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What's So Delicious About Social Bookmarking?


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Slides used during LearnIT talk given 12/3/15 and updated slides during workshop on 4/15/16. For more information and resources:

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What's So Delicious About Social Bookmarking?

  1. 1. about Social Bookmarking? Fordham Faculty Technology Center Kristen Treglia Senior Instructional Technologist What’s So delicious
  2. 2. Introduction & Context Why Delicious? Tagging Curation RSS Creating an Account Tools Flickr photo by Daniel Incandela Used under( By‐NC) creative commons license
  3. 3. @kris10 _ KristenTreglia Passionate Educator and Technologist
  4. 4. @LindsayKarp LindsayKarp Technologist by Intrigue
  5. 5. Senior Instructional Technologist
  6. 6. Resources
  7. 7. A little context first…
  8. 8. creative commons licensed (BY-NC-SA) flickr photo by Pete Zarria
  9. 9. Back in the day… Elting Memorial Library by joseph a
  10. 10. Didn’t really do much with computers…
  11. 11. Flickr photo by thedescrier Used under (By) creative commons license Once I started teaching…
  12. 12. I was finding all kinds of resources, like teacher’s blogs
  13. 13. Used under( By‐NC‐SA)  creative commons license
  14. 14. And so… Flickr photo by Kalexanderson Used under( By‐NC‐ND) creative commons license
  15. 15. Home
  16. 16. HomeWork
  17. 17. Work Home
  18. 18. Work Home
  19. 19. After a while, this ‘system’ was a nightmare… Flickr photo by Nukamari Used under( By‐NC‐ND) creative commons license
  20. 20. I needed to find a better way… Flickr photo by wnd.andreas Used under( By‐NC‐ND) creative commons license
  21. 21. Web 2.0
  22. 22. The Web Over time Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Static Social Semantic Read only Creation and Interaction Live Connected Intelligence
  23. 23. My first bookmark
  24. 24. More than just saving/organizing websites… Flickr photo by JD Handcock Used under( By) creative commons license
  25. 25. Flickr photo by ThomasThomas Used under( By‐NC) creative commons license
  26. 26. Social FilterAlgorithm vs.
  27. 27. RSS Flickr photo by pandemia Used under( BY) creative commons license
  28. 28. Blogs, Wikis, Websites, Podcasts, Bookmarks, and more… Flickr photo by  Matt Forsythe Used under( BY‐NC) creative commons license
  29. 29. today’s existing data has been created in the past 2 yearsSource:  IBM Flickr photo by JD Handcock Used under( By) creative commons license
  30. 30. Let’s get started! Flickr photo by  mcfcrandall Used under( BY‐NC‐ND) creative commons license
  31. 31. Resources Image by
  32. 32. @kris10 _ KristenTreglia Passionate Educator and Technologist