Edu614 session 3 spring 14


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Edu614 session 3 spring 14

  1. 1. EDU614 Session 3 wikis, Edmodo, Copyright, Stories & Pictures
  2. 2. Agenda Copyright VoiceThread story telling & pictures wikis Edmodo Technology Integration Teacher Resources
  3. 3. Wikis The most famous ~ Wikipedia Wikis in Plain English Great for collaborative learning Wiki Resources 50 Ways to use wikis for a more collaborative and interactive classroom
  4. 4. Wikis Best embeds for a wiki Several free wiki sites to choose from: pbworks wikispaces wikia
  5. 5. Copyright An Internet Hotlist on Copyright Copyright Laws and Fair Use Guidelines for Education In the classroom Copyright law - an interesting presentation Copyrightkids Definitions Basics & FAQ Take the challenge
  6. 6. Copyright continued US Copyright Office booklet Image copyright Creative Commons Different licenses Music copyright Fair use is recommended at 30 seconds by
  7. 7. Copyright wiki Copyrightconfusion from ISTE check out the copyright poster teaching copyright best practices
  8. 8. copyright videos 1-Copyright Confusion 2-Guidelines Limit 3-Making Code Best Practice 5-EssentialClosing 6-Copyright Is Friendly 7-Fair Use Users Rights Song
  9. 9. even more on copyright Copyright for Educators - quick guide Copyright for Educators - a presentation by Wes Fryor - very informative A wonderful blog post No! You Can’t Just Take it please read this! My Scoop It site with copyright tags
  10. 10. Pictures Flickr Flickrstorm Search for Flickr Pics4Learning Wikimedia Commons Discovery Education Clip Art Gallery Kitzu - downloadable photo collections creative common search Copyright Friendly image sources Seven ways to find copyright friendly images
  11. 11. Voice Thread Voice Thread VT (voicethread) educator account 50 voicethreads Class Subscriptions $60 per year
  12. 12. Voice Thread continued What is Ed. Voicethread? Click through How to make a Voice Thread watch Browse a few you can search by topic
  13. 13. Voice Thread Register with gordon email and password yours to access always Check out some tutorials Make a mini voicethread Can upload photos from Flickr or Facebook
  14. 14. ThingLink Interactive pictures can be embedded in blogs, Edmodo, Facebook in Education Blog 26 ways to use in classroom
  15. 15. Tell a story with pictures Photopeach Upload pictures Make a slide show Students can upload projects Easy way to share work
  16. 16. Storybird Storybird Art inspired writing can create classes
  17. 17. Skype Skype in The Classroom a community for educators Check Out teachers resources project Assessment of Learning with Skype Framing a Skype Learning Experience Educator’s Guide to using Skype Effectively in the Classroom