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OER Should I Use Them?

  1. Open Education Resources Should I learn to use them? by Leo Hopcroft
  2. Textbook prices My students are paying way too much! Money Hand Holding Bankroll Girls by Steven Depolo is licensed under CC BY
  3. But traditional textbook publishers provide a lot for all that money publishers have a huge variety of ready-made textbooks for all kinds of classes textbooks are reviewed by many experts and editors publishers provide websites, power points, and resources matched to the textbook publishers provide test banks
  4. On the other hand, there are many sources of open educational resources available to help you customize your classes and make them your own
  5. But choosing and gathering resources from among so many sources can be overwhelming Outtake - Nooo! by Andrés Þór is licensed under CC BY NC SA
  6. Open education resources do not yet live up to the hype. Designing your course will be a huge amount of work, and it will probably take a lot longer than you expect You may not even find exactly what you are looking for Many “open” sources link to material that isn’t open
  7. On the plus side, the wide array of OER materials means you can include a variety of media in your courses What is Multimedia? By Kevin Jarrett is licensed under CC BY
  8. Your can integrate open education resources into your course material to make online, interactive lessons available to your students without having to ask permission Laptop by Max is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA
  9. Creating and using OER makes you a part of an unlimited community of teaching and learning Extended Community Circle by josephluis is public domain clipart