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Forging a New Social Contract - SXSW 2011


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This is the talk i gave at this year's SXSW to describe the new and emergent social contract we are crafting in a hyper connected world - i.e how is all this new tech impacting how we behave culturally, socially and in business.

Note: I included the "notes" inside each slide - for some reason they were not showing up as a transcript

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Forging a New Social Contract - SXSW 2011

  1. 1. Dear Miss Manners:the Social Web, WTF?Examining the emerging new socialcontract of our hyper-connectedworldSession Tags:#behuman@debsSXSW 2011Deb
  2. 2. Before we begin‣ I am not expert on political or social theory‣ This is not a binary conversation - it’s complicated‣ This talk is not about right and wrong‣ This is not an exhaustive dialogue – I will leave things out‣ This is a beginning not an end‣ I have a bias as a practical utopian..;). @debs #behuman
  3. 3. For discussion ‣ We are here to frame the issue and make it transparent ‣ Discuss how the web is changing our perceptions of moral/ethical behavior and etiquette appropriateness ‣ As the makers of this world we need to own the issues and address them ‣ Do we even need an agreed upon new set of behavior or just let it sort itself out?@debs #behuman
  4. 4. Why are you here? What drew u to this topic?
  5. 5. “How the Internet gets inside us” - Gopnik, New Yorker Just a few examples @debs #behuman
  6. 6. private persistence personal identity truth “friend” authentic currency rude trust presence reciprocity respect honesty anonymity value free ownership intimacy accountability public urgency secret comfort appropriate self share celebrity objectivity influence constancy commerceJust a few sample words @debs #behuman
  7. 7. rules - Leads to vulnerability, discomfort and fragiletrust @debs #behuman
  8. 8. Some recent lightening not too mention what you deal with every day storms @debs #behuman
  9. 9. Political cartoon by Randy Bish in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. What is secret? What is truth? What WikiLeaks needs to be transparent? @debs #behuman
  10. 10. Mid-East Revolution Do we have new responsibility here? @debs #behuman
  11. 11. Governments and businesses should start revisingtheir social contracts with their stakeholders in thelight of the new realities of the post-crisis world. -World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, 2011 Government & Commerce Davos @debs #behuman
  12. 12. Charlie Sheen Rude? Crazy? Entertaining? @debs #behuman
  13. 13. Can you think of other examples? @debs #behuman
  14. 14. Context @debs #behuman
  15. 15. new technology brings new tensions and a reshaping ofsocial frameworks @debs #behuman
  16. 16. Ancient timesRabbi Chaglitz[disclosure: this is an image of adifferent Rabbi] @debs #behuman
  17. 17. Jane Austin - servants as keepers of the backchannel @debs #behuman
  18. 18. original network - the locomotive @debs #behuman
  19. 19. Party Lines @debs #behuman
  20. 20. Concepts @debs #behuman
  21. 21. Golden Rule “Law of reciprocity” @debs #behuman
  22. 22. The Social Contract @debs #behuman
  23. 23. “The” Public Sphere evolved to multiple publics @debs #behuman
  24. 24. So what exactly is going on today? @debs #behuman
  25. 25. 3 Types of of Shifting @debs #behuman
  26. 26. anandham Evolving @debs #behuman
  27. 27. Digital photos photo sharing etiquette evolves @debs #behuman
  28. 28. @debs #behuman
  29. 29. Emerging @debs #behuman
  30. 30. Machine @debs #behuman
  31. 31. Social steganography hiding in plain site on facebook @debs #behuman
  32. 32. Your bad behavior now reflectedMucking up my stream explicitly and persistently in my feed @debs #behuman
  33. 33. @debs #behuman
  34. 34. Shutting off the internet we view this as a right @debs #behuman
  35. 35. Personal Data @debs #behuman
  36. 36. Lets examine a single piece of human interaction @debs #behuman
  37. 37. So, now what? @debs #behuman
  38. 38. Approaches @debs #behuman
  39. 39. @debs #behuman
  40. 40. http://www.( Can mitigate and set tone @debs #behuman
  41. 41. Policy Creative Commons @debs #behuman
  42. 42. Skills We will negotiate new etiquette together - it’s up to you @debs #behuman
  43. 43. Tummeling as apracticeOne, such as a social director orentertainer, who encourages guestor audience participation. 2. Onewho incites others to action.ETYMOLOGY: Yiddish tummler,from tumlen, to make a racket.Learn more at
  44. 44.’ve all seen this video before. Now look at it in context ofevolving, emerging and contested behaviors.
  45. 45. This new world requires the combination of newdesign thinking, sophisticated tech tools and arenewed focus on human skills
  46. 46. ThanksDeb, TummelVisionwww.tummerlvision.tvSenior Fellow, Altimeter @debs #behuman
  47. 47. The end