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How nonprofits win with word of mouth marketing


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If you only engage in ordinary outreach activities – petition asks, email marketing and Google AdWord buys – you won't get noticed in a busy landscape where every nonprofit is vying for attention and support. Why? When everyone does the same thing, no one organization shines.

Truly remarkable organizations get their marketing done for them – for free – by their most excited, committed, passionate and devoted fans. They earn it by providing exceptional member experiences, by being unique, bold and creative. Word-of-mouth isn't just about one-off gimmicks or "viral" campaigns. It's an overall approach to movement building based on a new online reality where everyday people have become the most powerful marketing department on the planet.

In this session, we'll discuss how nonprofits and charities are creating remarkable online campaigns based on the theory and philosophy of movement marketing. You'll learn from experienced practitioners how to augment limited budgets with creativity and technology that will help your nonprofit get talked about.

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How nonprofits win with word of mouth marketing

  1. 1. How nonprofits winwith word of mouth marketing
  2. 2. Wireless SSID: W2meshPASSWORD: doubledouble
  3. 3. The Problem
  4. 4. Everyone is doing the same thing
  5. 5. Heartbeats and Remarkables
  6. 6. Heartbeat Activities
  7. 7. • Website content• Search engine optimization• Email marketing• Press releases• Social media updates• Online advertising
  8. 8. • Connect with your community• Call for action• Raise money• Shine a light on members• Engage members further
  9. 9. Remarkables
  10. 10. “Safe is risky, andrisky is safe.” Seth Godin
  11. 11. • Recruits new members• Inspires actions and activities• Connects with influencers• Tells a story• Increases attention• Improves web presence
  12. 12. How Do You MakeRemarkables?
  13. 13. Change the medium of the message
  14. 14. Say it visually
  15. 15. Riff on what the web loves
  16. 16. Enable creativeuser contributions
  17. 17. TheGreenestCity Plan 2020 Remarkable Result: Increased community engagement Heartbeat Activities
  18. 18. • More actions• Less fatigue• Stronger volunteer power• Impact• Relevance• Increase the cool factor
  19. 19. Questions?(Who wants an ebook?)
  20. 20. Photos by Caro Wallis,marie.joi, Naida Folgado, Julie Szabo and Darren Barefoot