Building Dominant Brands in a Digital World


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There's no denying the power the Internet has in helping to increase B2B brand awareness and drive sales. Developing content such as white papers, podcast and videos, and broadcasting it through social media is a proven way to engage your prospects and grow thought leadership in your industry.

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  • 78 percent of companies using this technique are doing it to increase brand awareness (visibility) in the markets they serve.
  • Building Dominant Brands in a Digital World

    1. 1. Building Dominant Brands in the Digital World
    2. 2. Content is King 89% of chief marketing officers use some form of user-generated content to make business decisions.
    3. 3. Content is King 9 out of 10 companies – regardless of their size or industry – do content marketing.
    4. 4. Your B2B Marketing Peers On average spend 26% of their overall B2B marketing budgets content marketing. 51% planned to increase their content marketing budget in 2011.
    5. 5. So How Does it Help? •  Branding •  Thought leadership •  Lead generation •  Customer retention •  SEO Gains
    6. 6. What is Content Marketing? Creating and distributing relevant, valuable information to attract and engage a target audience with the objective of driving a profitable customer action.
    7. 7. What is Content? Podcast   Papers   Video   Blogs   Webinars   E-­‐newsle7ers  
    8. 8. Content Marketing vs. Social Media Are they the same?
    9. 9. Content Marketing vs. Social Media Content = information Social media = delivery channels
    10. 10. Content Marketing vs. Social Media
    11. 11. B2B Content Marketing
    12. 12. Your B2B Marketing Peers 93% are engaged in some form of social media marketing. 62.6% planned to increase their social media spending in 2011.
    13. 13. Among B2B Marketers Using SM
    14. 14. How to Choose? •  78% use 3+ channels •  Avg. 6 channels •  Have a plan •  Be flexible •  Look for your customers
    15. 15. More than Facebook
    16. 16. Types of Content •  Repurposed materials –  Articles –  White papers –  Presentations •  PR materials •  Blog posts •  Surveys/research
    17. 17. Content @ Work •  Social & traditional " media •  Branded content •  Optimized PR
    18. 18. 4 Phases of Adoption •  Observation –  Listen, learn, research •  Preparation –  Roles and goals •  Participation –  Share and interact •  Integration
    19. 19. Avoiding the Pitfalls •  Dabbling and babbling •  Stumbling instead of strategizing •  Instant, but not instantaneous •  Selling and not socializing
    20. 20. Content Marketing Makes SM Viable “If you are not consistently putting out great content and offering that content for your followers to grab in exchange for their email address, you are severely limiting your ability to make social media pay.” - John Jantsch, July 6, 2011
    21. 21. About Schubert b2b Schubert B2B is a nationally recognized B2B marketing agency located in Downingtown, Pa., near Philadelphia. Building B2B brand leaders is our singular mission, and has been for 35 years.
    22. 22. Questions?" Feel free to contact us: 610.269.2100 Twitter @schubertb2b"
    23. 23. Sources “Emerging Trends in B-to-B Social Marketing: Insights From the Field” Study 2011 B2B Content Marketing: 2010 BenchMarks, Budgets and Trends, May 2010 survey by The Content Marketing Institute, MarketingPRofs and Junta 42. “B2B online marketing in the United States: assessment and forecast to 2013” AMR International, 2011 Worldcom Social Media B2B Study, conducted by Persuadable Research, April 2011.