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Jamal tribue


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Jamal tribue

  1. 1. Jamal ,Tribue10-30-12ELAUNIT 1 TEIR 3
  2. 2. Jonas: Problem Jonas becomes the receiver After becoming the receiverhe learns the truth about his community
  3. 3. Jonas: Resolution Jonas resolution is that he runs away from the community.
  4. 4. Jimmy Valentine: Problem Jimmy’s Problem is that he got out of jail for robbing banks On his way to rob another bank he falls in love & stops robbing banks One day he must chose between saving a life or exposing his secret
  5. 5. Jimmy Valentine: Resolution Jimmy’s resolution is that he reveals his secret, and saves a life. This shows he has changed, and the detective doesn’t arrest him.
  6. 6. Zebra: Problem Zebra loved to run, until one day he was hit by a car The doctor told him he would never run like he could ever again
  7. 7. Zebra: Resolution Zebra’s resolution happens when he meets John Wislon. John convinces Zebra to join a art class After taking art class Zebra no longer feels so bad.
  8. 8. Reflection Each character overcame their challenges by turning their life around. Jonas started a new life outside the community Jimmy stopped robbing banks Zebra went to Art class, and found a new hobby
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