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Erin moore ela p roject 7th period


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Erin moore ela p roject 7th period

  1. 1. Erin Moore7TH PERIODMRS.DAWSONELA – Project
  2. 2. Martin Luther King Jr.Martin was an unspoken man towards theeconomy so he decided to speak upon blackpeople beliefs and that’s when he started makingspeeches and he tried to make whites see howbad they were treating the blacks he spoke uponhis feelings wanted to make blacks and whitesbecome united as one.
  3. 3. Martin Luther King Jr.Martin tried to stay positive and not listen or thinkabout the negative so he kept making speechesand persevered through it all from the bombing ofthe house to threats and jail time . Martin now hasa school named after him he also has a memorialin Washington D.C. about his hard work, successand justice toward blacks and whites.
  4. 4. Retrieved ReformationJimmy Valentine wasn’t a bad person he just didreally bad things within his lifetime, by that i mean hehas robbed banks, cracked opened safes and he justkept running and for that he got a four-year sentencein prison. While he was serving his time 10 months intohis sentence he was working in a shoe shop. Thewarden had also been giving Jimmy some adviceabout his life and how he should turn it around beforeit was to late and cracking safes open and robbingbanks wasn’t going to get him very far in life . Thewarden warned Jimmy if he slipped up he would beright back in prison where he belongs.
  5. 5. Retrieved ReformationJust when Jimmy was released from prison hedecided to listen to the warden and change his lifearound. Jimmy tired to find a job but it was a littledifficult so he put that off to the side for a while butthen he suddenly saw this beautiful young ladywalking in the door ,after that he became a wholenew person within seconds he became in love it waslove at first sight after that moment his life changedforever with n the next few days they becamefriends when he got to know her better he felldeeper and deeper in love with her and from thatday forward he said he wasn’t going to let anythinghappen to her and he would fight for her no matterwhat!
  6. 6. Mrs. Becker TheTitanic was an unsinkable ship as they said it was as big as a 50 foot building and as long as long two blocks put together the Titanic was a great ship with many qualities and everyone who was anyone wanted the chance to board the ship. The Titanic was able to hold 6,000 people and as soon as everyone was on the ship then took off .
  7. 7. Mrs. Becker As the boat took of into the night everyone was having a great time and then suddenly something unusual happened the deck boy saw a piece of ice floating towards the boat and they told he captain about twice and he ignored the call so as the boat and the ice meet the ship stopped and soon they stared to sink as they started to put people on life boat Ms. Becker started to get frighten by the fact that her child had to go into a boat with out her and as she got into the life boat she told her child everything was going to be okay but even as she told herself that she didn’t even believe herself so how was her daughter going to believe that Ms. Becker was very worried but she knew everything was going to be okay when they got to shore
  8. 8. Reflection PageIreflected off the characters because just like how I had things I had to over come I have to over come things as well and in the end just preserve thorough it and believe in myself and everything will work out in the end.
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