golf carts  Preformed grounds maintenance  Provided pre-game customer service Cart Attendant Blackhorse Golf Club, Cypress, TX From March 2002 to Feb. 2003  Conducted daily maintenance on golf carts  Preformed grounds maintenance  Provided pre-game customer service Education Business Finance Major, 73 Credit Hours Completed Texas State University, San Marcos, TX Lonestar Community College, Cypress, TX  Accepted to McCoy College of Business as a freshman.  Texas State G.P.A. of 2.27.  Transfer G.P.A of 3.00. Resume of Ezra Dylan Saul Page 3
  4. 4.  Overall G.P.A. of 2.33.  73 college credit hours completed  Excelled in classes such as:  Psychology  Communications  Creative Writing  Philosophy  Marketing Additional Informati on I believe that my propensity to sales will be an asset to your company. I am goal oriented and, when hired I will strive excellence in my field of work. I have been told that selling is one of several natural gifts I have. Coming in a close second is my hard-working nature that compels me to become the best I can be at tasks that do not come easily to me. I believe that using these qualities will increase my sales and in turn increase profits for your company. References Letter of recommendation from Stanford Group Company attached. References available on request. Resume of Ezra Dylan Saul Page 4