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Industry research


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Industry research

  1. 1. Industry Research
  2. 2. IPCIPC has more than 60 iconic brands. IPC creates content formultiple platforms. This includes print, online, mobile, tabletsand events. IPC is the UK’s leading consumer magazine publisheras they engage with 26million UK adults. Out of the26million, almost two thirds of them are UK Women and 42% ofthem are UK men. Their portfolio of websites reaches over25million users globally every month!
  3. 3. IPC have 3 divisions; IPC Connect, IPC Inspire and IPC Southbank.IPC Connect is their mass market in the women’s division. Thiscomprises of famous women’s weeklies. This includes Now, Chatand Woman. It also includes TV entertainment brands includingWhat’s on TV, TV Times, TV and Satellite Week and thegoodtoknow network. IPC Inspire is their men’s portfolio. It has awealth of leisure brands such as Country Life, Horse &Hound, and Rugby World. It also includes lifestyle brands such asNuts, Mousebreaker and NME. IPC Southbank is the upmarketwomen’s division. This comprises of luxury fashion brands. Thisincludes Marie Claire and InStyle.
  4. 4. In the 1800s, a magazine called The Field was launched in 1853.Within a year it became the largest newspaper in Europe.Throughout the Crimean War, it had its own correspondent. In1911, the first of IPC’s four traditional woman’sweeklies, Woman’s Weekly was launched in November. In1932, the launch of Woman’s Own indicated the arrival of one ofIPC’s traditional ‘Big Two’. This included the appearance ofWoman magazine which followed just 5 years later. Woman’sown was promoted with a free cover-mounted gift. This includesa three skeins of wool with every copy! The first issue of Womanin 1937 cost 2d. In the 1940’s, a key wartime role was played byIPC’s women’s weeklies. This was keeping up morale of Britain’swomen and also to supply an essential information service onbehalf of the Government.
  5. 5. In the 1950s, the increase of music had signalled the arrival ofNew Music Express in 1952. This involves NME to set the ballrolling with the compilation of the first official UK record chart.In the 1963, the International Publishing Corporation wasformed. This has brought together 3 rival magazinecompanies, Newnes, Fleetway and Odhams Press. The traditionalcompetitors had found themselves all working for the sameparent company. In 1969, it saw the birth of a new footballweekly magazine called Shoot! This weekly magazine waslaunched to capitalise the upsurge of the interest in the footballwhich has recently been generated.
  6. 6. The 1980s had seen the formation of European Magazines Ltd.This is a joint venture with Groupe Marie Claire to launch the UKedition of the international title Marie Claire in 1988. In one ofthe most intense arrivals in publishing history, a ground-breakinglad’s magazine called Loaded had hit the newsstands in 1994. Ithailed the outstanding launch of recent years as it spawnscountless clones and opens up the whole young men’s market.NME became the first major UK music title to get its owninternet site.
  7. 7. IPC Magazine is sold to Cinven for £860m in 1998. This was oneof the largest management buyouts in UK History. In the NewMillennium (2000s), IPC Magazines became IPC Media in 2000.Time Warner had purchased IPC Media for £1.15 billion inOctober 2001. This was the biggest magazine deal ever seen inthe UK. In Feb 2007, IPC Connect launches Look magazine. Thiswas the UK’S first glossy high street fashion and celebrity styleweekly magazine.
  8. 8. BauerBauer Media is a division of the Bauer Media Group. This isEurope’s largest privately owned publishing Group. This Group isa worldwide media empire. It offers over 300 magazines in 15different countries. This also includes online, TV and radiostations.
  9. 9. The history of Bauer’s magazine goes back to 1953. It startedwith the launch of Angling Times and the achievement of MotorCycle News in 1956. Both of these are still iconic brands withintheir company. The start of the company’s radio business beganin 1990 with the achievement of London dance station Kiss FM(currently called Kiss 100). This is followed by RadioCity, TWC, the Metro Group and Melody FM. This has turned intoMagic 105.4.
  10. 10. In 1994, Bauer Media Group had brought a small magazinecalled For Him Magazine. This is now the root of the best-sellinginternational multi-platform brand called FHM. In 1996, theyhave got a digital music TV channel called The Box. This is theroute into the small screen business, which has grown into a BoxTelevision. This is a seven channel joint scheme TV business withChannel 4. In January 2008, Bauer Media joined the Bauer MediaGroup which followed the acquisition of Emap plc’s consumerand specialist magazines, radio, TV, online and digital businesses.
  11. 11. Bauer Media is a multi-platform UK-based media Group. Thisconsists of many companies collected around two maindivisions, Magazines and Radio. This is widely recognised andrewarded as being industry innovators. Closer was launched in2002 and Britain’s first weekly glossy, GRAZIA was launched in2005. Today, Bauer Media extends over 80 influential brandnames. This covers a diverse range of interests includingheat, Parkers, MATCH!, CAR and Yours.