Sadomasochism in fifty shades trilogy


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Sadomasochism in fifty shades trilogy

  1. 1. SadomasochisminFiftyShadesTrilogyDesi Puspitasari117835054
  2. 2. Chapter IIntroduction
  3. 3. Background• E.L James as the popular author and herinfluence toward the sex life in the society.• The popularity of Fifty Shades trilogy.• Sadomasochism and the impact of childhoodtrauma.
  4. 4. Statement of the Problems1. How are sadomasochism depicted in Fifty Shadestrilogy?There are four aspects analysed in these novels;a. How is sadism depicted in Fifty Shades trilogy?b. How is masochism depicted in Fifty Shades trilogy?c. What is the impact of sadomasochism to the maincharacters in Fifty Shades trilogy?d. What is the impact of childhood trauma to the maincharacters in Fifty Shades trilogy?
  5. 5. Objective1. To depict the sadism in Fifty Shades trilogy.The novels are Fifty Shades of Grey, FiftyShades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed writtenby E.L James.2. To depict the masochism in Fifty Shades trilogy.3. To reveal the impact of sadomasochism to themain character in Fifty Shades trilogy.4. To reveal the impact of childhood trauma tothe main character in Fifty Shades trilogy.
  6. 6. Scope and Limitation• This study focuses on depicting the sadism andmasochism done by the characters and revealingthe impact of sadomasochism and childhoodtrauma to the main character in Fifty Shadestrilogy. This study is limited on the analysis of themain character’s sadomasochism and its impact,and the childhood trauma.
  7. 7. Assumptions1. Sadomasochism; sadism and masochism are depictedby hitting, slapping, doing bondage, and using sex toysin Fifty Shades trilogy.2. The impacts of sadomasochism to the main charactersare the feeling of pleasure, in the same time, the maincharacter feel depression and stress.3. Sadomasochism is the impact of childhood trauma inFifty Shades trilogy. Christian as the main character wasoften beaten by his father. His father hits his mother todie. Little Christian is suppressed by those events.Therefore these traumatic events caused him tobecome a masochist first then he changed to become asadist.
  8. 8. Chapter IIReview of Related Literature
  9. 9. Previous Studies1. Paul J. Ramsour (2002) entitled Masochism,Sexual Freedom, and Radical Democracy: AHermeneutic Study of Sadomasochism inPsychoanalytic, Sociological, andContemporary Texts.2. Pramesi Lokaprasidha (2009) entitledRevealing Sexual Masochism of Erika Kohutin Elfriede Jelinek’s The Piano Teacher
  10. 10. Paraphilia• Paraphilia derives from Greek, para means beside, andphilia means love.• Paraphilia is defined as sexual arousal to objects orsituations that are not part of normative stimulation(DSM-IV).• Recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies involvingnon-human objects, the suffering or humiliation,children or other no consenting persons that occur overa period of at least 6 months.• The diagnosis is made if the behaviour, sexual urges, orfantasies cause stress, pressure, depression happens inthe social life.
  11. 11. Sadomasochism• Matsumoto (2009) states sadomasochism is sexual practiceof using the infliction of pain or humiliation as a method ofintensifying sexual desire.• Freud has another term related to sadomasochism. Hedefines it as sadism and masochism.• A sadist is the active form of sadomasochism. A sadistinflicts pain to the passive. The passive here is themasochist. He/she receives the pain given by the sadist.• Freud emphasizing in the pleasure of pain and sexualharshness in doing sadomasochism.
  12. 12. Sadism• Sadism  Marquis de Sade• Matsumoto (2009) sexual arousal occurs as theresult of inflicting physical or mental pain onanother person.• Freud (1905) the feeling of aggressiveness the sexual instinct• A sadist is shy, anxious, introverted, and sociallyisolated, but of superior intelligence.
  13. 13. Masochism• Masochism  Leopold von Sacher-Masoch• Krueger (2010) states masochist asa. A preferred or exclusive mode of producingsexual excitement is to behumiliated, bound, beaten, or otherwise madeto sufferb. The individual has intentionally participated inan activity in which he or she was physicallyharmed or his or her life was threatened
  14. 14. Childhood Trauma• Cordỏn (2004) describe that trauma are caused byexperiencing something. The experiences are,1. Threatens the health and well-being of an individual.2. Creates an over-whelming fear that oneself or a loved one isabout to suffer severe injury or death.3. Overwhelms an individual’s coping mechanisms.4. Significantly disrupts the functioning of the individual.5. Indicates that the world is an uncontrollable andunpredictable place.• Those traumas can affect a child’s personality. It is becausetraumatic events may actually affect brain structures and brainfunction deeply.
  15. 15. Chapter IIIMethodology
  16. 16. Approach• This study will be used psychology as theapproach to analyse the depiction ofsadomasochism and its impact to the maincharacters, and the childhood trauma in James’Fifty Shades trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey, FiftyShades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed.
  17. 17. Design• This study will use the literary text as the object toanalyse. It is because the psychological aspects ofthe character in Fifty Shades trilogy will beanalysed.• Applying some theories about sadomasochismand childhood trauma will be necessary foranalysing the psychological aspects of thecharacter in Fifty Shades trilogy.
  18. 18. Data and Source of Data• The data of this study are the utterances of thecharacters about the depiction ofsadomasochism; sadism and masochism, and itsimpact to the main characters, and the impact ofthe childhood trauma in forming sadomasochismin Fifty Shades trilogy.• The source of data is trilogy by E.L. Jamesentitled Fifty Shades trilogy; Fifty Shades of Grey,Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed.
  19. 19. Technique of Collecting Data1. Close Reading2. Note Takinga. Depictions of Sadomasochismb. The Impact of Sadomasochismc. The Childhood Trauma Occurs in theCharacters
  20. 20. Technique of Analysing Data• Fifty Shades trilogy; Fifty Shades of Grey, FiftyShades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed will beanalysed by applying the theory aboutsadomasochism; sadism and masochism, and itsimpact to the main characters, and childhoodtrauma in order to get the findings.
  21. 21. Technique of Validating Data1. Rereading2. Checking3. Consultation
  22. 22. ThankYou