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Minutes 10th october 2012


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Minutes 10th october 2012

  1. 1. Minutes – Wednesday 10th October 2012Present - Johanna Fryer - Tarun Knapp - Sijanta ThapaAgenda: 1. Title 2. Details 3. Key Characters 4. Who, what, when, why, where 5. Act one – in a paragraph 6. Act two – in a paragraph 7. Act three – in a paragraphMinutesTitle – We discussed two titles, either ‘social killers’ or ‘deactivate’. ‘Social killers’ is a give away to thetype of film it will be, it is a very revealing title, whereas ‘deactivate’ is a mysterious title and createsEnigma, it doesn’t give too much away. We decided to call our film ‘deactivate’ for now, unless wechange our minds in the future.Details – We then recorded our details (our email address, mobile numbers etc). We need to know thisbecause this is what we will put on our posters and magazines.We then discussed the plot of our film. We’ve decided on the theme of revenge and the sub-genre willbe slasher/psychological horror.Key Characters – Main protagonist – Psychologically messed up girl (bullied, picked on)-Last girl standing – only girl still alive out of group of friends by the end-5 stereotypical teens – 3 girls, 2 guys – 2 couples- helper? – We haven’t made a complete decision about the helper yet- Police and parents? – In the background – Not key charactersWho, what, when, why, where – main synopsis of our horror movie 1. Main girl – equilibrium, she is constantly being bullied (which is normal for some people) 2. Shot of group of friends being happy in class while main girl is lonely and depressed. 3. Main girl reads her end of yearbook and see’s hate messages 4. She searches the 5 main hate messages (who wrote them) on facebook. 5. One at a time she deletes them as friends on facebook 6. She deactivates them and in the order of who she deactivates each character dies (apart from the last girl standing), the audience doesn’t know whether it is just fate or whether it is the villain (girl) doing the killing. As Barthes would say, this creates Enigma. 7. Last girl standing tries to figure it all out and get help (parents and police) 8. Last girl standing survives but is traumatised and mentally scarred for life.Act one of trailer – There is a sense of equilibrium at the beginning which goes along with VladimirPropps theory and there are flashes of the main girl being bullied. - Flashes of other teens being normal, having fun
  2. 2. - -We see the main girl flicking through her hate book and underlining harsh words and circling the names of the people who wrote her hate messages. - We see a clip of her searching for them on facebook and deactivating themAct two of trailer – Her friends die in order of being deactivated - We see clips leading to their deaths (mysterious) - Friends try and resolve problem by getting help but are let down by no evidence. - Image of someone searching on facebook realising they are no longer facebook friendsAct three of trailer – Psychologically deranged girl carries on with life emotionless... - Last girl standing is lonely and scared and in fear, she’s terrified that the revenge will come back to her.Logline – ‘Deactivate’ is a psychological slasher horror film about a troubled teen whose actions onsocial networking sites affects the lives of childhood bullies.Action Points – Next time we meet, we need to decide on names for our characters - We also need to decide locations - We will also discuss specific details (such as how they die etc)