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Open educational resources


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Short presentation exploring a few challenges and benefits of using open educational resources.

Published in: Education
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Open educational resources

  1. 1. All photos taken by the author
  2. 2. Challenge • It takes time to find, customize, and apply open educational resources to a class • It takes time to review each open resource used before the material is assigned to make sure it still exists • It takes time to replace nonexistent open resources Benefit • Taking the time to find, customize, apply, and replace each resource keeps the instructor in touch with the materials
  3. 3. Challenge • Each resource chosen must apply to and enhance the course objects • Each resource must be worked into the course in a meaningful and logical sequence Benefit • Applying planning assures that the instructor knows how each resource addresses the course objectives • Applying planning keeps he instructor in touch with the applicability of the course objectives
  4. 4. Challenge • Shared materials may have limited or no value • Shared materials may not be correctly attributed • Shared materials may invite review and scrutiny Benefit • Reviewing shared resources causes the instructor to read critically • Assessing shared resources requires instructors to understand attribution • Sharing materials invites review and assessment that can enhance the materials