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What is Employee Engagement?


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What is modern employee engagement and why is it important? With key stats and quotes from industry experts and professionals, we look at how you can create and maintain an engaged culture suitable for 21st century businesses.

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What is Employee Engagement?

  3. 3. 79% believe they have a significant retention and engagement problem.
  4. 4. 77% do not feel they have the right HR skills to address the issue.
  5. 5. 75% are struggling to attract and recruit the top people they need.
  6. 6. Only 17% feel they have a compelling and engaging employment brand.
  7. 7. Depressing...
  8. 8. ...or an opportunity...
  9. 9. grow that 17% by becoming a compelling and engaging employment brand?
  10. 10. It’s time to do something about it. It’s time to #GetEngaged.
  11. 11. We believe in inspiring people to remake the way organizations think about and engage people to achieve their purpose.
  12. 12. Business is changing. Successful companies are now acknowledged as those that are rethinking how they engage people in their purpose, culture and values.
  13. 13. From high profile start ups to tech companies and forward-thinking corporations, these companies are realizing the value of engaging with people in a more meaningful way that is leading to greater value for employees, customers and shareholders.
  14. 14. These are the game changing businesses, the lighthouse companies driving a new way to do business. We call these the people-enabled companies. The people growing that 17%. Why not be one of them?
  15. 15. 1Revenue / Profit 2Employee turnover 3Productivity Studies* show a direct correlation between employee engagement and... 27% higher operating margin was found in global companies with high sustainable engagement. 72% of the highly engaged said they would prefer to remain with their employer even if they had a comparable opportunity elsewhere. 53% fewer days per year of “lost productivity” are had by highly engaged employees compared to disengaged employees. *
  16. 16. “I believe the issue of “engaging people well” is becoming one of the biggest competitive differentiators in business.” Josh Bersin, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte
  17. 17. On April 8, 2015, we hosted a Twitter Q&A on Employee Engagement to share insights and tips on how companies can #GetEngaged.
  18. 18. Participants included Karin Volo Author, Engage! @KarinVolo Charlie Judy Chief HR Officer, Baker Tilly @HRFishbowl Susan Hunt Stevens Founder/CEO at WeSpire @goWeSpire Stowe Boyd Web anthropologist @stoweboyd Cathy Brown Executive Director, Engage for Success @cathyab Nik Penhale-Smith HR author, Effectory @NikPenhaleSmith Laura Temple Global Head of Leadership Engagement, SABMiller @tweeter_LLT256 Jasmine Gartner Anthropologist, Business Consultant @jasminegartner Kimberly Abel VP Employee Solutions, Maritz Motivation Solutions @KimJAbel Jamie Lawrence Editor, @lawrencejamie
  19. 19. Our Twitter Q&A covered...
  20. 20. Highlights from the #GetEngaged conversation follow...
  21. 21. #GetEngaged Q1. What defines an employee-centric company?
  22. 22. What defines an employee-centric company?
  23. 23. #GetEngaged Q2. What's the best way to measure employee engagement?
  24. 24. Best way to measure employee engagement
  25. 25. #GetEngaged Q3. How important is staff wellbeing?
  26. 26. How important is wellbeing in employee engagement?
  27. 27. #GetEngaged Q4. Is reward separate to employee engagement?
  28. 28. Is reward separate to employee engagement?
  29. 29. Q5. How do you make employee engagement sustainable? #GetEngaged
  30. 30. How do you make employee engagement sustainable?
  31. 31. Creating sustainable, long-term employee engagement REMEMBER: There is no “quick-fix” to getting your employees engaged.
  32. 32. Make sure you’re in it for the long haul
  33. 33. #GetEngaged Q6. Who is doing Employee Engagement well and why?
  34. 34. Who is doing employee engagement well?
  35. 35. 1. Employee-centric companies share a purpose-driven culture focused on developing, recognizing, and motivating employees. 2. Be clear about what you are measuring and why. Focus on key business outcomes for your organization. 3. Employee wellbeing is essential. Happy employees = happy customers. Happy customers = happy business. 4. Reward plays a part in engagement, but only up to a point. Employees should be rewarded, but not-over rewarded. 5. Mean it, live it, don’t ‘do’ engagement to people, make it ‘the way we work round here’. 6. Stop rewarding quantity metrics (hours, face-time, output) and start rewarding quality (value generated). 6 #GetEngaged tips to help you drive employee engagement.
  36. 36. TAKE THE NEXT STEP AND #GetEngaged
  37. 37. Accelerate engagement in your organisation We’ve put together a new hub focused entirely on engagement content. There is also an “engage” topic on the site to explore. Gain insights from articles, blogs, reports and videos. #GetEngaged Presented by