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Assignment 4 final


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Assignment 4 final

  1. 1. Assignment 4Genre Partner ProjectBy Rahel and Chantelle
  2. 2. Horror By Rahel
  3. 3. Horror Establishment• Disturbing films designed to frighten audience• Many of the first horror films were created by German film makers in 1910-1920s
  4. 4. Horror Changes• Horror movies have changed a lot over time.• In the early 20th century horror films were completely gory and violent.• Now horror films still have the scary features but they are funny as well.
  5. 5. Horror examples
  6. 6. Dracula• Director: Tod Browning• Distribution Company: Universal Pictures• Released: 1931• Plot: Solicitor travels to Count Dracula’s castle to give legal advice for an estate transaction. The solicitor’s employee is watching. After being charmed by Dracula, he realises he is a prisoner in the castle.
  7. 7. Frankenstein• Director: James Whale• Distribution Company: Universal Pictures• Released: 1931• Plot: Scientist Henry Frankenstein and assistant Fritz put together a human body. Frankenstein’s desire is to produce human life through electrical machinery which he has perfected.
  8. 8. When a stranger calls• Director: Simon West• Distribution Company: Screen Gems• Released: 2006• Plot: A teenage babysitter receives more and more threatening phone calls from a serial killer who she first thinks is just a prank caller.
  9. 9. Case 39• Director: Christian Alvart• Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures• Released: 2010• Plot: A social worker has to investigate the family of a 10 year old. She then suggests the child should be put into foster care. Until she finds a suitable place, the social worker offers to look after her. This has scary consequences.
  10. 10. Scary Movie• Director: Keenan Ivory Wayans• Distribution Company: Dimension Films• Released: 2000• Plot: Following a group of teenagers accidently hit an old man with their car and they dumped his body in a lake. After a year, a person with the same mask kills them one by one.
  11. 11. Friday the 13th• Director: Sean S Cunningham• Distribution Company: Warner Bros• Released: 1980• Plot: While attempting to re-open an abandoned campsite, a group of teenagers are killed one by one.
  12. 12. How do the films fit in with the conventions?• Dracula - the character is very frightening and calculated which meets the conventions of horror genre.• Frankenstein – an evil main character and a handy side kick.• When a stranger calls – viewer is in suspense because they don’t know the stranger’s identity.• Case 39 – the viewer is given the wrong impression of the girl at first but then they see a terrifying twist in her nature and what she is capable of.• Scary movie – the group do something that the viewers know will have major consequences which makes the viewers frightened about what happens next.• Friday the 13th – expected setting – dark abandone place.
  13. 13. Gothic Horror sub genresComedy Horror
  14. 14. Comedy-horror• Comedy-horror is a horror sub genre containing elements of both horror and comedy.• Comedy-horror films provide the audience with chances feel frightened and also to laugh at their fears.
  15. 15. Science Fiction• Science fiction is a horror sub genre that deals with imaginary content such as futuristic settings, science and technology. Also, space travel. HorrorThe earliest horror films were gothic in style.Usually set in spooky mansions, castles etcDas Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, made in 1919.One of the first gothic horror films.
  16. 16. Gothic• The earliest horror films were gothic in style.• Usually set in spooky mansions, castles etc• Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, made in 1919. One of the first gothic horror films. SupernaturalSupernatural is a horror sub genre whichusually contains gods/godesses, spirits andmiracles.
  17. 17. DRACULA Still shots DRACULA Dark setting vulnerable and the woman(victim) character is unaware of has an evil the scary male expression villain. FRANKENSTEINFRANKENSTEIN Character stares at Dark background. the separated body The character looks part(hand) – typical inhuman – skeleton gory image. figure, unnatural face
  18. 18. WHEN A STRANGER WHEN A STRANGER CALLS CALLS Extreme close up Audience is of the curtains. left in They arent fully suspense, drawn suggesting caller’s somebodys identity is looking on unknown CASE 39CASE 39 Violence and aggression Close up of innocent child
  19. 19. By Chantelle
  20. 20. a sub genre that changes the audience emotions to make Melodrama: them feel a certain way . Crime drama: themes involving criminals, law enforcement and the legal system Historical Films that focus on dramatic events in history drama a type of drama film with characters with thrilling plots Drama thriller:Comedy-drama: is an equal, balance of humour and serious content a dramatic film which surrounds on the Romance: elements of romantic love. Tragedy: a drama in which a characters downfall is caused illness or by a major error in judgment
  21. 21. Twenty-five hundred years ago, two thousand years before Shakespeare, Western theatre was born in Athens, The purpose of drama Drama is an artistic form, as well as a medium for portraying societesissues. The purpose of drama is not only to entertain, but also to reflectsocieties issues of the time. Perhaps most importantly, over the years,drama has portrayed and reflected our changing and evolving society.
  22. 22. • Dramas are serious ,portraying realistic characters in life situations, Dramatic films are probably the largest film genre. At the centre of a drama is usually a character or characters who are in conflict at a moment in their lives
  23. 23.  Disturbed Blanche Dubois moves in with her sister in New Orleans and is tormented by her brutish brother-in-law while her reality crumbles around her.
  24. 24. A Mumbai teen whogrew up in the slums,becomes a contestanton the Indian versionof "Who Wants To BeA Millionaire?" He isarrested undersuspicion of cheating,and while beinginterrogated, eventsfrom his life historyare shown whichexplain why heknows the answers.