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Community Development with Social Media


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Know how to do 'Community Development with Social Media'. Gain insights from the webinar led by Saurabh Jain Head, Paytm - Build for India and Founder, Fun2Do Labs.

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Community Development with Social Media

  1. 1. Community Development with Social Media Saurabh Jain Head, ‘Paytm - Build for India’ Initiative Founder, Fun2Do Labs
  2. 2. Who am I? ● Currently leading the ‘Paytm - Build for India’ initiative ● Running Fun2Do Labs - Open Education Project ● I run tech communities for Amazon Web Services and Twitter ● Have previously run tech communities for BlackBerry and Nokia ● A shy techy who happened to start a community called OpenClass in 2010
  3. 3. Running a tech community was very difficult initially ● Getting few people to speak was difficult ● Getting more than 10 people to attend a meetup was even more difficult ● Nobody wanted to pay for attending a meetup so no self sustenance ● Building a community is difficult emotionally ● You need a lot of social media presence ● My first social media experiment was to get FB likes by connecting to old school friends
  4. 4. Social Media was an unknown territory for me ● I was an introvert ● Knew a little bit of Facebook ● Did not know Twitter ● LinkedIn and other social networks were also practically unknown to me
  5. 5. Social Media is about purple cow
  6. 6. Facebook ● Used FB ads initially to get page followers ● I accept friend requests from everybody. Your FB friends become a big asset in the long run ● You can limit permissions to unknown FB friends ● I also used FB Groups but they are spammy now. I do not like the social experience in FB groups now ● Do not host events as FB events. Many non-serious people confirm attendance and never come
  7. 7. Twitter ● Twitter can help in connecting with big people ● Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma and I talked to each other primarily on Twitter for many years although we both knew each other offline ● He got to know about my initiatives primarily through Twitter ● Twitter can also help to get you speakers ● Even trolling on Twitter gives you genuine feedback ● First time you get trolled it feels very bad
  8. 8. LinkedIn ● I accept everyone on LinkedIn. Helps a lot to connect with people ● LinkedIn can be used for getting speakers ● LinkedIn can also help in getting professional attendees
  9. 9. WhatsApp ● WhatsApp is essential ● We use WhatsApp for interaction between group members ● I form a WhatsApp group for every community ● WhatsApp can also help in connecting to alumni and other friend networks ● These networks can be a powerful source for getting speakers ● I prefer WhatsApp even with its 256 member limit although you can have more members if they come through a link click
  10. 10. ● is a must if you want to run an offline community ● members are more professional and generally good meetup attendees ● also helps in free promotion among people in a city ● Only issue is that it is not popular for day to day online interaction between members. You have to use WhatsApp for that
  11. 11. Community is about helping others ● Community is about helping others ● Anything which helps people will become popular ● Most of the relationships are acquaintance relationships ● Community is not about money ● It does help you to grow your network which helps to get money in the long run ● Social networks are thus essential because they are the best way to network with large number of people
  12. 12. Saurabh Jain Twitter : @skjsaurabh LinkedIn : Medium : Websites : ● ● Email :