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Performance task

  1. 1. PERFORMANCE TASK By: Sydney Edmondson ELA 5th Mrs. Dawson October 23rd,2012
  2. 2. JONAS’ ADVERSITYJonas’ adversity was coping with being different among his friends andfamily. For example, when Jonas starts seeing that his family doesn’treally have feelings or emotions he starts feeling different and alone.Also Jonas doesn’t like the feelings of pain, sorrow, and sadness hefeels with being the Giver, for example when Jonas sees the boy dyingin one of his classes, and then he sees his dad kill a baby twin he reallystarts seeing the injustice in their supposed utopia.
  3. 3. JONAS’ PERSEVERANCEJonas persevered through his adversity by one, looking on the bright side. And two,his classes with the Giver. Examples of him looking on the bright side are when hethought about all the good things the Giver had stored away in his mind. Like thescene of riding the sled, and of a boat riding in the sea. Also his classes with the Givertook the pain of every day living away because with the Giver he was able to freelyexpress himself and get lessons that took his mind off of such matters as injustice,loneliness and knowing that all those living in their so called “utopia” don’t know thetrue meaning of love and feelings. Ultimately, though to escape his sufferings he hadto run away from the community, resulting in his memories being scatteredthroughout this so called “utopia”.
  4. 4. ZEBRA’S ADVERSITYZebra’s adversity was coping with his disability, feelings ofsadness, and being bad at art. In the story Zebra got hit by acar while running ,giving him a disability that can’t easily befixed, and this is what causes Zebra to have feelings ofsadness. Along side his other adversities ,in the beginning oftaking art he was not very good.
  5. 5. ZEBRA’S PERSEVERANCEZebra persevered through his challenge by art. In the story his teacher,Mr. Wilson, helps bring out his good qualities with art, for exampleduring his first few days in the class he learns to make cool things outof recycled materials and draw his hand. Although he starts out rockyhe gets much better and soon his true art abilities get his work noticedby the teacher who uses them to commemorate a friend who died inthe Vietnam War.
  6. 6. THE CAPTAIN OF THE TITANIC’S ADVERSITYThe captain of the Titanic’s adversity was hitting an iceberg and being arrogant andproud. Examples of the captain’s arrogance are when he ignored the warnings thatanother ship had sent him. Also he only had enough life boats for a few hundredpassengers when there were more than that many people on the ship. As a result ofhis arrogance the Titanic hit the iceberg, many lives were lost, and the entire boatsunk.Really the root cause of the Titanic’s sinking was because of captain Smith’s arroganceand pride. Examples of this are when he ignored the warnings from the Californian,and he also waited until the last few minutes to start steering the ship from thecourse of the iceberg.
  7. 7. THE CAPTAIN OF THE TITANIC’S PERSEVERANCEThe captain of the Titanic persevered by doing all he could to get most of thepassengers off of the sinking ship. He also tried to get the most important peopleoff the boat like the passengers ,and then the crew, he then tried giving signals toa passing ship. Sadly though these efforts did not succeed in getting all of thepassengers to safety or stopping the sinking of the ship. Although none of thiswould have happened if the Titanic’s watch patrol had better equipment and hadstayed vigilant to their duties instead of slacking off.We have the example of Captain Smith who although in the beginning wasignorant to the fact that his ship was about to hit an ice berg, he still fearlesslytried to get all of the passengers and crew off of the sinking ship. He risked hisown escape and safety for that of the passengers and crew. Even though his ownarrogance and self pride led to his down fall he is to be commended for hisbravery. In my own personal opinion I think he knew he would not make it withthe other passengers, and I commend him for his foreknowledge.
  8. 8. REFLECTION PAGE ZEBRA JONAS• Zebra persevered through his adversity • Jonas persevered through his adversity with art. He also got a shocking with help from the Giver and escaping. surprise, that his creations were used Jonas persevered through this adversity by Mr. Wilson as a commemorative with the Giver by enjoying his visits item left for his friend who died in the with his trainer, which allowed him to Vietnam war, and whose name is also clear his mind of all the distresses he on the Vietnam War Wall. This shows was going through and also let him that all of Zebra’s efforts to get better freely talk about them. He was also able at art really had a good affect on him in to witness first hand the way that he strengthening and speeding up the was living, in his so called “utopia”, process of his hand healing. Also it which wasn’t all that the citizens and allowed him to get rid of his inner Elders made it to be. By running away sadness that had him depressed and and allowing the citizens to deal with alone after the incident that had caused the memories that Jonas was to keep, his hand to cripple and for him to never he allowed them to truly see what it run again. was like to hold all of the memories from the past whether good or bad. Which allowing the people to see the injustice.
  9. 9. THE CAPTAIN OF THE TITANICThe captain of the Titanic’s adversitywas hitting an iceberg and hisignorance. He, the crew andpassengers persevered by trying to geteverybody off of the ship while it wassinking. Although most of the peopleon the ship died, he and many othersdid try hard to get most of the peopleoff of the ship. They did this after theyknew the severity of the matter. In theend bigger doesn’t always meanbetter, and the captain of the Titaniclearned that the hard way. The endresult was that innocent lives weretaken, a beautiful expensive boat sunk,restitution was probably veryexpensive if they had to pay back all ofthe families for those who had lovedones who died, and the reputations ofwho ever built and thought of theTitanic were ruined. Although theTitanic’s sinking was due to CaptainSmith’s arrogance, he did do a prettygood job of being humble to the factthat he may not leave the Titanic butsink with it.
  10. 10. REFLECTION PAGE CONTINUED From all of the character’s that I have discussed in my Power point, I have learned that challenges can be met no matter what the size or whether for good or bad. For example, Captain Smith met his challenge by sinking with the Titanic, next Zebra met his challenge with art which helped him physically and emotionally. Finally, we have Jonas who met his challenge by running away. In all of these examples we see that the character reacted in a brave and self sacrificing way. Jonas, by running away he defied the rules and regulations of the Elders which could have resulted in death if he were caught. Captain Smith, risked his life for that of the passengers and crew on the sinking Titanic, because really he could have left the passengers to die in the middle of the ocean while he was making a hasty get away. Finally, we again return to Zebra who channeled his sadness into art, something that made him happy and worked as a healing agent for his hand. Zebra really didn’t have to take art, but he did it any way and it benefited him in a positive way!! These stories have helped me grasp the full meaning of endurance and perseverance.
  11. 11. • All of my visuals came from and my information came from my THE GIVER book and my McDougalWORKS CITED PAGE Littel Literature textbook. A few of the• thoughts and ideas came from the notes we• Lowry, Louis (1994). THE GIVER .- Boston: McDougal Litell had to take in class and a few of my own• Potok, Chaim. “Zebra”. McDougal ideas. Little Literature. Boston: McDougal Little, 2009• All photos retrieved between October 23rd- October 31st, 2012• Ballard, D. Robert. “Exploring The Titanic”. Georgia McDougal Little Literature book