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#4 horror group

  1. 1. About Horror• Horror films were first seen in 1931.• The first appeared horror movies were ‘Dracula’ and ‘Frankenstein’.• Firstly most were about vampires and monstersWhat is horror ?• Disturbing movies that try to cause emotions of fear and disgust from viewers.• Often involve the invasion of an evil force, event, or somebody usually of supernatural origin into our everyday life.Why do people enjoy it ?• People watch horror movies not to actually be afraid but to be excited and engaged to the film.• The great feeling of relief you get after 2 hours of terror.
  2. 2. Horror before and after Before After Over time horror has changed as it is now not all about ghosts and haunting people but involves more : • Cursing • Situations of everyday life • Situations we can relate to • Less vampires, monsters etc.Picture taken from ‘The Picture taken from ‘drag me toPhantom of the Opera’ hell’ released in 2009. Old ladyreleased in 1925. it is a places a curse on youngabout a deformed Ghost women, after three days ofwho haunts the Paris growing torment, will fall herOpera house into the depths of Hell to burn for eternity.
  3. 3. Examples of horror films FrankensteinDracula Phantom of the opera The wolfman Drag me to hell Final destination saw scream
  4. 4. More about the films Phantom of the opera • directed by Rupert JulianDracula • distributed by Universal• Director Tod browning Studios• Universal studios production •Released in 1925• Released in 1931 • about a ghost who haunts• About a crazy man who lived on human the Paris opera house.blood and killed innocent girls. http://www.youtube.com/whttp://www.youtub atch?v=IN6u28dq4qc&featue.com/watch?v=7N Frankenstein re=relatedfmh178L98 • directed by James whale • distributed by Universal Pictures •Released in 1931 • based on a dead scientist who turns out to be alive and goes round scaring innocent people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKyiX jyVsfw
  5. 5. Final destination 5 • Directed by Steven Quale • Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures • Released in 2011 • About a group of co workers who go on a work retreat while one of the workers dreamsDrag me to hell that the bridge the coach was on was going to• Directed by Sam Raimi fall they manage to escape it but ‘when death• produced by Grant Curtis chooses you no one can save u from it’Robert G. Tapert•Released in 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLKR3GdI• about a Young girl who neglates a K80loan to a gypsy women therefore thiswomen curses her and after 3 daysdrags her to the depths of hell.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUZTybLlWKI
  6. 6. Scream Saw•Directed by Wes Craven • directed by James Wan•Distributed by Dimension Films • distributed by Lionsgate•Released in 1996 • released in 2004• about a suspect that calls the • about two men who are chained infans of horror movies and attacks a bathroom and are giventhem when they least expect, instructions of how to escape, one ispolice is involved but no one can told he must escape the bathroom,catch this person ! while the other is told to kill him before a certain time, or his familyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v will die.=UTWf9QGdJCQ http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=ZLNT1aqXbFI
  7. 7. ConventionsIn horror movies we all expect :• some kind of ghost• innocent adult, girl or child• Opening doors• chains• locked empty rooms• screaming• home alone in a massive house