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Performance task

  1. 1. PERFORMANCE TASK By: Celeste Hendry 5th period ELA
  2. 2. THE GIVER: JONAS Jonas is a boy in this community that’s played out as a perfect life.He is very different than the other Elevens. In a way, he actsrebellious to what the Elders, or the people in control, of thecommunity say. Jonas is basically the black of the community.
  3. 3. HIS CONFLICT Jonas is turning into a Twelve, and he starts his career training. Hisjob is to be a Receiver for the community. In this workforce, he soonfinds out that his “perfect” life is not the way it seems. He soonreceives memories that the community has been hiding from them.He gets to fell and that makes him very vicious; so he comes up witha plan.
  4. 4. SOLUTION He and The Giver make a plan for him to escape. During theTwelves’ ceremony, he escapes, and The Giver makes it to were Jonasdied in a river. He’s forgotten by the community and was neverspoken of again.
  5. 5. ZEBRA Zebra is a little boy who loved to run. Most of the people in theneighborhood knew him as Zebra because the way he ran. He was inthe 7th grade and he was a very lonely child.
  6. 6. HIS CONFLICT Zebra was running down a hill one day, the hill was very steep, anda car hit him when he was coming around the corner of the hill. Hethen got a broken finger, which Zebra didn’t like. Until one day hesaw a man named, Neil, who was like him but he was missing an arm.Now this man was in the Vietnam War, but Zebra didn’t know that.All he knew was that the man loved to draw and he wanted to start anart class at Zebra’s school during the summer.
  7. 7. SOLUTION Zebra joined Neil’s art class and soon became good friends withhim. When the art class was over, Neil asked Zebra and a few otherstudents to leave an art picture for him to remember them by. AfterNeil had visited the Vietnam wall in remembrance, of his formerfriend, he then carried the art to his studio in Virginia.
  8. 8. TITANIC: RUTH BECKER Ruth Becker was a 12 year old, in second class, on the luxuriousTitanic. She had boarded with her mother, little brother, and her littlesister, they looked forward to this cruise to America, because herfather was waiting for them to come. Like any other 12 year old, shewas quite amused by the texture of the ship.
  9. 9. HER CONFLICT It was the third day after they took sail, look-out Fredrick Fleetsaw an iceberg, and soon after the ship hit the iceberg. Ruth and hermother were awaken by the commotion of the screaming people inthe halls. She and her family were soon took up to the top of the shipto board lifeboats.
  10. 10. SOLUTION Thankfully, her and her family got off the ship in time before itsank. But as she looked back at the sinking ship she could hear thewaling cries of the left people on that ship, then it just faded away inthe depths of the freezing sea.
  11. 11. COMPARISONS In all the books, they had to overcome some type of struggle. In“The Giver,” Jonas had to overcome the barren of being a receiver. In“Zebra,” Zebra had to overcome his fear of his broken fingers. Andin “The Titanic,” Ruth had to overcome the struggle of getting offthe ship safely for her and her family. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!