ai iot cyber security complexity sustainability security industry 4.0 artificial intelligence innovation robotics internet of things technology malware ftth i4.0 quantum computing change management automation big data cyber crime cloud computing networking artificial life phishing cyber threat behavioural analysis insider threat auto-immunity hackers sustainable societies 5g networks cyber warfare the cloud working practices sensors wireless mobility smarts additive manufacture biotech robots al ar vr new materials cyber defence iot security reliability fttp resilience efficiency managing change war gaming health mobile working education last mile broadband change management economy sentience hwb uwb cyber attack materials blue team rogue states cyber recycling nanotech training sociology of things cyborgs information theory entropy ransomeware employment truth intelligent machines creativity mobile it security 3g 4g wifi clouds ultra-wideband systems byod internet non-linearity cloud security non-linear care decision support fibre to the home leadership human-machine symbiosis 6g augmented humans unemployment growth society 5.0. industry 4.0 nano-tech machines attack precursors engineering scientific method science cells shannon cyber criminals home working 3d printing hacktivist hacker red team white hats attack crime worm virus online crime voip complex systems repurposing reuse biometrics passwords information war bandwidth crisis ftto uncertainty healthcare life mesh nets errors data exploitation observation smart machines neural networks intelligent robots intellect amplifiers ai present ai past ai history ai future cyber terrorism hacktivists internet security data thermodynamics enthalpy cyber war gaming managing technology problem solving small data local loop modelling bandwidth self help ip diy medicine technology driven change clouds of things entertainment connectivity workplace futures management challenges hr infinite spectrum logistics industry futures future working social networks data mining modeling decision making management change business modelling future networks cyber wars retail intelligence meta data remote working corporate change video conferencing tutorials first mile machine intelligence design tagging start ups ~𝛍w transmission jersey telecom exemplar networked everything energy limits boltzmann information disorder order heat engines friction heat loss cost multidisciplinary teams hybrid systems digital analogue 5g energy limit meshnets repeat? test analyze experiment hypothesis eerie uneasy technology threat anthropomorhic threat product design computer science prosthetics cyborg robot hmi human machine interface human machine interaction interface design uncanny valley covid the driver home education brittleness & efficiency brittleness and efficiency re-organistion hierarchies digitisation digitalisation materials science future of care future of work climate change society 5.0 attack profiling hacker profiling insider threat characteristics hacker characteristics cyber attack detection cyber countermeasures industry 5.0 buddy - buddy working industrial revolutions smart bolts 100ghz mehnets nematodes neurons i/o actuators memory processing power biological brains articial life mutation implants prostheics robotic soldiers aping nature netbots replication speciation biobots fusion power technologies of change malware breeding experience sharing cyber retaliation global leadership global sharing dark networks attack synthesis cyber solutions cyber tools augmented training human-machine partnerships human-machine cooperation virtual care virtual medicine virtual education covid-19 wear out infant mortality lifetime bathtub curve fema process fema weakest link catastrophic failures degradation system efficiency brittleness failure mechanisms collapse failure risk antennas reusing 3r catastrophic failure composites bio-tech fabrication manufacture automated security things and networks people truth validation situation awareness context awareness threat analysis awareness situation context cyber-security cyber-war dark ages belief systems religion catholicism reformation mathematics astronomy alchemists alchemy galileo leonardo fermat newton einstein francis bacon scientific principles organisms fungi slime mould nervous system gender differences evolution self organisation emergent properties industry 4.0. iot gaia customer feedback user feedback connected planet data ownership . data analysis data protection frank drake drakes equation the dark side of the force war games hacker groups syndicated cyber defence networked security mimo steerable arrays phased arrays shannon-hartley bandwidth demand spectrum demand spectrum crisis spectrum hyper-wideband 1 2 3 4 6 7g bloch sphere quantum superposition qbits qubits quantum supremacy quantum noise quantum entanglement quantum coherence quantum duality mobile network core network network security ref team growth man machine partnership acquisitions r&d m&a business transition voice interface speak interfaces industrial revolution adapting to the new anticipating threats technology advance managed service providers managed service provision msp skype zoom telecoms transformed by cv-19 the new norm cv-19 lockdown dispersed ip traffic ip traffic clustering working from home network core security network traffic network reliability network resilience access network ecosystem eco systems pandemics cv-!9 recycle recover repair safety certify certification point of entry point of sale society cashless payment authorisation verification validation validity authentication identification identity id commerce farming industry fleet management distribution warehousing virtual assistants office support accountancy insurance gambling banking services automatic thinking outside the box black hats dark side pn vpn decoy nodes cloaking url hopping ghosting dns attack cross site scripting ddos sql injection man-in-the middle voip security dynamic routing latency packet loss s/n ratio intelligibility testing packet switched telephony internet telephony digital telephony sip phone voice over ip sip dns tcpip udp health care qc i4.0,工业4.0,工业可持续性,物联网安全,物流,生物技术,纳米技术,机器人技术,人工智能,聚合 globalisation buddy-buddy working aggregated learning industrial sustainability passwords in cyber attacks concatenated passwords two factor authentication password generators password entropy password testing password design sharing cyber attack solutions sharing cyber secrets cyber defence collaboration a new security model iot sans secure things integrated security cyber threat growth cyber economy growth rehabilitation cure stem cell solutions artificial organs new technologies roles and responsibilities patients nurses surgeons doctors healthcare futures solving the healthcare crisis healthcare crisis futures the cost of heathcare lifespan ageing virtual mentors mentors team working networked mentoring academic skills practical skills on-line education khan academy moocs mesh nets sensor networks autonomous vehicles smart cities remote surgery remote medicine 0 i4 5g performance 5g applications 5g futures 5g deployment 5g technology hz per bit digital radio no channels no bands wireless unconstrained truth engine creating the novel thinking of the new out of the box lateral thinking business impact human brain limits team work management ignorance corporate responsibiliy technology management icton 2019 design to designoid to evolution iot design to evolution fttr net traffic demand core networks network design stress management apps depression management apps vulnerability management apps management apps vulnerability anger anxiety stress diy healthcare mental health apps mental healthcare mental health attack surface wireless technologies sporadic nets failures of communication concatenated errors budget induced fails media induced fails political induced fails wrong thinking engineering management disasters crimes wrongs rights ethical failures exemplar ethical frameworks practical ethics ethics in practice principle of ethics management ethics engineering ethics diy care printed body parts nano-bots robotic surgery ay for patients ai for medical professionals biology chemistry technologies for care technologies for heath health care 2030 care 2030 health 2030 connected everything sociology of people failure to address demand exponential demand exponential growth ott frustration customer frustration customer interface 5g failure telecom services electronic surveillance scams. breaking in people security system security human fallibility people the biggest risk ai doing more with less ai and people shortages ai and employment ai and the workplace ai human working ai amplifying human ability human intellect amplifiers buddy buddy working ai in contact centres ai in call centres contact centre futures call centre futures ai progrtess robot intelligence intelligence formula quantifying intelligence distortion dystopia dystopian veracity parody checking checks error falsify ironic irony satire false fake liers lier fact erp beyond the industrial past new industry new manufacturing methods industrial transformation green agenda watching and listening ultimate watchers surveillance society behaviour modification societal steering inference monitoring covert monitoring covert observation covert ai gps listening devises cameras surveillance criminals rogue state internet risk cyber risk digital risk cyber attacks thjermodynamics applied to communication how far and how fast how far and how fast telecoms limitations the limits to communication over a distance shannon theory explained bytes and information bits theoretical basis of all communicatiomns the theory that made the internet possible telecommumnication theory designing for communication over a distance the science of communications system design linear and complex systems complicated designing systems simple complicated complex systems systems engineering no free energy the basis of information theory the basis of all systems order and disorder fundamental laws of the universe physics tutorial phyisical laws robot safety ai safety robotics in the workplace ai in the workplace ai in the home and office robotics training ai training robotic familiarisation ai familiarisation ai and robot risks ai progression laws of ai ai safeguards ai trust ai surity ddos attack purpose attack scenarios auto immunity wireless security behavioureal analysis national security nus singapore industry day - security holistic security cuber security robotics in business ai in business ai in management complexity of management management understanding leadership understanding age invertion process change technology change laws of heat and information science basics fundamental physical laws perpetual motion thermodynamics tutorial cyber live fire situational awareness ai in security sentient security breeding malware dynamic security educating engineering managers thinking out of the box educating engineers critical thinking be your own boss adaptable organisations recruitment company transfomation byob company and shareholders leadership for real doing the right thing management realities career or people 250bn things on line digital wireless wireless fuiture bandwidth wasting simplifying iot wireless ultra broadband spectrum management invention education and training digital futures future of employment industrial change rfid data analysis new networks distributed ledgers privacy block chains hash checks technology cultures work societal change adaptability innovators cooper v fibre to the home fttc optical fibre futures broadband futures gbit/s to the home wisdom decision support. knowledge chaotic networked world simulation collaboration solution finders intelligent apps social working machine working collaborative working telemed body management prosthetcics diy wimax ltw attacks investment futures industrial futures gdp generation entrepreneurship identity theft ownership theft cot tedtalks nano tech future employment job creation job amplification job destruction bio tech the world of work internet auto-imune system fibre optic futures optical fibre networking networks without infrastructure fans branding stadium events embracing change engagement crowds sports stadia company futures future of work; future of employment; company stru new employment work to come new jobs technology driven workplace human resources fun fairs dockyards castles museums galaries zoos spread spectrum radio cloud beyond firewalls multi-cloud security short termism long term goals holistic management business practice outsourcing asset assurance business change insourcing business support services; asset management bss economic modeling recovering from recession ment transport smart screens lbs near field communication location based services nfc connecte business reducing decision risks stochastic decisions dynamic decisions quality quality assurance quality systems the internet of things public key encryption secrecy secure data communication complex secure clouds analysis telcos risk cultures exponential change digital failures fibre tpon pons optical chaos bpon gpon optical fire networks c2c social selling future business c2m m2c m2m c2b b2c marketing b2m m2b b2b future econonomy knowledge choas machine aided office itc futures working prctices applications machine problem solving machin creativity personal productivity nano bio telemedicine optical networks radio spectrum use social networking cards it trainingcommunication presentations conventions conferences seminars workshops optical fibre future of society future of technology the sociology of things networked society automated design hal9000 smart tools credit card futures near field digital wallet contactless payments close down the pstn mo hiding place tacking personal uk start ups scene uk innovation company structure matrix management reorganisation team building ambulance providing better services with less resource itc in emergency services fire police
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