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David project


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David project

  1. 1. The GiverBy: David smith
  2. 2. Problems in the Giver Jonas is sick of living in the crazy community. There is no color in the community he lives in. He can’t have wet dreams about the girl he likes.
  3. 3. Slide 2 Since Jonas is sick of living is sick of living in this community he decides. He just got up one night and left the community. That’s how Jonas gets away from the community he lived in
  4. 4. Zebra Zebrais a little boy that likes to run a lot. He always runs ware ever he goes and he doesn’t take much rest. One day Zebra runs down a curve and gets hit by a car.
  5. 5. Zebra 2 AfterZebra gats hit and brakes his leg he decides to go to a summer art class at his school. At that class he meets a good friend that was in vietnam. He makes something special to his friend and It is put on the vietnam memorial.
  6. 6. Seventh grade Victor is a 12 year old boy who has a crush on a girl he has liked since he was little. The problem is he just cannot get alone time with her. He gets upset when he can’t get alone time.
  7. 7. Seventh grade 2 He decides to save a spot for her at the lunch table. The problem is she eats lunch out side. They go to mister buller’s class and he acts like he knows spanish. He tricks her into thinking he knows french
  8. 8. Titanic The Titanic was a great big ship that was built 100 years ago. It was the biggest ship ever built. This ship hits a ice berg and crashes into the frozen cold ocean.
  9. 9. Titanic 2 After the ship gets hit by the ice berg it has only 3 hours till it crashes. Ruth Becker a passenger grabs her children and gets on the move. She sends her eldest dauter back to get blankets. They get on life boats and servive the horrible crash.