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Chisimba - introduction to practical demo


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This was a talk given to the South African Government Open Source User Group, a

Published in: Technology, Education
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Chisimba - introduction to practical demo

  1. 1.    
  2. 2. z   
  3. 3.    
  4. 4.    
  5. 5.    
  6. 6.    
  7. 7. Built on a stack of FOSS applications and libraries using a suite of FOSS development and collaboration tools   
  8. 8. All about ...Human developmentCreating opportunitiesthrough transnationalalliances within Africaand outSoftware & pedagogicalinnovation capacity    
  9. 9. Idea capitalathips among them, and the degree to which those ideas lead to oth    
  10. 10. Partner institutions, organisations, projects Capacity building, academic projects Commercial activity, enterprise solutions   
  11. 11. jQue The FOSS stack ry SWOR extJ Cross platform D S Javascr ipt Fedora RESTful API proto Apache2 Ajax type Mashable XMPP Mobile phone Chisim MySQL PEA PHP ba R Online package management CUR Cloud-ready L GNU/Linux FFm peg SWF Ope Flas tools gstrea n h mer Offic RED Open Pyth e Java 5 Zoom on Ope Jabb n er fire   
  12. 12. jQue The FOSS stack ry Javascr ipt Chisim ba Apache2 PHP MySQL GNU/Linux   
  13. 13. What does it mean for you? A stable, scalable, tried and trusted stack of technologies that power some of the largest companies and applications in the world   
  14. 14.    
  15. 15. The MVC architecture The only file The module being executed by the engine ever loaded directly View Controller Object Engine Model Database   
  16. 16. Everything is a module Module Module Module View View View Controller Controller Controller Model Model Model View e.g. htmlelements modulecatalogue Controller modules sysconfig Helper security utilities lucene strings blocks API Object Engine Model   
  17. 17. Turnitin Flickr Filters Twitter Collecta Twitter YouTube Google Slideshare RSS / SIOC Atom blog cms activitystreamer adbanner context Google OEMBED assignment buddies calendar email faq maps Wikipedia courselecturers dictionary digitalbusinesscard documentconverter essay forum hosportal eportfolioYahoo events gradebook glossary gift ical mail homepageQuery Flickr imagemagick wicid api blocks markitup pbl flickrshowLanguage config ext workgroup learningcontent context feed(YQL) API contextgroups contextadmin twitter fileshare WebPresent library wiki scorm decisiontable contextpermissions e.g s creativecommons webpresent foaf Moodle ircchat textblock errors files filemanager filters filtergen georss mcqtests poll groupadmin help logger htmlelements turnitin language geonames Integrat Module mail jquery API World Core nav search location gravatar e s postlogin packages librarysearch prelogin modulecatalogue permissions userstats icecast Other Authenticate security skin stories Provide Chisimba libraryexams sysconfig strings tribe jabberblog tree systext toolbar sitesFacebook libraryforms tagging utilities twitterizer youtube userregistration shorturl userdetails timeline worksheet OEMBED websearch Facebook messaging useradmin swftools triplestore Blocks mediaconverter news html5elements subscriptions survey Code or quotes oembed languagetextgenerator smssender snippets wigets personalspace Web Twitter pdfmaker rdfgen rubric siocexport openzoom Metaweblog widgets realtime wrapgeshi pubsubhubbub readinglist pastpapers OpenID photogallery Embed podcast ...etc... codes File LDAP previews Custom External     blocks XMPP Blogging gateway
  18. 18. Instances eLear ning CMS Blog OER News Portal system Mappi Social ng . . . etc   
  19. 19. An eLearning Instance   
  20. 20. Module Context Workgroup FiltersKey concepts Blocks Dynamic templates Skins & canvases    
  21. 21. Module The smallest unit of functionality that can be installed or removed using Modulecatalogue Modules that know about context (e.g. courses) can be added to courses as pluginsKey concepts    
  22. 22. Context The largest unit of division within an installed Chisimba instance An abstraction that in eLearning translates into courseKey concepts    
  23. 23. Workgroup A unit of organization within a context where people can work together An abstraction that in eLearning remains known as workgroupKey concepts    
  24. 24. Filtersnslated into content or functionality when the page e.g. [YOUTUBE]http://url[/YOUTUBE] {firstname} {surname} Key concepts    
  25. 25. Filters oEmbed   
  26. 26. Filters oEmbed   
  27. 27. Blocks Reusable units of functionality or content that can be rendered in a form suitable for either the narrow or wide panes Left Middle RightKey concepts    
  28. 28. Dynamic templates Pages that can be populated with functionality and content by an authorised user Turn editing on – makes use of Chisimba blocksKey concepts    
  29. 29. Skins & Canvases Responsible for the look and feel of the system Skin – an overall theme for a given instance Canvas – a variation on the overall theme for a given instanceKey concepts    
  30. 30. Cou rse In a context Outside a (course) context    (course)
  31. 31. Everything that Everything that happens is aware happens is of and linked linked to the to the context module or (course) person In a context Outside a (course) context    (course)
  32. 32. Outside of Inside of context (course) context (course) Course Admin admin Course People content Learning Content activities Configuration Assessment  Collaboration Connection  
  33. 33. Context (course) plugins Modules that can be used in a context (course) Context Context aware dependent e.g. discussion forum e.g. quiz, worksheet   
  34. 34. A large volume of Code generation to existing code create working from which to build modules For developers Concentrate on A rigorous design code – the basics pattern to work are done from   
  35. 35. Highly configurable system that looks Multiple domains good of use For Users Rapid delivery on Cloud deployment development in minutes projects   
  36. 36. Thank you This presentation was made entirely using Free Software Derek Keats, PhD