Turning Fans into Funds


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Fundraising through fan raising. How to get your fans to take action that supports your team.

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Turning Fans into Funds

  1. 1. Fans into Funds: 3 Ways toGet Fans to Take Action
  2. 2. #riotsports
  3. 3. Develop Channels Quality Content Call to Action
  4. 4. Develop Channels
  5. 5. Money through Marketing Webinar
  6. 6. Building Your Community
  7. 7. Make it Easy
  8. 8. High-Tech and High-touch Facebook Direct mailing Events E-newsletters Personal notes Website Phone calls
  9. 9. Quality Content video, text, audio
  10. 10. What is quality content? Dates, times and locations VS Mission, vision and values
  11. 11. Goals Personal interest stories "Where are they now?" Athlete interviewsParent, fan, admin, sponsor interviews Other perspectives
  12. 12. Call to ActionGet someone to do something. Donate Volunteer Attend Sign-up/Register Participate
  13. 13. Call to Action One-on-one Group Online
  14. 14. One-on-oneMaking "the ask" Be specific Hardest (guts) Relationship
  15. 15. GroupMaking "the ask"Be more specific Hard Relationship
  16. 16. OnlineMaking "the ask"Actionable step Hard (art) Relationship
  17. 17. OnlineNewsletters Website Facebook Twitter Text
  18. 18. Build channels: reach outCreate content:educate & informCall to action: be specific
  19. 19. Rowdy Package Single email to update channels Custom newsletter and news page Works with any website Weekly marketing tips $249 set-up and $24.95/monthCoupon Code: WEBINAR for $249 off! 48 Hours Only. Sign-up Now!