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Gamification and 360 video in Learning - IED 2017 Workshop


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This presentation was delivered at IED 2017 in Lucca, Italy as part of a workshop on how to use a combination of consumer 360 degree technologies, storytelling and gamification in 21st century learning.

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  • Great preso David, thanks for sharing! I just picked up my first Windows Mixed Reality headset (Lenovo Explorer), and the possibilities are truly endless! I would encourage everyone to experience this for themselves (you can go to any Microsoft store for a demo).
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Gamification and 360 video in Learning - IED 2017 Workshop

  1. 1. IED Italy 2017 Storytelling and Immersive Learning with 360 Video /VR Technologies and Gamification Techniques
  2. 2. Presentation Objectives To help you make learning more enjoyable and effective To show you why and how virtual reality and 360 degree technologies are so significant for education To provide an overview of some available technologies and how they are being used To give you simple and cost effective ways to use gamification techniques in the classroom To let you try a simple example of 360 degree technologies, storytelling and gamification
  3. 3. Why is Learning Teaching Different Today? Human beings have a desire to learn and develop from the moment they are born. Exploration, trial and error, testing the world around us, being in control are in our DNA We used to rely on teachers to provide knowledge and understanding but today we have technology Teaching used to be standard for everyone to prepare us for a job for life Today teaching has to be personalised, student-centred to prepare us for a rapidly changing world Many jobs that need human skills today will not exist in a few years
  4. 4. Technology has Changed Everything The teacher is a guide / coach / mentor Learning is self-directed, 24/7 anytime, anywhere activity The flipped classroom idea (students as teachers) Education as a preparation for life challenges (not for remembering facts) Gamification used as a strategy to engage and motivate – Play with Purpose
  5. 5. What are Most Popular/significant Technologies for Learning Today? Laptops / Computers (portable, accessible) Mobile phones (portable, accessible, easy to access) Internet (Google, social media) Video Games (test and develop skills, fun to use) Cloud computing and artificial intelligence (24/7, personal) Virtual Reality and 360 Degree Imaging
  6. 6. Why Virtual Reality and 360 Imaging? Total Immersion (like being there) Chance to explore and discover Puts learner in control Fun experience Foundation for storytelling and games- based learning
  7. 7. The Impact of VR Experience Latest Generation Camera Technologies Smartphones and Cheap VR Headsets make 360 degree worlds accessible
  8. 8. Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning Five Examples of Virtual/Real Worlds in Education 1 2 3 4 5
  9. 9. Five Examples Second Life virtual worlds hosting meetings and simulations Fieldscapes virtual field trips using Unity platform Google Expeditions for group trips using 360 photos 360 photos and videos for shared experiences Marzipano Tool for self-created 360 degree infographics
  10. 10. Second Life Real Meetings and Simulations in Artificial Worlds Minecraft is another example 1
  11. 11. Fieldscapes Mixing Real and Virtual Worlds 2
  12. 12. Google Expeditions Group Visits and Lessons in 360 Degree Photos 3
  13. 13. 360in360 Video Challenge Concept 360 Photos and Videos used for Gamified Learning 4
  14. 14. Marzipano Tool for 360 Photos Create your own gamified learning experience 5
  15. 15. The Technologies Needed Example Application created with 360 pics
  16. 16. The World 360 Challenge Teacher has a brilliant idea to teach students about different countries and inspire them to learn languages, geography, history, mathematics etc. She decides to make a 360 degree video about a world trip round 10 countries
  17. 17. Head Teacher makes a Competition Lets make a challenge to see which students learn most from your videos and we can give a travel prize to the best students. Put some information packs together and make the most cost effective itinerary.
  18. 18. The 360 Travel Video
  19. 19. The Student Competition – one Map per Country POI – Sripatum University
  20. 20. The Student Competition – World Map with Locations
  21. 21. Big Problem Teacher has fallen ill and has not prepared the student challenge packs and some of the information is in the wrong envelope or missing. The Head Teacher wants to use gamification to make teams to finish the work
  22. 22. How do I Use Gamification Elements ?
  23. 23. 360 World Challenge Rules X people per team – 10 teams – 1 table per team When we start the game - Each player select a card from the organiser - Go to the table with your card number on & sit down - Do NOT open the envelope until instructed - One Volunteer for each table to alert for the winner of each round - One Volunteer to keep a record of winners - One team member responsible for each round
  24. 24. Collect Card and go to Table & Sit
  25. 25. Volunteer to Monitor Each Table Volunteer to keep the Score
  26. 26. Open the Envelope & Read Instructions
  27. 27. Put the Labels on Your Map POI – Sripatum University Wrong Country ? Missing Label ? Missing Label ?
  28. 28. Game Round One United States of America Team Player with a Heart Card take country label and give it to the correct table The fastest player to give the label to the correct table wins
  29. 29. Game Round Two POI Team Player with a Clubs Card needs to collect the correct POI Label from Helper The fastest player to get the correct label put on their map wins
  30. 30. Game Round Three Team Player with a Diamond Card needs to collect the correct Cartoon shown in the video from Helper The fastest player to get the correct label put on their map wins
  31. 31. The 360 World Quiz Challenge Chance – use playing cards to select 10 teams at random Uncertainty – you don’t know which country you will be given or what you will be asked to do Challenge – you have to correctly complete your map Measurement – you will be timed to see who is quickest Feedback – you will be told if you are correct and how long it took you Fun – your friends can join in to help and cheer Incentives – you will learn how to use these techniques and more about the places in the journey
  32. 32. Summary and Conclusion You have just taken part in the first 360 video quiz using 360 video, storytelling and gamification 360 imaging and virtual reality are coming to education fast There will be more and more 360 content plus tools to help you make your own videos and images It’s a great opportunity to engage your students in fun, innovative sel-directed learning You will only be limited by your imagination
  33. 33. Did you have Fun?
  34. 34. Where to find the Video on Youtube You can find this compilation of 360 degree video clips on YouTube at Subscribe to 360in360 Transmedia Storytelling YouTube Channel
  35. 35. Try Something Extra ? Example Application created with Marzipano Go to calculator.htm to calculate distances
  36. 36. Thank You