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Complete powerpoint sahara class ela


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Complete powerpoint sahara class ela

  1. 1. Sahara Estes Powerpoint 4 period th Dawson
  2. 2. efo re as bJon Jonas doesn’t really make his own choices and he doesn’t notice an odd way of how his community is run. He doesn’t have feelings and he has no knowledge of the real world.
  3. 3. onasJ now Jonas starts thinking about the way he and others live. He want to change the way they live and he doesn’t like the fact that he cant share his memories with the other people.
  4. 4. Ze bra b e foZebra at the beginning of the story zebrais a boy that doesn’t open his eyes to rereality. Zebra’s mother kept telling himone day he would hurt himself runningso fast. Zebra did not believe that thetype of stuff showed in movies couldn’t(or wouldn’t) happen to him.
  5. 5. Zeb ra no wIn the middle of the story Zebra isrunning down a steep hill and crashesinto a car. Then reality hits him hard.He knows he wont be able to run likethat again ever in his life. Pretty soonhe meets someone that had the samesituation. He now opens his eyes to thereal world.
  6. 6. Ern ie b e fo r eErnie likes Dolores but is veryshy to her. He knows that sheisnt very attractive and he likesher anyway.
  7. 7. enowErni Ernie doesn’t care what other people think of Dolores or himself for liking her. He is in love and no one can take that away from him.
  8. 8. ove r comeHo w di d they dver sity?their a • Jonas overcame his adversity by taking matters into his own hands and getting help. He learned that is you want something done you have to do it yourself. • Zebra overcame his adversity by drawing and making art. Him trying something new helped him wash away his worries. •Ernie overcame his adversity by following his heart. Literally…
  9. 9. id I getWh ere d info rm a tion?my Bibliography: • ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry • McDougal Littell Literature book