Beyond the traditional learning management system


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Beyond the traditional learning management system: moving towards personal learning environments as prepared for a workshop at the WWW2008 conference in Cape Town, South Africa in September 2008. This was put together in a bit of a hurry, and perhaps lacks some rigor, as an example of content for the workshop.

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Beyond the traditional learning management system

  1. 2. Education as an industrial process - Graham Attwell
  2. 3. Universities are physical entities because of scarcity
  3. 4. Classrooms aggregate demand to supply
  4. 5. Traditional libraries aggregate scarce content resources
  5. 6. The invention of computers changed all that, right?
  6. 7. Perhaps not computers, how about the World Wide Web?
  7. 8. Perhaps not!
  8. 9. A lot of what is done with Internet technologies in education... 19th Century Pedagogy 21 st Century Minds 21 st Century Technology
  9. 10. Enter Education 3.0
  10. 11. Reusable learning content - students - institutional The choices students make - Individual - Credibilit y Collaboration - Cross institution - Decentralized - Non- institutional - Individual Recognition of learning achieved - derived from RPL Education 3.0 characteristics
  11. 12. Allow for alternative space, time, technology
  12. 13. Opportunities for personal learning Set own learning goals Global infrastructure Manage own learning Content Autogogy Communication People network
  13. 14. Enter the Personal Learning Environment
  14. 15. KEWL3: eLearning platform developed as a collaboration of African Universities led by UWC
  15. 16. The KEWL3 challenge Create a system that supports institution-alized eLearning while still supporting personalized learning opportunities
  16. 17. Setting & tracking learning goals
  17. 18. manage their learning: content and process
  18. 19. communicate with others in the process of learning
  19. 20. Integration with global infrastructure
  20. 21. Easy use of popular sources of content
  21. 22. Filters
  22. 23. Mashups
  23. 24. Podcasting
  24. 25. Blogging
  25. 26. Presentation sharing
  26. 27. Personal learning desktop
  27. 28. Some caveats
  28. 29. PLE is not a magic pill!
  29. 30. Of course, some things remain scarce and require aggregation .. Oh duh! Laboratory experience Clinical experience Practical experience
  30. 31. Let's build a PLE for the concept “Education 3.0”
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