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Magazine covers ethnicity


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Published in: Education
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Magazine covers ethnicity

  1. 1. Pride Magazine is the largest and most successfulmagazine targeting Afro-Caribbean women in the UnitedKingdom. The lifestyle magazine has been in publicationsince 1991. Whilst many magazines have come and goneover this period Pride has been the only stable strongtitle in this category and has over its 18 years become thedominant title in this market and been one of the fewniche titles that attracts mainstream advertisers of thelikes of Ford and Vodafone. The magazine has acirculation over 30,000 copies each month and is seen bymany as the most effective method to reach Afro-Caribbeans in the UK. Pride magazine is also the onlyblack media company of any size that still remains inblack British ownership and is now celebrating its 18thyear as the market leader.
  2. 2. The first issue of Asian Woman & Bride Magazine, released in2000, caused something of a revolution in Asian media. Thefirst title of its kind, the magazine gained an instant following,prompting the creation of two separate titles: Asian Womanmagazine and Asian Bride magazine as they are known today.With a unique mix of high-quality editorial, cutting-edgefashion, beauty and entertainment presented in a vibrantglossy format, the titles garnered an international readershipthat continues to grow ten years on.In 2010, Asian Woman and its stable of sister titles werebought by Jayson Emerald Media Corporation Ltd. Today thepublishing empire is owned by Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief J Wimal who, together with her highly-skilled anddeeply passionate team, has brought the brand into themainstream consciousness, attracting a wide range of luxurybrands while expanding the readership beyond its core Asianaudience.