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Transfer to immortality - A Sustainable Singularity Solution ?


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I delivered this presentation at the Sci-Fi 2018 conference organised by Eurosis and taken place at the Novotel in Bruges. It considers the potential reality of Singularity and the option of immortality through a human/machine blend. The presentation describes legislation to protect environmental resources in which humans have to be put to sleep on their 100th birthday in a scenario which combines transfer of all your human experiences, relationships, traits and knowledge into an avatar who is paired with the chosen "love of your life" by a mixture of AI, your emotions and a global audience who can share your life memories and feelings and vote for a person. It challenges by example to imagine what memories the audience would retrieve on their last day.

Published in: Technology
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Transfer to immortality - A Sustainable Singularity Solution ?

  1. 1. Transfer to Immortality A Scenario for a Sustainable Society beyond “The Singularity” David Wortley 360 in 360 Immersive Experiences
  2. 2. Ray Kurzweil
  3. 3. Project 2045
  4. 4. Soylent Green Citizens given a taste of paradise before being put to sleep and their bodies used to provide food for human survival
  5. 5. My Background Passion for Technology and Society
  6. 6. Author of Articles on Technology & Health Artificial Intelligence and Personal Health Management
  7. 7. 360in360 Immersive Experiences Capturing and Sharing 360 degree Images, Video and Sound
  8. 8. Transfer to Immortality Scenario Fiction or Faction? ● Human longevity extended indefinitely with good quality of life ● Unsustainable growth in population ● Legislation to limit physical age to 100 ● Re-experience lifetime in 24 hours on 100th birthday ● Share total experience in ultimate reality show ● Spend eternity virtually with “perfect partner”
  9. 9. Experiential Evidence ● Impact of Enabling Disruptive Technologies ● The Spectator Society ● Causes of mortality now lifestyle related ● Ratio of workers to retired declining ● Profiling and tracking technologies ● Immersive Experience Economy
  10. 10. Enabling Disruptive Digital Technologies
  11. 11. Enabling Technologies & Citizen Empowerment Will AI augment or replace human intelligence?
  12. 12. The Spectator Society Is our locus of control shifting?
  13. 13. Spectator Society A sign of the times?
  14. 14. The Spectator Society Expecting others to solve societal problems
  15. 15. Causes of Mortality Lifestyle Related Modern Lifestyle consequences include many negative effects which place increasing demands on available resources and threaten the sustainability of public services for future generations
  16. 16. Global Challenge – Health Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer & Cardiovascular Problems ● Sedentary lifestyle ● Convenience foods ● Comfort eating ● Inadequate exercise ● Couch potato syndrome ● Spectator society
  17. 17. Changing Lifestyles and Consumer Empowerment One of the consequences of this convenient and easy access to our daily wants and needs is a decline in the physical and mental challenges necessary for our lifelong development and health maintenance
  18. 18. Global Challenge – Health Ageing Society – Cognitive and Physical decline ● Declining working population ● Longer life expectancy ● Middle Age skills “scrap heap” ● Shift from families to care homes ● Rising costs of elderly care
  19. 19. What can be Done ? The consequences of a failure to address these challenges are unthinkable…..
  20. 20. The Transition from Cure to Prevention It’s quite clear that the best chance we have for increasing our life spans and overall improving our health is to adjust our personal behaviours and to do so at an early age. 20
  21. 21. The Same but Different ! My Body is not a Temple it is a Car
  22. 22. Navigating Life’s Journey Life is like a journey from the cradle to the grave. We know the starting point and the final destination and we are aware of the places en route but we have little idea of how long the journey will last and whether the route will be easy or difficult
  23. 23. Our Body is our Journey Vehicle Our body is the vehicle that will take us to our final destination and its condition determines where we are on that journey, the nature of the journey and how long it will last. Most of us do not know or monitor our body’s condition or properly maintain it
  24. 24. Cars before Data Technology We used our human skills to get the best from our vehicles supported by knowledge professionals
  25. 25. Breakdowns and Repair The consequence of this lack of technology in older cars was more breakdowns and a reliance on garages and mechanics to diagnose problems, maintain and repair
  26. 26. Data Measurement and Visualisation Modern cars tell us oil pressure, temperature, speed, range of petrol tank, warn us of any impending problems, tell us where we are and how to get to our destination and compute new routes if we go off track
  27. 27. Lifestyle Technology Transforming Health Management Wearable and embedded technologies change the dynamics of our management like the dynamics of car health management
  28. 28. Where are We and Where can we Go? Wearable and embedded lifestyle technologies provide the tools to manage our health
  29. 29. Ratio of Workers to Retired Declining Increased working lifespan – pressure on pension schemes
  30. 30. Profiling and Tracking Technologies Does Social Media know you better than you know yourself?
  31. 31. Immersive Experience Economy Major Investment in Virtual Reality across all Senses
  32. 32. Are We Ready for Immortality? What is your earliest memory?
  33. 33. Are We Ready for Immortality? Memories of School
  34. 34. Are We Ready for Immortality? Teenage Romance
  35. 35. Are We Ready for Immortality? Memories of Youth
  36. 36. Are We Ready for Immortality? University Life
  37. 37. Are We Ready for Immortality? Building a Career
  38. 38. Are We Ready for Immortality? Starting a Business
  39. 39. Are We Ready for Immortality? Some Successes
  40. 40. Are We Ready for Immortality? Community Informatics Projects
  41. 41. Are We Ready for Immortality? Setting up the Serious Games Institute
  42. 42. Are We Ready for Immortality? Starting a New Life
  43. 43. Are We Ready for Immortality? 100+ international conferences in 8 years
  44. 44. What is Next ?
  45. 45. Transfer to Immortality A Scenario for a Sustainable Society beyond “The Singularity” David Wortley 360 in 360 Immersive Experiences