The Social Enterprise of 2014


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Care about learning 'The Social Enterprise of 2014' You will find this deck presented by Bhupendra Khanal (CEO, Simplify360) during Digital Marketing Webinar for Digital Vidya. Interested in attending similar Webinar Live? Register Now at

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The Social Enterprise of 2014

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Webinar The Social Enterprise of 2014 Apr 9, 2014 | Bhupendra Khanal (CEO, Simplify360)
  2. 2. Social Enterprise 2014 Social Media for Winning Business
  3. 3. Questions to be answered How can you build a brand using Social Media? Listen first, campaign second. Or the other way round? Is Social Media part of Digital Media or part of broader Marketing and Communications? How to develop a Web Dominance Strategy around Social Media? How much is a good spend? What the KPIs for Social Enterprise and how to measure ROI on a regular basis
  4. 4. Agenda Creating Brand Using Social Media Listen First. Campaign Second. Social Media as part of Communications Medium Web Dominance Strategy How much to spend? KPIs & ROIs
  5. 5. Creating Brand Using Social Media
  6. 6. Social Media = Social + Media SocialSocial Media Marketing Social Listening Social Commerce Community Building Social PR Social CRM Social Intelligence Online Reputation Management Social Audit Social Contact Center Corporate Strategy Brand StoryCelebrity Innovation Media You either SUCK. Or you ROCK! You either capitalize and earn. Or miss the opportunity.
  7. 7. Overall Strategy Tweet-up Bloggers Meet G+ Hangout Sports NRI Personal Profile Doctors Feminists Teachers IT / ITes Airlines Telecom Banking Automobile Media Lawyers Religious Groups Civil Society Industry Groups Influence Groups Emotional Connection Activity Areas Example of a Political Leader.
  8. 8. Metrics for Leaders This is how people choose their leaders. • Family and CareHuman • Issues to interest/industry GroupsSensitive • Stand on National IssuesIntellectual • Highly influenced by Tech Savvy- nessFuturistic • Shared through Vision DocVision • Show high actionActive • Collect thoughts from groundOpen Minded Can we master them all?
  9. 9. Win through quality Content Design Timing One Goal : Great Leadership for Superpower India. Very structured political and economic vision content. A new benchmark in content presentation and design. Time it well according to the mood of the market and competition moves.
  10. 10. Listen First. Campaign Second.
  11. 11. People are talking. They are talking about you!! Social Media has created huge volume of data. The Data is goldmine. It is detailed and targeted, public but full of important information. The value is in knowing how they see you. The community to tell you how to reach to them, what information to pass and how to win them. People talk about Brands. People talk about competitiontoo. People express their likes and dislikes. People discuss about their possessions. People express their future plans. Social Media is thus both an exciting opportunity and a costly threat.
  12. 12. Analysis is integral. Action is the essence. Social Media Listening is only the beginning. Listen. Analyze. Act. #1:Intense Response #2: Social Broadcasting #3:Platform Campaign Marketing #4: Distributed Brand Presence #5: Tailored Service & Support Source: “A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation,” Altimeter Group (January 5, 2012) Social Media Listening is on top of Industry Trends. Top Five Use Cases for Social Media Management.
  13. 13. General Buzz Discovering Evils, Pre-virals Buzz around Campaign Reaction of Competition Major Influencers Regular Reports Ad-hoc Reports Response Team Conditional Reports Strategic Reports Research Reports Weekly Updates Monthly Performance Alerts Creative Team Community Center Architecture
  14. 14. After Listening. Think Story. • Who are you? • What do you want to become in next one year, 5 year? • Why are you interesting? • What is the interesting thing you are going to do that people will feel excited about?
  15. 15. Go for Activity Plan • Social Media Campaigns • Ads and Promotions • Targets and reaching out • Intense Activity
  16. 16. Social Media as part of Communications Medium Case study of Simplify360
  17. 17. Speed Consistency Celebration Provocation Story Telling Education Design
  18. 18. Education
  19. 19. Everybody will learn. It’s the privilege to be the one they learn from. E-books Whitepapers Case Studies And more!
  20. 20. Less motherhood talks; focus on real actions.
  21. 21. Design
  22. 22. Everyone wants to be associated with something beautiful.
  23. 23. That cannot limit on presentations. Every off-line appearances matter too.
  24. 24. Celebration
  25. 25. Celebrate the journey. Life is too short to be working always.
  26. 26. Nothing in better than a client win. Celebrate with open heart.
  27. 27. Speed
  28. 28. Aggression for constant evolution. Keep evolving always. Product evolved every month, and so did the brochures.
  29. 29. Consistency
  30. 30. Consistency is heroism. We made sure something valuable comes out every week.
  31. 31. Story Telling
  32. 32. Announcements can sometimes be interesting. This is how Simplify360 launched in Korea.
  33. 33. You don’t sell to competitors. Your leads may not just understand what you sell.
  34. 34. Provocation
  35. 35. Let them hate you but not ignore you!
  36. 36. Web Dominance Strategy
  37. 37. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Intelligence Content Venue KPIs Buzz around brand, competition and industry Listen for Listen in Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, News, Forums, Complaint Sites Market Research, Public Relations Marketing, Public Relations Community Building which can be leveraged for several functions Social Enterprise • Size of the community • Level of Engagement • No of issues Resolved • Type and amount of feedback received Promotional Platforms
  38. 38. Castle and Tower Game
  39. 39. Bringing it together: Social Presence Create Catalogue of the brands Inform, update, broadcast, engage Official Blog for PR and content Generation Promote, Engage, Advertise Share your latest promotional Video with fans Your Business
  40. 40. Channels Content Type Primary Purpose Other Content Sources Networks – Working Together for Bigger Reach
  41. 41. Bringing them together Create Catalogue of the brands Inform, update, broadcast, engage Promote, Engage, Advertise Inform, update, broadcast, engage Create Catalogue of the brands Promote, Engage, Advertise Create Catalogue of the brands Inform, update, broadcast, engage Promote, Engage, Advertise Share your latest promotional Video with fans Inform, update, broadcast, engage Official Blog for PR and content Generation Promote, Engage, Advertise Share your latest promotional Video with fans
  42. 42. This is how it actually works Create Catalogue of the brands Inform, update, broadcast, engage Official Blog for PR and content Generation Promote, Engage, Advertise Share your latest promotional Video with fans Your Business
  43. 43. How much to spend?
  44. 44. Good Spend – Social Media is Not CHEAP Approximate Cost of INR 10 Lacs per month. • Manpower Required for • Community Management • Market/Industry Analysis • Social Media Analysis • Creative Design • Photography • Research ** Man-power can taken as per campaign. ** Expected team size of 4-6 people. • Cost : • Good spend in Social Media depends on what you want to achieve • For larger organizations, it’s around INR 5 Lac per month + INR 5 Lac per month as Ad spend. • Campaign Areas to focus • Photos (general life and events) • Research • Video • Presentations • Creative Graphics • Cartoon, Banners, Posters • Listening and ORM • Monitor the buzz • Respond to relevant messages • Analyze aggregated buzz • Build Defensive Materials
  45. 45. Additional • Website Update • Content, Design + Implementation • Most companies need this before going Social. • Good Website these days cost upwards of INR 15 Lacs • Video making • Should cost : INR 2 Lac per video • A video a month should be good
  46. 46. KPIs & ROIs
  47. 47. Money earned Money Saved Buzz Created Engagement Rate Community Size Reach Website Visits Brand Opinion Cases Closed Google Mentions No. of News Articles Social Buzz
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