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Social media-2

  1. 1. 1 Social Media A Strategic Marketing Agency
  2. 2. Think A solid foundation is built with expert knowledge, constant measuring, thoughtful interpretation and smart processes. • Market Research • Strategic Planning • Measurement • Usability Testing • Process Improvement • Training & Seminars Design Focused and impactful, our designs and messaging resonate with your audience to drive conversions. • Branding & Identity • Web & Interactive • Print & Packaging • Tradeshows & Signage • Photography, Video & Writing • E-Commerce & Online Apps Engage Targeting solutions to reach and build relationships with your audience, we deliver your brand to wherever they are. • Search Optimizations • E-Mail Marketing • Advertising • Public Relationship • Social Media • Mobile
  3. 3. Social Media
  4. 4. What is Social Media? Social media allows end users to engage in multi-directional conversations in or around content or information. What is Social Media to a business? An audience. What is Social Media to a consumer? A resource; a soapbox.
  5. 5. Social Media
  6. 6. What is our Brand and Strategy? Your Brand How an audience perceives us through visuals, messages, personality and more. Create a Strategy Develop your message and personality, know where your audience is and create a plan for use.
  7. 7. Social Media
  8. 8. Tangible Intangible vs Website Visit Direct Sale E-Mail Captures Phone Call Registration Search Optimization Physical Visit Brand Awareness Brand Influence Residual Sales Create Dialog Market Knowledge Establish Expertise Our Goals
  9. 9. Accomplishing Our Goals What value you provide, how you interact & engage will greatly affect your brand. With a great brand comes a bigger audience and higher transactions.
  10. 10. Visual Branding / Information Completeness Customize Your Look Most Social Networks allow you to customize the look – FaceBook, Twitter, YourTube. Fill out your profile Be complete, give a lot of information.
  11. 11. Brand Awareness The bigger your audience and the more viral your content, the greater Brand Awareness you can achieve. Tips • Create really great content! Content is King. • Engage with your audience. • Share other quality content. • Don’t be shy, put it out there – more than once. • Be aware of your brand at all times.
  12. 12. Brand Influence / Residual Sales 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while only14% trust advertising. Tips • Give your consumers the ability to share your brand. • Monitor what people are saying and react. • Do a great job, because today’s world is small and instant. • Don’t be shy, share what other people say.
  13. 13. In Depth: Creating Great Content Where does the content live? Have a website that allows for constant new content. Integrate Social Media. What kind of content? Articles, white papers, videos, animated diagrams, calculators, online tools and resource lists. Sky is the limit. What should it be about? Remember your brand and strategy. How do you want to be perceived? As a resource, a thought leader, a critic? What do you want your audience to do – drive them to an action.
  14. 14. In Depth: Interact, Engage & Create Dialog Engage with your audience. Respond to what they are saying and build a relationship. Ask interesting questions. Start a great dialog that is viral. Share other content. Utilize other people’s great content and questions. Spread the dialog and add your own thoughts. Your thoughts may even become more viral.
  15. 15. Getting Web Visits The key thing to remember with social media is it is a SOCIAL medium. The whole point is to use the available tools to interact with other people. Interact with visitors, hold contests or promotions (maybe tell the jewelry contest story here…)
  16. 16. Gain Brand + Market Knowledge Customer Research. Segment customers and learn what they want. Industry Research. New trends, tools and information to expand your business. Competitor Research. Strategic visualization of tactics, messages and networks. Brand Monitoring. Keep tabs on your brand and what people are saying.
  17. 17. Improving Search Optimization Building inbound links as well as new effects to search engine algorithms increase Search rankings.
  18. 18. Measure + Optimize Your Social Media Traffic Quality often beats quantity. Interaction An engaged customer is a valuable one. Sales Track all your channels. Leads Use that CRM and analytics. SEO Build those links with exposure. Brand Metrics Word-of-mouth + viral sharing. Customer Engagement How often do you respond. Retention Keep clients with customer engagement. Profits All these elements lead to profits.
  19. 19. Tools to Manage & Measure Radian 6 Great measurement tool. Snurl Simple click measurement. Hootsuite Manage and measure all social media. Many exist, use the tools that work with your strategy. Facebook See statistics about your page. Twitter Use search and trends. Social Mention Quick free tool to see mentions.
  20. 20. 5 Questions to ask at the Social Media Lab 1. What tools can I use to measure results? 2. How often and what kind of content should I post on Twitter and Facebook? 3. Are there any good tools to make Social Media easier? 4. What should be in my Social Media strategy? 5. How can I get more followers, friends, connections?
  21. 21. Contact Us 216-373-1080 2020 Center Street, Cleveland, OH 44114