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Assignment #6


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Assignment #6

  1. 1. Assignment #6: Research ofmagazine and double page spreads Debbie Marques
  2. 2. Listings magazines Time outThe Listing
  3. 3. What kind of things are in ‘The Listing’ magazine ? • Clubs • Gifts • Health • Beauty • Accommodation • Business • Community • Organisations • Food and drink • what’s on • Homes and gardens • Useful phone numbers • Activities
  4. 4. Who is the target audience ? Mature audience from ages 30-60 Mass audience Lengthy articles Mature style of font (no decorated writing) Magazine cover : concurs which represents the season we are in Colours used on the front cover are very autumn like, use of browns, yellows and oranges wouldn’t attract a young audience Adverts included would be more for couples and families Adverts for homing Holidays Dental care Restaurants
  5. 5. How is the magazine organized ?Double page spreads are found towards the middle ofthe magazineFirst page included contents and homing advertsTowards the end the adverts are more aboutrestaurants and businessMost of the magazine is adverts however of differenttopics such as business, beauty, health etc.
  6. 6. The Listing magazineWhere is it available :Through the postOnlineLocal householdsFacebookTwitterLinkedInPrice :from £30 plus VATProcedures of getting features :Call phone number included on website
  7. 7. What kind of things are in TimeOut magazine Tickets and offers TV guide Restaurants Bars & pubs Hotels Around town Museums & attractions Music Art Theatre Dance Books poetry Clubs Sport & fitness Shopping Properties Competitions Dating
  8. 8. Who is the target audienceTeenagers 18-30Interest in Clubs and gigsInterests in music and nightlifeEnjoy going out with friendsHave interest for tourist attractions
  9. 9. How is magazine organisedFirst page is about the week in London followed bypictures and adverts in between.Double page spreads come after.Then mentions things that can be done in London.Followed by film, art, music and shopping.Last page includes what will be shown on TV duringthe week.
  10. 10. TimeOut magazineWhere is it available :Train stationszones 1 and 2, larger stations on zones 3 and 4MuseumsGalleriespostCost of double page spread: £8,400Price of mag:FreeThrough post : pay postage
  11. 11. Stage two: double page spreads
  12. 12. Layout Name of person mentioned on article Main person’s picture taking up whole pageColours usedmatching the coloursused on the picture Information Main about the focus on person on Little this picture description of character who he is
  13. 13. How is it effective and eye catching ? Name in bold writing The picture taking up a whole page Font in black , crabs attention On the picture quite a lot of things are happening behind him however the main focus is on him, gives a 3D effect
  14. 14. Style of font Black font on white background makes it stand out White writing in purple background matches the tie on Title in bold and mature writing makes it easier to read
  15. 15. Photo manipulation Focus on main actor Looks serious emphasise role he plays Character stands out although in a busy background
  16. 16. Organisation of information Text very well organised into paragraphs Has some purple writing in the middle of whole text to emphasise a quote. Has a little picture at the bottom that also connects to what the article is about
  17. 17. Layout Image of person trying to shoot the man juxtaposes the colours usedUnusual Title in sameimage kind of font asused previous advertMix ofblues make White text with redit seem background makescalm it stand out more
  18. 18. How is it effective and eye catching ? The helicopter flying behind the man in white get the audience attention Use of blues makes is relaxing at therefore get people’s attention Red background makes writing more visible for reader and gets audience attention
  19. 19. Style of font Black bold writing gets stands out Mature and clear font makes easier to read Font used the same as previous advert , therefore common in this magazine
  20. 20. Photo manipulation Man trying to escape in a beautiful back ground Juxtaposition between beauties of the sea with the man on the helicopter trying to shoot the man in white Rarely see this in real life, not very realistic
  21. 21. Organisation of information Not too much text Easy to read Organised clearly therefore makes reader want to read it
  22. 22. LayoutMale sitting Bouquet ofon the floor flowersmysteriously juxtaposes the fact that it is about malesWhite text made to Many yellowsstand out however and purplesa lot of things are used whichgoing on , on the symbolisesbackground warmth
  23. 23. How is it effective and eye catching ? Don’t usually see a male sitting down in that kind of position Room is looking very posh and welcoming with all the yellows The colours grab attention and the flowers as they is a lot going on at the same time
  24. 24. Style of font Bold white writing to make it stand out , however can be a little difficult to read Font is the same as previous adverts , font used throughout magazine White information given on background to make it easier to read
  25. 25. Photo manipulation Juxtaposition as male are not usually associated with flowers Position in which character is in is not very male like Setting looks very welcoming due to the yellows used.
  26. 26. Organisation of information Information very well organised Font that would be hard to see in white a black background was put to make info more clear Has some red and yellow text in the middle of writing to make info stand out.
  27. 27. Layout Title in white toWhole page match the snowwith picture on the backgroundof main of the pictureperson/modelCostume Text put at therepresenting corner so readerwinter as this is can also focusthe November on pictureedition
  28. 28. How is it effective and eye catching ? Both pages have her as the main focus Mise-en-scene looks really beautiful The fact that she is in a mini dress when there snow behind her
  29. 29. Style of font White and bold font stands on the background used The colour white lets the reader also focus on the picture as well as the text Some text is highlighted in red and other in green in order to make it clearer to reader
  30. 30. Photo manipulation The winter clothes, everyone is interested in seeing the kind of fashion The fact that although there is snow on the background she is still showing her legs The clothes she is wearing looks very warm and comfortable Realistic
  31. 31. Organisation of information Put on the corner of the page so focus is mainly on the female Clearly organised text Information some is highlighted in red and other in green so it is separated.
  32. 32. THE END