Representations in trailers a2


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Representations in trailers a2

  1. 1. By the end of the lesson you will be able to discuss how the trailersrepresent groups within society.REPRESENTATIONS IN TRAILERS
  2. 2. Why? 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? You will need to be able to talk about how conventions are used and challenged within the genre you have chosen. Representation is a key part of that. You will need to consider in your own work- using, challenging representations.
  3. 3.  Task one Find a trailer that you think reinforces typical representations Find one which you think challenges it- be prepared to share!
  4. 4. Representation As we go through we will need to consider the representations that the trailer gives us: Representation in the media (AQA BOOK)is concerned with how people, events and ideas are presented to audiences. What we see, hear and read in the media is a representation of a subject. Even a live broadcast is a representation, because you only see what is filmed by the camera operator. As a media studies student, it is important that you are able to identify and understand these representations.
  5. 5. Police are often represented as havingtroubled home lives as they are married totheir job. Criminals and killers are oftenrepresented as having a bad background  How have different genders been represented?  How have different age groups been represented?  How have different races or religions been represented?  How have certain countries/ places been represented  Have any groups been unrepresented? If so, why?  How accurate is the representation?  Can the representation be interpreted in different ways?  Who has constructed the representation and why?  What effect does the representation have on the intended audience?
  6. 6. Representations we will belooking at: Some films for example will Good and evil represent women as Male and female desperate to find a man and Representations of the other get married Representations of the monster Representations of the teenager For your own trailer you can look at other representations- representations of age, place, certain jobs, superheroes , love, hardworking, positive, negative etc.
  7. 7. The other The Other is an individual who is perceived by the group as not belonging, as being different in some fundamental way. Any stranger becomes the Other. The group sees itself as the norm and judges those who do not meet that norm (that is, who are different in any way) as the Other. Perceived as lacking essential characteristics possessed by the group, the Other is almost always seen as a lesser or inferior being and is treated accordingly. The Other in a society may have few or no legal rights, may be characterized as less intelligent or as immoral, and may even be regarded as sub-human
  8. 8. The horror monster: Stephen Neale identified that horror texts have different types of monster. The monster is the source of the fear and it can represent things we fear in society. They can act as a metaphor for societies concerns.
  9. 9. The Characteristics Key ideamonsterThe External The external monster Some monsters have traits of more than one of Neale’s categories.Monster – an will be one who comes from Frankenstein’s monster for example is ‘man made’ but when he goesoutsider. ‘somewhere else’ and brings the to the village he brings in violence and death as an ‘outsider’ to the threat to a community. community Vampire films are good examples of this as traditionally they come from Transylvania and were shown terrorising a British community. They are outsiders as they are not (and never can be) members of the community and they invade a previously safe and peaceful environment.The Man-made The archetypal man-made monster The monster is oftenMonster – man’screation. can be found in Frankenstein (1931). A collection of body parts is put together represented as bad and and Dr Frankenstein brings the creature to dangerous- it is their life. The creature then brings death and danger to the community. Like the vampire natural instincts. What he could never be part of the community, the difference is, he is a creation of a member happens if they are of the community. represented in aThe Internal Here the monster is human. different way?Monster – man The human may come from within thegone wrong community but they are thinking or behaving in a way that creates a threat from the inside. The archetype for this kind of monster is Norman Bates in Psycho (1960). He is a mild mannered ‘boy next door’ character on the surface but the film reveals that he is murderously insane.
  10. 10. Representations and ideology Representations may link into ideologies in society Ideologies are ideas that we hold to be true in society Some ideologies may be created and reinforced through the media- e.g that good must always win out over evil That teenagers do not follow rules and have no ambition
  11. 11. Group Stereotyped representation- ideas that we have about these groups.GoodEvilMaleFemaleThe other/ themonster
  12. 12.  Watch the sinister trailer How is the monster represented in the trailer?
  13. 13.  Watch the sky fall trailer: How is the hero represented? The villain How is gender represented?
  14. 14. Twilight In the Twilight trailer how are the following represented: Males Females The other/ the monster 5I
  15. 15. Sucker punch 4EHow are females represented in this trailer?Is this what we are used to seeing or is it challenging representations?
  16. 16. The back up plan x7A&feature=related How is love represented? Males Females?
  17. 17. Bride wars Ktk How is love represented? Males ? Friendship? Females?
  18. 18. Attack the block How is inner city London represented? HKKc Also consider how teenagers are represented The other is represented
  19. 19. Captain America J3HfllvXWE How is the idea of the hero represented? Why do you think that the representation of the superhero and the superhero movie has increased in recent years? (link to Societies fears)
  20. 20. Task Look at a trailer of your choice (you can use the ones on student shared too) identify and analyse the representations in the trailer Think about why the ideas may have been represented in this way. It could be for example a horror trailer- you could then think about how good and evil are represented Think about whether the representations are stereotyped, they challenge ideologies Consider how mise en scene, costume, performance, lighting and sound help create these representations.